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..LiNK in BiO; @nguyenpatrick 🍷

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Congrats again to @evanmmo for winning the HELLA TGE XMAS 2018 COMPETITION. Just in case y’all were curious, here’s the complete scooter parts that Evan won: Proto “Slayer V3" Bars, River Wheels (@logfull sig), Proto “Sentinal" Clamp, Proto Headset, Aztek "Fountain" Deck (@danbarrett Sig), Native "Flemongo” Fork (@nathanflemongo Sig), Hella Grip "Slumped in Paradise" Griptape, and Hella Grip “Broadway" Handlebar Grips. Thanks again to everyone who submitted entries. And a special @riverwheelco for supplying parts for this year’s grand prize.. #SlothLife

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hella_grip. HG Homie @jdrand_ has a interview over at @konbini ; Link in his bio!!

HG Homie @jdrand_ has a interview over at @konbini ; Link in his bio!!

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LiNK iN BiO for @nguyenpatrick full length video!!

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A Hella Happy Birthday to HG Homies Nick Donatelli (@theedonatelli ) & Austin Almonte (@almonte7oh7 )!!! 🎊🎉🎁🍻🙌🏽🤘🏽🙏🏽🎂🍾

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hella_grip. 👉🏽Link in Bio for @nguyenpatrick : Hella Classic Colorway Promo 🍷

👉🏽Link in Bio for @nguyenpatrick : Hella Classic Colorway Promo 🍷

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hella_grip. Tha Homie Patrick Nguyen (@nguyenpatrick ) loves fresh starts, so he’s

Tha Homie Patrick Nguyen (@nguyenpatrick ) loves fresh starts, so he’s celebrating the start of a new year by gifting y’all his Hella Grip Signature Colorway Video. The year-long season rewarded fellow shredders with clips galore, not to mention a fair share of bails on bails on bails. Scientist recently determined it takes about a quart worth of spilled blood to finish a sick gnar video. Patrick didn’t need to spill as much blood this year, but he did come out with bloody crimson-colored griptape and handlebar grips to commemorate the scientific findings. Hella Grip’s “Crimson Nguyen” grips ‘n’ griptape are still available for purchase, so maybe celebrate 2019 by supporting a homie and copping some freshies for your hands ‘n’ feet. Happy New Year | by The Boss @mcmasher 👉🏽LiNK iN Bio FOR ViDEO 🤘🏽 Griptape and Handelbar Grips Available At @tgedistribution | #SlothLife

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#SlothLife with @tsiscooters Homie @savfbui ; rockin that @mcspleen “the Passage” to go with his new Sig deck.. 😉

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The winner of #HellaTGEXmas2018 is @evanmmo Congrats Homie!! Runners-up are @_steezus_christ_ and @gabriel.27.re Thanks to everyone who participated, if you’re a winner/runner-up DM us your address and we will get the prizes shipped soon! Until next year Ho-Ho-Ho Homies!!

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Merry Xmas Day from Sorensen The Grinch and everyone at @hella_grip Remember there’s still time to enter #HellaTGEXmas2018 and you could win an entire. 💥COMPLETE SCOOTER💥 read the rules on our previous posts if you ain’t already knowin’ 🤙

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It’s Christmas Eve and Ryan Elf @ryanmyers007 is getting stoked to review your submissions. Make it festive and post it and use the hash tag #HellaTGEXmas2018 to be eligible to win a 💥COMPLETE SCOOTER💥 You have until tomorrow at 11:59 PST to get yours in!! ✨✨And remember if your IG account is on private we won’t be able to see your submission ✨✨

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#HellaTGExmas2018💥 WIN A FREE COMPLETE SCOOTER 🛴 #HellaTGExmas2018 👈🏾 Show your Holiday Spirit & WIN!! 🎄🤘🏾

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