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• Did you cause the world to rumble today, wildchild? Get to work.

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• After class today I got the feels for today being the day I attempt handstand to backbend again. After my back freaking out a few months ago, backbends are now my greatest challenge, which is hard to adapt to after being my favourite type of asanas. It happened, yet a bit shaky and uncertain. It’s like you can see the battle against fear while I move. (Swipe to see full video) • I talked about this with @stefanthurfors, saying I just have to “be ok with starting over with the backbends”, and he said: “well, it’s not like you’re going anywhere, right? I mean, you’re gonna be practicing yoga for quite some time, so...” Well. If that’s not spot fucking on, I don’t know what is.❤️ We practice, and we learn, and practice, and learn, and practice...

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• Oh my sweet wildchild, your heart screams my songs. Did you think I couldn’t hear?

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• There’s no such thing as coincidence. The other day we went to @wildsunrescue and had a rad time enjoying the beautiful environment and listening to its founder Jeremy talk about the amazing work they do, rescuing and rehabilitating wild animals. They had everything from baby raccoons🦝, howler monkeys🐒 and scarlet macaws🦜, to a turtle (who they named Surfboard, because her damaged shell was fixed with glass fibre, just like they do with surfboards! 😍🐢), and you could really feel the love, kindness and respect for nature these people have. I got so happy, impressed and inspired by them!❤️ Before I go on with my story, please go visit @wildsunrescue website and consider supporting them either through becoming a patreon or even volunteer on site! I mean, who doesn’t wanna learn about wild life and save animals lives in the beauty of a Costa Rican jungle?! • So, back to the story. Yesterday we saw an injured pelican at the beach, whose wing got stuck in a fisherman’s line, and the fishermen just seemed to rip the line off, taking half of the wing with it and then just left the pelican to its fate. As they walked away, we were able to capture it and we did our best to help the birdie... but without his wing, there’s nothing to be done. So unfortunately, he had to be put down. It was sad he had to go, and the pain he had to suffer before he was put down. Such bullshit waste! But what saddens me most was the arrogance those people treated nature with. As if it was just a piece of trash that got stuck in their equipment. As if it wasn’t LIFE, the exact same as our. As if there’s a difference between life and life. I struggle to understand, I really do. But at the same time, my heart is warmed by the love and effortless kindness the rest of us showed towards the pelican. I hope he felt it too. Go in peace, little fella’. We love you. 😢🙌🏼❤️ • I’m finding it hard to believe it’s just a coinkidink that first I visit this center, and then just two days later, I find myself in the same kind of situation they work with. I’m absolutely taking it as a sign, so I’m planning to volunteer next season, if @wildsunrescue will have me. Wanna join?

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• Yesterday, my amazing friend @fe_lo_lima took us on a little adventure through the peninsula (see my stories for more!) to go to a beautiful charity party at @wildsunrescue. Now, Wild Sun Rescue is something very special, so I want to write an own post about them tomorrow, so please stay tuned for that. ❤️🦜🦝🐿🦌🐢🦖🐒🚨 But on the way there, Fernanda suddenly stopped the car by the side of the road and asked “do you guys know about this tree?” And we got out and spend some time at this... GODDESS of a creation!! This is a fig tree, and it’s said to be one of the oldest in Costa Rica! 👵🏼 Look at the size of it! Remember when I wrote that gazing at a crazy starry sky made me feel so tiny but still so connected and as a part of this world? Well, yesterday I got to actually touch upon that feeling. 🌳

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• Sand, salt and roaring nature. 🌊🏝 • Let me know the very first thing that comes to your mind when I ask: Where do you belong?

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• So I know for a fact that most of us have to actively practice gratitude, or we will fall into taking everything for granted. I wonder if the reason we do so is because we have so god damn much that we fail to see everything but the things we don’t. Jeez. If we only knew how lucky we are.

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• C•O•N•N•E•C•T•I•N•G That’s the constant feeling.. or rather verb I’m relating to most now. It’s so... constant. And not only in the fairy hippie I’m-doing-yoga-so-that’s-how-I-express-myself-way; it’s both subtle and vast. Like walking barefoot on something else than floor. Actually, natures floor. Like sand and grass and pebbles and dirt. Or when coming out of the sea and I can feel the salt drying into my skin. And when my hair goes totally wild wether I want it or not (I do though. I’ve put a ton of feathers in it and it looks so wild and I love it. Swipe to see the back). Or when I look up and see that insanely starry sky and almost get overwhelmed by the feeling of everything being so MASSIVE and I’m so so tiny but still as big a part of it all as everything and everyone else. • And no, I did not smoke any funny stuff to feel this way. Don’t need to. Jeez, peeps. This life, huh?🥴

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• Aaaaaand I’m baaack! Not really though. I still feel like shit and I have no energy at all, but at least I’m getting better. I got food poisoning three days ago, and that caused a severe dehydration which put me at the doctors clinic where I got an IV quickly af and they pumped me with minerals and vitamins and fluids and whatnot. When I was done, I had gained 900 grams weight only through fluids!!! Imagine how dehydrated I was. 😰😂 Sooooo hydrate yourselves, kids. Apparently, it’s super important. 😂 ________________________________________ And that kick ass bikini is of course from @tuaessence 😍👙

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• Apparently there’s a virus going around here which I caught, and it’s the worst I’ve felt EVER. I thought I had food poisoning - I wish. This is supposed to go on for a week so... send me some good vibes, peeps. Please. 🤒 Hopefully I’ll be back sooner. Much love❤️

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• Life keeps bringing me to these moments of sipping fresh brewed coffee among the palm trees in the suns first rays of light of the day. Who am I to oppose?🌴🌅☕️ ———————————————— That side boob mandala is made by @annaeidenberg, whom you want to pay a visit if you’re into mandala designs. She is amazing!❤️

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• You know, the point is to be strong enough to carry and catch yourself. The rest will follow with that. Don’t you think?

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• So I went surfing today for the first time in three years, and I’m happy to see I’m just as talented as I remember. Swipe to see the grace with which I’m gliding along with the flow of the ocean. 😌🏄‍♀️ 🌊 • So I can’t surf for shiet. HAHA. But it is fun, and not less challenging for me, since I am actually incredibly uncomfortable in wild water. Big waves scare me and as much at home and safe I feel on the beach BY the water, as misplaced I feel IN the water. Quite strange, isn’t it? My ever long theory is that I was a pirate once that drowned in a storm at sea. Sounds much cooler than just being scared so I’m sticking to it. 😌 #yarr

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• Sometimes my heart yearns to ache for a love that never happened or one that did For a sad sad story or a passion burnt up For someone close but so far away or for the long lost soul mate who’s heart beat in the same rhythm as mine. But then I remember you sad fuckers who are hating, judging, lying and blaming, and my heart aches a bit for you, needing it the most.❤️

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• I actually have some intentions for 2019. Do you mind me sharing them with you? If you’re not interested, at least I offer you here a quite enjoyable picture of the only way to look up your ass without a mirror. • So. My intention (I have two major, but the other one is a bit too personal to share here at this point) is to keep diving deep into my yoga practice. All of it, of course, not just asanas. So I wanted to ask you peeps who have taken YTTs to share some tips of YTTs/courses all over the world, and why you liked them! I give zero fucks about hours, yoga alliance bull, level of “advancement” and such. I just wanna learn and get inspired by awesome teachers. Many thanks for your help!🤓 • And with that, I’ll dive deeper in my own role as a teacher as well. This year I have at least two 50 hour immersions planned, the first is in March in Stockholm, Sweden and the other one... well that info is coming soon and I can’t even say how excited I am, because it will be done alongside with one of my biggest inspirations. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 There will also be retreats coming! If you’re interested of practicing with me, please follow my Facebook page (link in bio). That’s where I post all teaching stuff, since my personal babbling takes up all the space here on Instagram. ☺️ Alright peeps, so please share your YTT tips in the comments below, and ask any questions there as well. Now if you excuse me, I have a tan to werkwerkwerk on. 😌

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• I’m not the one to get stuck in old memories and the feelings attached to them. I’m actually quite good (nowadays) at letting be things in the past, without dwelling in it and stir old feelings up. No former heartbreak takes any significant space anymore. No guilt about things once done is left to roam freely, and shame has no place with me. But melancholy. Oh the sweet, silky soft, burning fires of melancholy, I will never, ever hold back on. • I guess that’s one big reason I keep returning to Santa Teresa. The beach is heavenly and the vibrations of courage to start a new life are strong here, but nothing is as intense as the melancholy it brings me. Every year something new and exciting, but just underneath the sheer layer of “oh”. • So what’s your fav feeling? 😄

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• The rumbling of the sea Sounds exactly the same as your heartbeat

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• May all your kind wishes come true. May you grow, evolve and thrive. May you stay curious, open and sincere. May the openness in your heart and mind expand to fit the entire universe and beyond. May you choose love. Happy New Years, and thank you. I love you. ❤️

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