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#SlothLife with HG Homie @nathanflemongo ..

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🚌Town Park Sesh with HG Homie @ronnysharpe, @13overturnedturtles, @ryanmyers007 & the Boss @mcmasher .. #SlothLife

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@atownam 2k19 📸 w/ HG Homies..

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🤘🏽link in our bio to watch @kclosss footage from this weekends @atownam contest!! Photos by @jackkopp ..

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🎾“Our first-ever Webstore Exclusive sheet of griptape is now available on the Hella Grip Sloth Shop. The “Wimbledon” sheet is our latest Hella Classic Colorway to be released, and its creation was somewhat of an accident (maybe even a mystery). The resulting color scheme is reminiscent of a classic green tennis court with white boundary lines. Hence, the infamous Wimbledon name. For those not familiar with infamy, Wimbledon is a town in London that hosts the oldest tennis tournament in the world. What does scootering have to do with tennis?... Basically nothing, other than the fact that it’s also a sport. Regardless, let’s not waste our time wrapping our brains around the concept behind this new colorway. Each sheet of Wimbledon is printed on our 6in x 24in, Formula-C griptape. Just an additional reminder, this sheet is ONLY AVAILABLE on the Hella Grip Sloth Shop. Visit www.HellaGrip.com for a link to the webstore. Next up, basketball-court-themed griptape… just kidding (That would be kinda dope tho).” by the Boss @mcmasher .. #HGwimbledon

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#SlothNation T-Shirts Now Available At The @slothshop_hg ..

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Sunday Sesh in the Town w/ HG Homies @ronnysharpe, @ryanmyers007, @13overturnedturtles & the Boss @mcmasher .. #SlothLife

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🏆2019 @atownam Winner, Mr. Kevin Closson (@kclosss).. #SlothLife

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🏆Hella Congrats To HG Homie @kclosss on WINNING the @atownam at @theatownpark !!! #SlothLife

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🤺Weekend Warm Up’s @atownam edition with HG Homies @ronnysharpe, @ryanmyers007 & the Boss @mcmasher ..

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HG is on the way to @atownam 2k19....

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