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• I don’t waste my time on missing you. I prefer longing. #poetess #poem #lovepoem #micropoetry #poetry #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #wildchild #hurricaneheart

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• If you’ve been hanging out on my page for a while, you know I’m not a big fan of norms. Well, to be frank: I think most of them are total bullshit. One of the biggest pile of shits among those, is the “blood is thicker than water” one. Oh my GOD that saying bores the living fuck out of me. 😩 Such nonsense to claim that just because you are family by blood, you share a special bond that has to be honoured. Regardless of what crap might be going on, how little you might just get along, you just HAVE to work through it because “you’re family”. 😴 Nah, thanks. You know what I consider families “by blood” to be? A group of people who did not choose each other, but sticks together because they “have” to. And you’re expected to prioritise your family, to be more forgiving, understanding and loving towards them than others... just because you have the same parents or your parents made a baby and it happened to be you. Completely unreasonable if you ask me. I really don’t get it, and I think it’s unhealthy and ignorant. (Don’t get me wrong now; if you have a great bond to a family member then that’s great! Congrats. Your souls clicked even though you were put together by someone else’s choice. You’re lucky!) • Family to me, are the group of people who chooses each other everyday. Who stick together without any unwritten laws about why they should. We simply love each other because we want to. Now THAT’S something to honour, if you ask me. ❤️ What does “family” mean to you? #familygoals #family #normbreakers #lovebychoice #weirdos #tattooedgirls #theycallusbadgirls #freespirit #wildchild

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• I’ve been let down so many times. Tricked, screwed over and dissapointed many more times than I actually had to be, because I let myself be. You see, I’m a very naive person when it comes to other people and their intentions. I’m often too fast to judge people to be kinder and more unselfish than they actually are. I simply often think I’m more important to them than I really am. I fucking love that about me.❤️ • What’s your favourite feature that often gets you in trouble, but which you appreciate? #yoga #yogini #hanumanasana #selflove #empowerment #tattooedyogini #selfreflection #untamed #wildchild

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• Oh please. You are too reckless to ever stop loving me. #poem #micropoem #poetsofinstagram #poetrycommunity #poetess #girlswithtattoos #tattoo #inked #wildchild

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• All I’ve wanted to do today is PLAY. I want everything to be all fun, unserious, light and easy. I want to do as I like, tell people who tries to tell me what to do to fuck off, bounce around on a beach and have no major responsibilities. I have this urge to be... RECKLESS. Buuuut since life doesn’t look like that (yet), the most reckless thing I’ve done today is practice, even though it’s moon day (ashtangis be loosing their shit now😱😱😱). Anyone else who’s slightly affected by the full moon today...? 😂 • #yoga #yogini #yogavideo #yogaflow #fullmoongotmelike #reckless #wildchild #untamed #moonchild

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• beware of my softness, my love I might caress you to death #poem #poetess #poetry #micropoetry #bohemian #freespirit #wildchild #hurricaneheart #theycallusbadgirls

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• Oh life There is no love story like ours #livinglife #lovelikeayogi #yogini #summevibes #wildchild #untamed #poetess #poetry #poetsofinstagram

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• I’ve had a fucked up period of time lately, with lots of things that have been totally fucked, piling up on each other. When things get that intense, nothing runs smoothly. You know what I mean, I’m sure, because we’ve all been there one time or seventy. 😆 When I was younger, I’d slay my way through it like a bulldozer, taking the hits and worrying about the damages later. Nowadays I prefer stepping back instead. Letting pain run its course, get some energy back and then act. It’s a strategy that works good for me. The only thing I struggle with, is my practice routine. When I have to adapt and prioritise differently than usual, I almost panic about “loosing” practice. I try to do it at home, but it’s never the same as going to the shala and follow my usual routine. But the other day when I did it and laughed a little bit about how easily Rozzo (watch him get super annoyed when I squeeze his tail at the end!😂😾) and Gaston distract me and how messy it all gets, it hit me that this was most likely EXACTLY what I needed. And it was great. #yoga #yogini #distraction #ashtanga #ashtangayoga #catyoga #yogawithcats #lifelessons #ekaminhale

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• Did you hear me today? I was the one screaming your name through the hurricane that is our undying passion I screamed so loud and I fucking loved it • #poetess #poem #poetsofinstagram #poetrycommunity #untamed #wildchild #hurricaneheart #freespirit #myheart

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• While they told me to slow down the wind yelled “FLY” • #hurricaneheart #poetess #poetry #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #poem #untamed #tattoedgirl #wildchild

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• “How can I serve?” This is, according to Deepak Chopra, one of the three soul questions. The one we should ask ourselves and meditate over after first figuring out who we are, and what we really want. I know what I have to give you, and how I can serve at my best. There are many ways to serve of course, but I know that this is where I’m the most authentic and genuine in my giving without expecting anything back. I just, wanna, DO. And I’m sure as fuck gonna do it as much as I can. A few weeks ago me and @jennamalinyoga launched our yoga teacher training that starts in October 2019. My intention with teaching to teach, is to pass on everything I’ve been given, because I strongly believe that is a natural step to take when you feel you’re ready for it. I dreamt about it for quite some time, and one day I woke up and I had this certain feeling that “it’s time”. I got to work, and here we are. I’m sure many of you can relate to that feeling, right? Check out @tallkrogensyoga or the website tallkrogensyoga.com to read about the YTT. It’s time! • #yogateacher #ytt #yogalärare #yoga #yogini #manifestation #yogaisverige #createyourself #untamed

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• You know those pictures of wild horses running in the wind in their natural habitat and everything around them is so untamed and colourful and certain and strong and intense and absolutely free? That’s what I see when I visualise the essence of my heart. #poetess #poetry #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #poem #wilderness #freespirit #untamed #wildchild

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• I want you all to know that my mission with this account is to inspire you to just... live. You know? That you are enough. That you are beautiful. And cool. And that you really are brave, all you have to do is wanting to be. And I want to show you pictures that catch your eyes so you maybe get curious to read what I write, because my captions contains my mission just as much as the pictures. I try to do my best to use this social media thing in a sort of... healthy way. To have fun with it. To connect. To get inspired. To maybe even make some money! It’s all in there. The whole shabang. Does that make sense? But sometimes, you get such a fucking cute picture, that it just has to be shared with no other reason than it just being CUTE. Peeps, meet.... the cat hat. 🎩 #CUTE #cathat #catsofinstagram #catslave #socialmedia #thelittlethings #cutenessoverload #authentic #wildchild #truelove @cats_of_instagram @meowed

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• YOGA RETREAT NOVEMBER 2-9 - MOROCCO 🇲🇦 • Booom peeps, BOOOM!! I’m so insanely happy to finally launch my next yoga retreat together with my awesome friends @lagunasurfofficial! We’ll be in Tamragh, Morocco in a beautiful hotel close to the beach, we’ll have our yoga sessions on the roof top and we’ll learn how to surf, cook Moroccan food and explore nature and culture. 🏄‍♀️🧘‍♀️🤸‍♀️⛰🕌🍛 • The spots are limited so I can make sure to give each and everyone of you attention enough for you to work deeper into your own yoga practice. ALL levels welcome, don’t worry about how much or little yoga experience you have. I’ll meet you exactly where you’re at. ❤️ • You’ll find the link to all the info and booking in my bio. • I can’t wait to do this with you, peeps! I went to Morocco last year and I fell in love with its mysterious, bohemian and colourful vibe, and it’s gonna be awesome going back. See you on the roof top!! 🕌 • #yoga #yogini #yogaretreat #yogaadventure #wanderlust #GOlagunasurf #lagunasurf #lagunasurfcamps #morocco

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• I’ve always had a thing for long, big, wild hair. Messy and untamed, fiery and completely unconcerned about anyone’s opinion. I live in this world as it is, so I would lie if I claimed my appearance isn’t important to me. I use it a whole lot to express myself, but never to fit in (obviously 😂). Although; makeup bores me, I prefer wearing as little clothes as possible and I don’t know shit about skincare and such. On most days, I’m happy with how I look and don’t put too much time on it. Except on my hair. If my hair isn’t on point, everything turns to shit. Basically, my shell-self esteem is ruined to the ground if I’m not happy with my hair. It’s that important, and I’d lie if I’d say any different. I never really understood why, and I’m still not sure. It’s just that if it’s not long, big and wild, I simply don’t feel like myself. I use extensions, I dye it, I always pamper with it for it to be and look the way I want it to. Now imagine how I laughed when I read this passage (swipe to see next picture!) in Daniel Odiers “Tantric Kali” a while back! 😂 So nowadays if anyone claims I’m a slave to beauty-standards, I swing back with a “nope, it’s just one of my connections to mother Kali and the cosmic energy”. 😌 Can you relate? Do you also have a certain “shallow” thing that just HAS to be in a certain way for you to be comfortable? If so, can you explain it? Oh, and just so you know: you are so, insanely, beautiful. 💕 • #yogini #beautystandards #wildhair #selfesteem #shaktipower #jaimaakali #expressyourself #wildchild #untamed

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• The real family is the one you actually choose. And then go to a day spa with and drink cava way to early in the day.💕👯‍♀️🥂 @jennamalinyoga #familyfirst #daydrinking #selfcare #thelittlethings #yoginis #createyourself #wildchild #untamed #freespirit

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• This is my safe place. Sometimes it’s strong and light, sometimes heavy and dark. Regardless, it’s always supportive. It’s home. Where’s your safe place? • #yoga #yogini #moveyoasana #selfrealization #practice #safeplace #yogalife #ashtanga #ekaminhale

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• You know why I love life with every little bit of my soul? Because sometimes, it shows you all it’s light and support through small things like kind words on a note and a beautiful little barrette. 🎀 How huge, the smallest of actions are. It’s a wow. #yogi #yogini #gratitudeoverload #kindness #lavidaloca #pinkhair #wildchild #untamed #thelittlethings

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• What an amazing weekend. Thank you Louisa and Nikhil, not only for sharing your knowledge, but mostly for your support and belief in me and @jennamalinyoga and our upcoming yoga teacher training. It means the world to me. ❤️ And gang... I’m so proud of us. On so many levels. You empower me. ❤️💪🏼👯‍♀️👯‍♂️ @jennamalinyoga @stefanthurfors @lautaro.quinones#yoga #yogini #yogalife #yogateacher #yogainspiration #empowerment #manifesting #wildchild #untamed

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• The one that got away never really did When wilderness has your heart Longing for that love who never got you is like coming home for hurricane souls • #poem #poetry #poetrycommunity #poetess #poetsofinstagram #womenwithwords #lovepoems #wildchild #untamed

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• Once I wondered what would’ve been if we hadn’t met But I quickly realised We would’ve found each other even through raging fire. #unstoppable #wildchild #stormchild #hurricaneheart #poetess #lovepoems #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #untamed

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• One of those days when getting drunk, hit people in the face, take a shitload of drugs, fuck everything that moves and have cake for constant dinner sounds like freedom. • #poem #poetry #poetsofinstagram #poetrycommunity #poetess #bohemian #untamed #wildchild #wildheart

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• I walk freely because the heroines before me screamed even though they couldn’t The least I can do is to scream louder. • #fucktheabortionban #empowerwomen #feminist #sisterhood #womensupportwomen #womensrights #shakti #wildchild #jagstårhär

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• You know what’s on my mat? Blood, sweat and tears. The sweat is quite obvious (it’s literally pissing sweat from me when I practice, it’s crazy), tears because sometimes the work we do on the inside needs an outbreak, and blood... well actually the blood is not very dramatic; I tend to scrape my elbow in pincha mayurasana and I get a ridiculously tiny wound that’s bleeding like it’s a gushing gunshot. 🙄 But it makes my mat look badass! 😆 What I’m trying to get to here, is: I read a lot of posts about yoga not being a psychical practice, which is absolutely true. But sometimes I feel like there are two sides only: the ones that just do the gymnastics and the ones that meditate. You know what I mean? Not trying to be disrespectful to any of it, I’m just saying that I sometimes miss the beautiful, complex, hard, interesting and absolutely mind blowing combination of the two. You feel me? • (My new fancy yoga mat right here is from @oooyogamat, btw. The grip is awesome, and these guys are a Swedish, eco-friendly and family owned business, which feels great to support. You can buy it in @tallkrogensyoga web shop!) #yoga #yogini #yogamat #sponsored #yogalife #ashtanga #ashtangini #wildchild #yoganap

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• You know what bores me out of my fucking mind? Competition. I never understood it. I’m taught to compete, I come from a culture where being above others is a good place to be, and that you have to be the best or you’re simply... not. And that’s a bad thing. So everything becomes a race. Towards WHAT, exactly? And the whole “I only compete against myself”-bullshit... competing against yourself? Well that’s a good way to become hostile towards yourself. I bet many great things comes out of that! 🙄 Nah. The moment I decided to turn what I’ve learned around, and stop competing against everything and striving to be better than others, was when I started to be a happier camper. 💃 Call me naive if you wish, but I’ve never seen anything else than hostility and greed grow out of competition. Cooperation though... now THAT’S a field where good things grow. 🌱 Can we just lift each other up? Seriously. It’s not fucking rocket science. 🚀 • What are your thoughts? (Oh, and I’m assuming you get what I’m talking about here, which is not sports, for instance. I’m referring to the competition we put into our everyday life, on a more spiritual level.) #competition #competative #spilledthoughts #pinkhair #yoga #yogini #selfreflection #freespirit #wildchild

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• My defence system is currently down and everything that’s beautiful about our thing angers me #poetry #poem #poetess #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #untamed #wildchild #tattooedgirls #nah

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• Rest assure, foes. While you are preying on my struggles, I am learning. And with that knowledge I will fucking DEVOUR you. • #roar #poetsofinstagram #poetrycommunity #poetess #pinkhair #empowerment #jaimaakali #untamed #wildchild

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• Telling me you love me Is like offering me poison in a crystal glass. #poetess #poem #poetsofinstagram #poetry #poetrycommunity #instapoet #micropoetry #untamed #wildchild

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• Are you taking yourself seriously? It’s an honest question, asked with sincere curiosity, so please feel free to answer in the comments. • Too accurate tank from @innerbastard 🦄 #introspection #yoga #pinkhair #inkedgirls #yogini #selfrealization #ashtangi #staycurious #wildchild

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• You know all those things we tell ourselves, like how we aren’t beautiful enough, and how we put our worth into our looks and the shape of our bodies? And how the norms, for instance through social media, makes sure to show us everything we’re not but should pursue, and even if we would come “close”, it’s still not enough because there are no other options than impossible perfect? Well, I’m here to tell you that all that is bullshit. Trust me on this one though, it’s not like I don’t have to tell myself that. EVERYDAY. Talk myself out of destructive, unfair thoughts about my appearance and performances that has absolutely nothing to do with reality. It makes me sad. And what makes me even more sad is that I’m certainly not alone in the matter. One of my biggest inspirations here on the gram, @celestpereirayoga posted a beautiful video and caption about it today, and I was thinking that I wish so bad that she, and every other woman who thinks unfairly about herself, could see themselves from the eyes of us who admire them. So this bullshit could just end. Because it’s getting really, fucking, lame. Don’t you think? • #selfreflection #introspection #spilledthoughts #tattooedwoman #inked #normbreaker #norms #untamed #wildchild

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• I hope you fly on your own now. I hope your heart is at ease. I hope your mind is quite and your thoughts kind. I hope your eyes are unveiled and your pain gone. I hope you are at peace. Rest well there, in your rightful place among the other angels. I love you. #poem #poetsofinstagram #poetry #poetess #rip #poetrycommunity #heartbreak #shanti #inlovingmemory

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• Guilty pleasures gone wild.🦄🧜‍♀️ God, how I LOVE being an adult. #mermaidhair #pinkhairdontcare #expressyourself #untamed #wildchild #tattooedwomen #inked #hairinspo #hubbabubba • That magical hair colour is as always, the magic of my mane-sorceress @lindamikaelsdotter 🧞‍♀️🙌🏼💕

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hellcatsyoga. •
Oh heart, don’t dare me.
You didn’t know wild until I loved you.


• Oh heart, don’t dare me. You didn’t know wild until I loved you. #poem #poetsofinstagram #poetrycommunity #poetess #micropoetry #poetry #hurricaneheart #untamed #wildchild

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