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• Who made you happy today, and how? You should let them know. And share it to inspire us. Maybe we’ll do the same to someone else tomorrow. And then it goes on. And on. And on. It’s needed.

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• Candid moments of beauty unjudged in holy matrimony between goofiness and grace This is how I want life always.

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• Pointing someone’s insecurities out is never, EVER a favour. You know that, right? Especially when they didn’t ask for it. There are no “good intentions” in confirming someone’s self loathing and then offer comfort in the same breath. None. Putting someone down in order to be able to pick them up, is not kindness - that’s manipulation. And you know what manipulation is? A dead, ass, end. But hey, good luck with that. #ffs #wildchild #insight #introspection #thisismyyoga #compassionisactuallyathing

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• I forgave you every time you didn’t ruin my peace. #poetsofinstagram #poetry #writtenemotions #spilledink #wildchild #poetrylovers #inked #fridayfeels

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• I built a fence to stop the ache a wall so darkness has to knock A mound to hold the bad thoughts out and keep my flaming fire in I built a gate with locks of love And you slipped right through without the key. #bhutadamarmudra #spilledink #poetry #poetrylovers #mercuryretrograde #reallyididntnotice

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• I love it how you set me on fire. How unpredictable and sensitive you are. How you always seem to have something to show me, regardless of my mood or intention. How you slam me to the ground when I loose my grip, or lift me to new heights when I doubt it all. I appreciate you making me walk through my own fire and grow into a person I love, and I’m forever grateful for the curiosity you constantly lure up in my heart. I thank you for helping me get stronger by the day, and for cracking my heart open over, and over, and over, and over again. I even love to be provoked and frustrated by you, because I never was without learning something from it. Quite frankly, you can be a total asshole. But I’m pretty sure I’ll love you forever. #ekaminhale #ashtanga #yoga #yogini #yogalife #isitmoondayyet

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hellcatsyoga. •
The strongest kind of support
is the one that when you’re on the edg

• The strongest kind of support is the one that when you’re on the edge of ruin puts a smile on your face that says “fear has no place here”. @jennamalinyoga ❤️ • #yogini #acroyoga #womenunite #bff #bah

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• I’ve always had this secret dream of writing my own poetry book. The only reason I kept it a secret is because I was scared people would think my poems were shit. But then I remembered why I actually write, and WHAT I write, and that fear never really ever stopped me anyway. So I started telling people my secret. And the second you start saying things out loud, the universe listens. • It’s not published, and nothing with it is professional. I’ve made the whole book myself: from poems, to photos, to design. It’s not fancy, but it’s very, very honest. And such a statement. #spilledink #poetry #createyourself #borntobebrave #untamed

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• Where do you face uncomfort? For me, it’s in every backbend I do on the mat (uuuh), every phone call I have to make (“please don’t pick up please don’t pick up please don’t pick up”) and being in a group of people that aren’t my closest friends (I turn into the most awkward dork). But I do it often, because I want to keep growing and evolving forever. You? #yoga #lust #uncomfortzone #introspect

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• My use of social media needs to fit my intentions better. #shifting #newperspective #onwards

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• “Something broke.” “What was it?” “The most open part of her.” “Was she able to close it again?” “No.” “Oh. Then how did she mend if she wasn’t able to close it back?” “By learning it wasn’t supposed to.” • #lowflow #storytime #spilledink

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• Sexy is uninteresting Hot is how I like my food Perfect is not a thing And beauty is biased But authenticity... now that’s saucy.

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• I just wanna say that while you are judging me for my nakedness for my words for my appearance and my intentions, I am doing nothing else than reflecting you.

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• Remember when I awoke the dragon in you When I turned your candle into a wildfire When I cast light on your darkness When I made your kindness into a scream When I had you look at yourself When I came so close to your heartbeat that you choked the life out of mine? You’re welcome.

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• Everything I learn, I will share with you. There’s nothing else I want more. It’s a certainty, a calling if you like, almost an urge to keep the energy flowing; receive, give, receive, give, receive, give... • In two weeks my second 50 hours immersion in vinyasa krama starts. I’ll teach you as much as I can of what I’ve been given, during these 50 hours. Asana technique, variations, modifications, hands-on assists, how to think when sequencing and building a yoga class, verbal queuing, philosophy... the whole shabang, as much as we have time. You’ll be diving deep into your own practice, and also take a first step in teaching others and keep the energy flowing. Give, and receive. I’d love it if you’d join. • Link in my bio to the Facebook event where all the info is to be found, and also in my stories. Oh, and thank you @lautaro.quinones for the video material, and @jennamalinyoga for trusting me to assist your insane backbend. ❤️ @tallkrogensyoga

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• You are spoken of in the ancient stories. You are eternalised in the old books. You are mystified and secretive, safely unsighted in the dark despite your blinding light. So known about, yet such an enigma. Legends, of intimidating love. Angels, in no disguise. • Seriously though. If you don’t love beyond species, you limit your ability to love. Why would you underestimate yourself like that? (Cat people be like: 🙌🏼)

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• HUSH NOT you maniac We don’t want them to think you tame.

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• You know, everything is not for you to understand, but for you to decide what it means. I want this whole thing (life) to be about US, you and me. I love to show you all my thoughts and even some secrets, but it’s important to me that it stirs something up in YOU that’s only yours. Does that make any sense at all?

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