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It’s funny how your intention is to explore the world, but what you

• It’s funny how your intention is to explore the world, but what you actually do is to explore yourself. Huh. #explorer #selfexploration #wildnature #wildchild #sweden #thisissweden #waterfalls #untamed #illneversleepinagoddamntentagainever

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• Can’t really say we are lucky weather wise, but most definitely in every, single, other way. #storulvån #svenskafjället #sverige #sweden #thisissweden #hiking #campingtrip #earthchild #imfreezing

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• So many things made me happy this weekend. Fernanda’s energy. Stefans love. Jenna’s messages and Fabbie strutting in late to my class. Rozzos cpr when I play dead (he sits on my head) and Gaston’s subtle way to show affection. New bikinis and the beautiful work my students put in their practice. Such beauty, huh? Tag someone who made you happy this weekend and let them know what a marvellous thing they achieved by doing so. @fe_lo_lima @tuaessence @stefanthurfors @f_ait_h @myworldofmaya #yoga #yogini #stockholmhippiemarket #peace #spreadlove #blondehairdontcare #tattooedgirls #hippiespirits #wildchild

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• You know... when you hear someone talk themselves down, insulting themselves, bashing on their own personality, looks or achievements, speak against them. Or even better, interrupt them with a “stop. You’re a beautiful soul.” I know it sounds cheesy and all, but if someone (for whatever reason) are saying negative things about themselves out loud (jokingly or not, doesn’t matter), it’s gonna stick. It’s a manifestation. And they need your help. Because when you listen and say nothing, that’s you agreeing to whatever they’re saying. The only thing that can break that spell, is interference. So interfere. “I’m so ugly” - no, you’re a beautiful soul. “I’m too thin/fat/short/tall” - no, you’re a beautiful soul. “I’m such an idiot” - no, you’re a beautiful soul. You get the idea, right? • I say a lot of shit about myself out loud when I’m in a bad place. And no matter how conscious or not I am about it, it always helps when someone who loves me speaks up against that. And it always makes me sad when they don’t. Let’s just be good buddies. Shall we? Oh, and hey: You are a beautiful soul. #buddy #kompis #selflove #support #liftothersup #supportsystem #spreadlove #forestchild #youareabeautifulsoul

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• Crazy, huh? This whole social media carousel. How it became not only a part of our world, but also its own world. This free, spacious, unlimited galaxy of connection where nothing is impossible... but neither enough. But for this post, I’ll leave the cons behind, because my point is positive. I don’t do well in groups. I don’t naturally connect with several people at once, and I’m not comfortable with folks I don’t know. I’m awkward, malplace and stressed in social events and so I can never show my personality or genuine self, because it all turns to shit because I get so overwhelmed by the crowded energy. So with that in mind, imagine what social media does for me. I get to connect and interact with you, all over the world, in a pace I can choose myself and be comfortable with. I’ve not only met friends through it, but I also found places, built dreams, got inspiration and landed jobs through it that in turn took me to other levels IRL. Those are some serious pro’s, if you ask an introvert hurricane like me, with fire in her heart that couldn’t be shared to the same extent if it wasn’t for this dimension of our lives, and the little gadget in my hands to take me there. There are many cons with social media, that’s for sure. But this pro triumphs just a tad bit. Don’t you think? You are now 20 000 people following the screams of my heart. And when I put that to perspective, my mind explodes. Thank you so, so much for listening, acknowledging, inspiring, criticising, loving, questioning and motivating me. Truly. Thank you. ❤️ How about you tell me who you are, in one sentence in the comment section? Let me know you through few words. Be creative, honest and witty. #socialmedia #instagramming #lifeinspo #yogini #wildchild #hurricaneheart #introvert #untamed #mybutthasnothingtodowithanyofthisbutimguessingitcaughtyouattentionbecausesocialmedia

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• When you need to lift yourself up, what do you do? What is your specific hack to boost yourself? I move. Either on my mat or a long walk. Or I do my hair really big and wild. Or I eat/drink something that I feel would be good at that specific point; sometimes it’s a chocolate bar, and sometimes it’s a steady kombucha. Maybe a big healthy salad, or a juicy pizza. Those are my go-to-hacks, and they always get the job done! At least for the moment, like a kickstart motivator. Or a self-hug. 🤗 Care to share yours? #selflove #createyourself #yoga #yogini #kevita #mover #selfcare #freespirit #ad

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• This is my favourite side of it. It has many, but this is my preferred one. The repetition. Over and over and over and over again. The sweat and moans and grins and falls and laughters and achievements and mistakes and attempts and breakthroughs and FIRE. All at once, with no direction at all. Everything of it, just there and then, with nowhere to go. No pressure or expectations. No frustration or pushing. That is the practice I’m learning that is absolutely changing my life.❤️ Swipe to see the full video. Are you up for it? Join my and Jenna’s 200 hour yoga teacher training and deep dive into YOUR practice, on a whole other level. Get to the website through the link in my bio! #yoga #yogapractice #yogateacher #ytt #yogini #yogalärare #yogasverige #practicepracticepractice #yogavideo

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• Can you feel it? The damp air. The cool breeze. The yet subtle smell of leafs.🍂 It’s still summer, no doubt, but fall is getting ready for its entrance. That’s for sure. • So. YOGA RETREAT, ANYONE? I don’t know about you, but I’m planning to handle the fall and winter the way I do every year: by escaping. 😆🏃‍♀️💨 November 2-9, I’m off to Morocco to yoga and surf, and I was wondering if you’d like to join? 😍 7 days in a beautiful hotel in #Tamraght, close to the ocean, with a rooftop where we’ll do daily yoga classes and a pool we can chill at. We’ll explore the nature on a hike, the town and it’s souks, the food with a cooking class. Check out my yoga retreat at @lagunasurfofficial, or just comment below and I’ll send you a link to the site with all info!👈🏼 (Food, accommodation, transfer to/from the airport, surfing, equipment, excursions and of course yoga classes are all included in a price from €1150-1350.) You coming? #yoga #yogini #yogatrip #yogaretreat #yogaandsurf #yogaresa #wanderlust #yogaeveryday #explore

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• I was high as a kite and so full of love and I threw all my clothes off and ran laughing like an idiot into the ocean under a star sky so shiny it must have taken even gods breath away. What is your favourite reckless thing you did with absolutely no regrets? #noregrets #reckless #wildchild #freespirit #untamed #hurricaneheart #tattooedgirls #inked #vixen

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• When I hear people saying stuff like “we need hate to know love” I start to question if I’m from another world and I should start looking for it and flee this place. When the FUCK do we “need” something like hate? I need hate as much as I need cancer. This world sometimes seems twisted. Broken. Bent. Crooked. Strange. And it confuses me. Luckily, there are things that puts everything back to place again. Like love. And standing up to ignorant shit faces that incites hate. Savvy? #twisted #madworld #yogini #earthchild #wildling #lovewarrior #wildchild #bohemian #benddontbreak

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💪🏼SUPER SHOULDERS💪🏼 If you feel like putting your shoulders and core to the test, this is the sequence for you! 💦💦 First clip is a bit more challenging, SWIPE for the guided version that suits all levels! NOTE: if you’re not yet steady in your plank pose, skip the flow and practice your strength and technique in plank pose. We don’t want to hang into our shoulders and lower back here, so if you’re in the beginning of your strong plank journey, maybe do each of these positions (high plank, low plank, dolphin) one at a time with some rest in between. 💪🏼 • You feel the urge yet, to deepen your practice to a deeper level? Join me and @myworldofmaya s 200 hour yoga teacher training this fall! Read more on the link in my bio! #yoga #yogaflow #yogavideo #yogainspiration #yogateacher #ytt #vinyasakrama #yogini #yogalärarutbildning #yogasverige

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• Expressing yourself. Soul searching. Mistakes. Dark sides. Exploration. Changing your mind. Diversity. Freedom. Equal rights. Normbreaking. Of all the things and a thousand more I support and stand for, LOVE is the one closest to my heart. Yum. And of all the respect and understanding I have in every inch of my bones, for you who are judging love as “wrong”, “unnatural”, “disgusting” or such, I have NONE. Imbeciles. Ew. #love #loveislove #pride #equality #loveisloud #lovewarrior #bornthisway #omprem #yogini

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🐋BACKBEND BONANZA!🐋 Backbends. Goootta love’em, huh? Or very much not. 😂 Usually it’s either or, isn’t it? I injured my lower back some months ago, and had to stop backbend completely. That I was able to make this tutorial today blows my mind! I’m so happy I could do all this without any pain. The very reason I got injured is because I didn’t listen to my body when it told me to back off. I kept doing deep backbends that I wasn’t strong enough for, until it went to shit. NOT FUN. I’ve started from scratch with first: resting it out. Took a break from backbending. Then slowly slowly started doing super small ones, minded and worked on my technique and strength and now slowly but surely I’m getting back to it. And that “slowly” part; I REALLY suggest you do the same. Start easy. Work mindfully. Here are three variations of how you can do urdva dhanurasana - wheel pose. I hope you like them!🐋 🔔SOUND ON! • Ready to deep dive into your yoga practice and even start teaching it to others? Join my and @myworldofmaya s 200 hour yoga teacher training. Link in bio! #yoga #yogalife #yogateacher #ytt #backbend #yogatutorial #yogavideo #yogalärare #yogalärarutbildning

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• At the bar the other day: Me: *sips drink in silence* Total stranger at the table next to ours: “you’re pretty. you shouldn’t have done all those tattoos” Me: “the FUCK makes you think I value your opinion?” Ass hat: “I just thought...” Me: “No. that’s the very last thing you did. Fuck off.” Also me: *gets back to sipping in silence* • I’m done being “the bigger person” in these situations. It was a lousy idea to begin with, actually. We don’t owe any entitled ass-wipe any politeness. And it’s certainly not our responsibility to educate them in good manners. But I do owe myself a great amount of respect. And I am responsible to stand up for myself. Now that doesn’t mean this is the way I always meet people. Of course not. But it is the way I answer to disrespect, regardless if the insult is intended or not. And I don’t say you have to use the same method. It’s ok. I’ll gladly do it for you. #entitled #asshat #standyourground #nope #norm #beautystandards #talkback #normbreaker #wildchild #bornthisway

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• Do you sometimes forget how lucky you are? I seldom do anymore. It’s hard not to know the jackpot I’ve drawn when I walk around my apartment, having the day off. Petting my cats, eating my food or choosing what to wear. Jumping into my car to go teach or practice my very passion in life. It’s even harder to forget when I’m texting my friends and we spontaneously paddle out on our SUPs, buying a drink or two on the way while we enjoy the beauty of Stockholm, and the friendship we share. It’s impossible to forget when I’m doing preparations for the exciting trips I’m about to do before this year is over. You see, some of us are truly LUCKY. And it’s not that we don’t work our asses off to get to where we are, but we are still LUCKY that we even have the opportunity to do so, because many don’t. Make sure to live the life you’re given. Create it. To the fullest. And don’t bring shame into it. Many people will try to shame it, to oppress you and hold you back, but we don’t have time for that, ok? Enjoy your luck, and do it with compassion to everyone and everything and you’ll be fine. If you’re like me, and you’ve been given a jackpot, focus on giving. You don’t have to have, you already got it. Now give, while you enjoy. DISFRUTA! _______________________________________ • Yoga and surf retreat in Morocco with me and @lagunasurfofficial, nov 2-9. DM and I’ll send you the link. • Deepen your yoga practice and learn how to pass it on. Join my and Jenna’s @myworldofmaya yoga teacher training that starts in October. Link in my bio! #yoga #yogini #yogateacher #yogaretreat #surf #surfergirl #levalife #stockholm #SUP #shameless #jackpot

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🌬VAYU NAMASKARA🌬 Let’s salute the wind, shall we? First clip from the front and the side, then SWIPE⬅️ to get the guided version! • 🌬This is a juicy stretch for the side body, the hamstrings, the arms and back, and also a whole lot of strengthening of the back, core and legs. 💪🏼 • 🌬Try to keep your ears between the biceps throughout the salutation, but without pulling your shoulders to the ears. And as always: NO OVERPUSHING. Bend your knees a bit in the forward fold, and lift yourself out of your lower back by keeping your legs strong and chest high in the backbend. This should be intense, but completely painless (like always). This wind salutation is from Matthew Sweeneys series (as well as the moon salutation I posted a few weeks ago), so if you like them I can highly recommend you to google on Matthew and learn more about his teachings. Enjoy! • Are you ready to deepen your yoga practice and take your knowledge, passion and love for it to another level? Read about my and @jennamalinyoga s 200 hour yoga teacher training through the link in my bio, and feel free to ask us any questions about it! #yoga #yogavideo #yogatutorial #yogini #yogateacher #yogaflow #vinyasakrama #yogainspiration #YTT

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• I’m dealing with this strange, new type of sorrow that I didn’t even knew existed and it’s rough and weird and I’m trying to figure it out step by step, sort of learning by doing. And suddenly today I found myself in a second of right now and I was over-fucking-whelmed over how truly LUCKY I am for that sorrow being my biggest problem in life. Perspective, huh? #perspective #luckyme #mermaid #vitaminesea #sup #privileged #stockholm #sweden #wildchild

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