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#2 INTERVIEW OF THE WEEK MATHIAS HEMMINGBY (Eldamar / Askheimr) This week I had the opportunity to talk to the mind behind one of the most prominent black metal artists in the last few years, Eldamar. #Eldamar #TheForceOfTheAncientLand #ADarkForgottenPast #Askheimr #MathiasHemmingby #BlackMetal #AtmosphericBlackMetal #InterviewOfTheWeek #HeavyMetalEmpire

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TOP 25 METAL ALBUMS OF 2018 #5 Night Verses ~ From The Gallery Of Sleep (Equal Vision Records) Genre: Post Rock / Progressive Metal / Post-Hardcore Most of the time, the loss of a vocalist in a band is followed by either a break-up or a replacement. Night Verses choose a different path: becoming an instrumental band. Since the vocals are not a part of their music anymore, their sound moved from progressive metalcore to a more post rock influenced Animals As Leaders. It is a really various album. There's the soul into this music, it's not just for show off their abilities. The songwriting it's above the average modern prog metal bands and the production sounds good. #NightVerses #FromTheGalleryOfSleep #EqualVisionRecords #PostRock #ProgressiveMetal #PostHardcore #HeavyMetalEmpire

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#1 INTERVIEW OF THE WEEK Since today, I am going to start publishing interviews with metal bands and artist from all around the world. The interviews are going to be posted every friday. For the first interview post, we interviewed a progressive death metal band from Belarus that is becoming more and more known in the prog death scene: Irreversible Mechanism. ⬇️ If you have any suggestions, write me or in the comments ⬇️ #IrreversibleMechanism #Immersion #ProgressiveMetal #ProgressiveDeathMetal #Interview #HeavyMetalEmpire

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TOP 25 METAL ALBUMS OF 2018 #6 Between The Buried And Me ~ Automata II (Sumerian Records) Genre: Progressive Metal The second part of the album opens with "The Proverbial Bellow", wich reminds to the old Dream Theater exept for the guitar work. "Glide" is not really a song on its own, it is more likely to be considerate as the intro of "Voice Of Trespass", a really good swing composition with Giles' growl. It might sound really weird, but actually it has an impressive result. "The Grid" that with its epic feeling is the perfect final song for close the eigth work by Between The Buried And Me, "Automata". #BetweenTheBuriedAndMe #Automata #AutomataII #SumerianRecords #ProgressiveMetal #HeavyMetalEmpire

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heavymetalempire. TOP 25 METAL ALBUMS OF 2018

#7 Irreversible Mechanism ~ Immersion (Bl

TOP 25 METAL ALBUMS OF 2018 #7 Irreversible Mechanism ~ Immersion (Blood Music) Genre: Progressive Death Metal Since their debut album "Infinite Fields", Irreversibile Mechanism released only high-quality progressive death metal. The new album "Immersion" gives us dynamic, passionate and unexpected music, that not only has some incredible prog death riffs and solos, but also it explores orchestral arrangements and electronic/synth-wave horizons. Their style sounds like a combination of Fallujah, Inferi and Rivers of Nihil, but we think that their style is just unique especially because the conscious use of electronic. This album proves that Irreversible Mechanism is more than a modern progressive death metal project. Is one of the best modern death metal bands around. #IrreversibleMechanism #Immersion #BloodMusic #ProgressiveDeathMetal #TechnicalDeathMetal #DeathMetal #HeavyMetalEmpire

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heavymetalempire. NEW RELEASES:

Queensryche ~ The Verdict (Century Media Records)

In F

NEW RELEASES: Queensryche ~ The Verdict (Century Media Records) In Flames ~ I, The Mask (Nuclear Blast) Sisters Of Suffocation ~ Humans Are Broken (Napalm Records) Tar Pit ~ Tomb Of Doom (Self-released) Sacred Monster ~ Worship The Weird (Self-released) #Queensryche #TheVerdict #InFlames #ITheMask #SistersOfSuffocation #HumansAreBroken #TarPit #TombOfDoom #SacredMonster #WorshipTheWeird #CenturyMediaRecords #NuclearBlast #NapalmRecords #HeavyMetalEmpire

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TOP 25 METAL ALBUMS OF 2018 #8 Beyond Creation ~ Algorythm (Season Of Mist) Genre: Progressive Death Metal / Technical Death Metal Since the debut "The Aura", Beyond Creation have always being classified as one of the best bands around in the Progressive Death Metal field. In "Earthborn Evolution" the listener can hear a better production and songwriting. So, in their last release, "Algorythm", Beyond Creation have mixed both steps of their career for create their third full-lenght. The entire album sounds fluent, despite long songs. The use of passages that can remind the lister to bands such as Animals As Leaders shows a style changement, even if it has the classic clichés of a modern Progressive Death Metal album (orchestral intro, piano intèrludes etc.) and contains a lot of their original sound style. The lyrics are in English and French, wich adds more colture to the band's music. Not their masterpiece, but still one of the best releases of the year. #BeyondCreation #Algorythm #SeasonOfMist #ProgressiveDeathMetal #TechnicalDeathMetal #DeathMetal #HeavyMetalEmpire

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TOP 25 METAL ALBUMS OF 2018 #9 Sleep ~ The Sciences (Third Man Records) Genre: Stoner Metal / Doom Metal After 20 years of waiting, Oakland's Stoner Metal masters are back! The new drummer Jason Roener (Neurosis, Sleep). The sound is basically low tuned Black Sabbath, but more psychedelic and stoned. The dissonance of the intro title-track opens the dances for "Marijuanaut's Theme" where Al Cisneros' voice comes in. His voice is hypnotic, and with the bass, well supported by the drums, makes this whole ambient delirious and excessively toxic. Another masterpiece is "Sonic Titan", wich seems to come directly from the 90s. What a cult! #Sleep #TheSciences #ThirdManRecords #StonerMetal #DoomMetal #HeavyMetalEmpire

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TOP 25 METAL ALBUMS OF 2018 #10 God Is An Astronaut ~ Epitaph (Napalm Records) Genre: Post Rock / Post Metal / Space Rock / Synth-Wave / Shoegaze "God Is An Astronaut is not a band that creates music, they create magic" (Jadranka Balaš, Hardwiremagazine.com). Passionate, etheral, melancholic and lonely is the perfect definition of GIAA's music. "Epitaph" is the ninth full-lenght by one of the leader bands in post rock, directly from Ireland. Their capacity of creating their magic is just unique. When the listener listens to GIAA, he/she will fall in the depth of the soul. #GodIsAnAstronaut #Epitaph #NapalmRecords #PostRock #PostMetal #SpaceRock #SynthWave #Shoegaze #HeavyMetalEmpire

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TOP 25 METAL ALBUMS OF 2018 #11 Sumac ~ Love In Shadow (Thrill Jockey Records) Genre: Sludge Metal / Atmospheric Sludge Metal / Post-Rock Sludge Metal is really hard to define, especially when it comes to this band from Canada, Sumac. Their music is a mix of Sludge, Post Rock, Post Black Metal and sometimes Progressive. All the suites (the shortest one is more than 12 minutes!) have interesting structures that include some of the Doom's clichés and an amazing songwriting. The sensation they give to the listener is a definition of love, probably the most complex emotion of the human mind, and how that can change our life by all the sides, good and bad. A negative space to fall in for feeling a little bit better. #Sumac #LoveInShadow #ThrillJockeyRecords #SludgeMetal #AtmosphericSludgeMetal #PostRock #HeavyMetalEmpire

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TOP 25 METAL ALBUMS OF 2018 #12 Virvum ~ Illuminance (Self-released) Genre: Progressive Death Metal / Technical Death Metal After releasing a couple of singles and an EP, Virvum finally released their debut album: Illuminance. The album flows really quick, thanks to the magnificence atmosphere that sometimes is interrupted by or calm, emotional instrumental parts or by violent prog-death that reminds to Necrophagist. One of the best things that shows that this band has personality, is the capacity of creating those "calm, emotional instrumental parts": the orchestra, the guitar solos (wich are virtuosistic but not "just for play fast"; expressive and deeply studied) and the use of major/middle eastern scales. The aggressive parts are pretty good, especially the rythm section did a great job. The only thing that maybe some people would not like is the growl, but that is the only thing that I did not really enjoyed. After listening to this album something like ten thousand times, we wish the best to this amazing band. #Virvum #Illuminance #ProgressiveDeathMetal #TechnicalDeathMetal #HeavyMetalEmpire

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TOP 25 METAL ALBUMS OF 2018 #13 The Body ~ I Have Fought Against It, But I Can't Any Longer (Thrill Jockey Records) Genre: Experimental / Avant-Garde Metal / Sludge-Doom Metal / Noise / Industrial Metal If you could transform a nightmare into music, The Body's new release would be the soundtrack: from depressive doom to dark electronic, painful screams, heartbeats and melodic parts. As this release shows, hip hop beats can be used (with a result that I find really interesting) with low and grotesque distorted guitars that are common in Doom Metal. The anxiety and emptiness you get from listening to this album is awful but wonderful at the same time: the atmosphere is the key of the duo composed by Lee Buford and Chip King. #TheBody #IHaveFoughtAgainstItButICantAnyLonger #ThrillJockeyRecords #Experimental #DoomMetal #SludgeMetal #SludgeDoom #Noise #IndustrialMetal #HipHop #AvantGardeMetal #HeavyMetalEmpire

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TOP 25 METAL ALBUMS OF 2018 #14 TesseracT ~ Sonder (Kscope Music) Genre: Djent / Progressive Metal / Avant-Garde Metal Is "Sonder" TesseracT's best album? Let's start talking about the voice of Daniel Tompkins. With a breathtaking range, the voice can be delicate for a second and then turn into a really strong scream, but it always stays melodic (check out the single "Luminary"). With his voice, the weight of the guitars and the percussion. TesseracT's djent is not just a bunch of low notes in a syncopated rythm. TesseracT's djent is studied in detail, and in this album they reached a new level of songwriting. Drummer Jay Postones plays a deep sounding drumming that matches perfectly with the relaxed bass guitar of Amos Williams. As a guitarist and a fan of this band, I loved the guitar work by guitarists Acle Kahney and James Monteith. The thing that I loved the most are the different tones they use during the whole album that I personally found a very important part of each album by this amazing band. So yes, for me this is theirbest album. And probably, one of the best Progressive Metal / Djent releases of the last years. #TesseracT #Sonder #KscopeMusic #Djent #ProgressiveMetal #HeavyMetalEmpire

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heavymetalempire. TOP 3 RELEASES OF JANUARY 2019

1. Born Of Osiris ~ The Simulation (Su

TOP 3 RELEASES OF JANUARY 2019 1. Born Of Osiris ~ The Simulation (Sumerian Records) 2. Jinjer ~ Micro (Napalm Records) 3. Panopticon ~ The Crescendo Of Dusk (Bindrune Recordings) #BornOfOsiris #TheSimulation #Jinjer #Micro #Panopticon #TheCrescendoOfDusk #SumerianRecords #NapalmRecords #BindruneRecordings #Djent #ProgressiveMetal #BlackMetal #AtmosphericBlackMetal #HeavyMetalEmpire

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TOP 25 METAL ALBUMS OF 2018 #15 Alkaloid ~ Liquid Anatomy (Season Of Mist) Genre: Progressive Death Metal When Hannes Grossman and Christian Münzner left Obscura, they didn't left their style. So, the album starts with "Kernel Panic" wich starts with an intro that could have been taken directly from the 70s's Progressive Rock, but then it turns into a modern Death Metal sound influenced by Morbid-Angel and Opeth. Also, the last, long "Rise Of The Chephalopods" is probably one of the best suites I ever heard in Technical / Progressive Death Metal. It seems to be the combination between Obscura and Opeth in just one band. In general, the album is really cool but a little bit under their debut. Of course, for being composed by professionists, it is definetely above the average. #Alkaloid #LiquidAnatomy #SeasonOfMist #ProgressiveDeathMetal #TechnicalDeathMetal #HeavyMetalEmpire

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TOP 25 METAL ALBUMS OF 2018 #16 Zeal & Ardor ~ Stranger Fruit (MVKA Music) Genre: Black Metal / Spiritual / Blues / Avant-Garde What happens if you mix the cold Black Metal with Black music like Blues and Soul? The result would be this one-man band (Manuel Cagneux) from Switzerland called Zeal & Ardor. His first record, "Devis Is Fine", was really good but it felt like it wasn't "complete. With this album, Zeal&Ardor reached another level. Definetely check this out! #ZealArdor #StrangerFruit #MVKAMusic #BlackMetal #Spiritual #Blues #AvantGarde #HeavyMetalEmpire

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TOP 25 METAL ALBUMS OF 2018 #17 Harakiri For The Sky ~ Arson (Art Of Propaganda) Genre: Post Black Metal / Atmosphere Black Metal Fourth album of one of my favorite bands in modern black metal field: Harakiri For The Sky. For the first time, they are using an esternal musician: Kerim "Khrim" Lechner, drummer of Septicflesh. When it comes to Harakiri For The Sky, you will always have some melancholy, sadness and anger in the music. In general, the album has an intense atmosphere but sometimes you lose the track, also because there is just one song that has a duration under 9 minutes ("Tomb Omnia")! If I have to choose the best song, of course it would be the great "Heroin Waltz" that has an arpeggio in the beginning that simply matches the whole album. Not their masterpiece, but definitely on of the best releases of the year #HarakiriForTheSky #Arson #ArtOfPropaganda #PostBlackMetal #AtmosphericBlackMetal #HeavyMetalEmpire

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TOP 25 METAL ALBUMS OF 2018 #18 Violet Cold ~ Sommermorgen I, II, III (Self-released) Genre: Shoegaze / Black Metal / Ambient Dark / Post Black Violet Cold is a one-man (Emin Guliyev) band from Baku, Azerbaijan. During 2018, Violet Cold released a triology on the first day of June, July and August. The album is called "Sommermorgen" and it is divided in three parts: Innocence, Joy, Nostalgia. So, I personally loved the other full-lenghts and this one too. As you all can understand from the titles, the whole album is a trip between joyful melodies to the melancholy atmosphere that always have some kind of classical influence. This is that type of album where almost every song is a little masterpiece. #VioletCold #Sommermorgen #Shoegaze #BlackMetal #AmbientDark #PostBlack #HeavyMetalEmpire

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