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• Cat maintenance. 🐈💅 And a little show of my fur kids different personalities. 👼😈 #catlady #cats #catsofinstagram #mainecoon #mainecoongram #floofers #catto #ilikeanimalsmorethanpeople #furkids #purrfect

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🎥 NEW VIDEO ON YOUTUBE🎥 Another short video (the longer are in the making, stay tuned!) with a few of my fav exercises to warm up and open the hips. Full video on YouTube! Link in my stories or just search for “Victoria Carp”. I’d looove love love it if you’d hit the subscribe button, peeps! I’m gonna work my butt off to hook you up with some really cool content on YouTube soon, I’m just warming up. ☺️ Thank you sooooo much for your support!❤️ #yoga #yogavideo #yogatutorial #hipopener #hipstretch #hipsdontlie #yogini #yoganerd #yogainspiration

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• Hey peeps, have anyone seen Rozzo? Red, fluffy and very poofy. Can’t seem to find him... 🐾 #catsofinstagram #cat #ilikeanimalsmorethanpeople #furkids #pawsfordays #floof #wheresrozzo #picoftheday #mainecoon #mainecoonmanners

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• NEW ON YOUTUBE! 🎥 The sound is total shit, the surrounding isn’t optimal but hopefully the content makes sense. 😂 Check out my few tips and tricks on #bakasana for beginners, full video on my YouTube channel (search for “Victoria Carp” or swipe up on my stories) and let me know if you enjoyed it (despite the lousy sound🙉). I hope you’re having a juicy Sunday! #yoga #yogini #yogavideo #armbalance #yogaforbeginners #yogatutorial #yogaforall #hellcatsyoga #yogainspiration

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• I went to @yoga_with_naofal s hot vinyasa class today and I think I died. Also my face exploded. (It’s still a bit red, hours later🍅) And boy did I have FUN. You can totally tell from this picture, can’t you? According to standards (😴) I’m sure I look ugly as hell, but that’s not what I see. At all. I See JOY. You know, I used to have a yoga teacher who said “yoga isn’t supposed to be fun”. What a load of fucking bullshit. I hope that whatever you do today, you allow yourself to have fun. Be joyful, as much as you possibly can. #funtimes #yogabliss #yoga #sweaty #joyful #ananda #yogis #tomatoface #vinyasaflow

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• RING RING YES HELLO THIS IS HELLCAT CALLING FOR A FUCK TO GIVE? Really? None? OKTHNXBAIIIIII Peeps. I’m so fed up with bad attitudes, lousy manners, fake ass compassion and blown up egos that I don’t even have the energy be sad about it today. So imma stuff my face with a HUGE nacho plate🌮, watch Narnia and pretend like I don’t give a fuck. I mean, it’s Friday after all. You feel me? ______________________________________ Banging photo and edit by the amazing @anderssonkristiina from the session we did for awesome @vanasch_designs 😈 #ringring #nope #nottoday #inked #tattooedgirls #slowfashion #idgaf #untamed #wildchild #friyay

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• Hey peeps. First of all; thank you so much for your support. I swear to god that there is no place I get more support and cheers from than here, from you, when I feel down and express it. And it’s important to me, expressing it. I’m done suppressing my anxiety to a big black hole where I have to dwell with it completely alone, just because some assholes thinks showing vulnerability is weak. FUCK. THAT. Amirite? So thank you. Truly. Second: another thing that helps me a lot when I’m down are animals. I scroll through funny and cute animal-accounts here on the Gram and they never fail to make me laugh! So if anyone out there is having a bad day: let me share one of my favourite pics of my youngest - Rozzo - who has this thing of covering his face with his huge paws when he naps.😻🐾 I hope it helps. And like I heard from so many of you - YOU GOT THIS. ❤️ #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #anxiety #expressyourself #ilikeanimalsmorethanpeople #mainecoon #instacat #yougotthis #igfam

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• It was too much today and something had to go so I ripped my extensions out and threw them on the floor and I wondered how come nobody hears me scream #autumnfeels #pisces #piscesnation #dramatica #spilledink #anxiety #wildhairdontcare #hurricanheart #wildchild #thatshirttho

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• I’m awkward when meeting new people. My energy gets torn between curiosity and suspicion, and I can’t relax and act natural. But you’ll never catch me more relaxed and authentic than with animals. I’m patient, attentive, calm and always HAPPY when around them. I know how to be around them, but my own species make me uncomfortable. 🙄 I’m not sure why, but I guess it’s because they don’t judge the way we do. While waiting to go in and practice with @mariaboox this morning, I met @_dog_vanilla_ who after a while decided my lap was a good place to chill, and my nails a perfect tooth-scratcher. 😂😍🐶 Swipe to see an up-close on this Greek shelter dog who got a new life with @lilalotus and her family here in Sweden. ❤️ #animals #yoga #yogini #doggo #yogadog #connection #ilikeanimalsmorethanpeople #shelterdog #adoptdontshop

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• This is how cool I feel when things I’ve created myself starts to come together. 😍 Seriously though. Not much triumphs the feeling of making your own dreams come true. Creating YOU. Amirite?! How do you create yourself? • Crazy cool photo by @anderssonkristiina, and them badass pants are from @vanasch_designs 😍 #createyourself #fulfillment #dreamcatcher #selflove #yogini #wildwomen #yogateacher #wildchild #borntobebrave

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HELP! Peeps, I’m preparing to create some new content; longer yoga videos to share on IGTV/YOUTUBE in the near future. I want to make a few before I start posting them, so I need your help because I’ve never done this before. What do you prefer? Full like 60 minutes, led classes? Shorter videos of a few sequences you can play around with however you want in your own pace and variations? Themes? What do you appreciate in yoga videos, and what is annoying? 😂 Hit me with all tips! (Oh, and they’ll be in English. This one is from a video I sent to the participants of a workshop I taught a few weeks back😊) Thanks in advance for taking the time to help out, I really appreciate it! 🙏🏼 #yogavideo #yogatutorial #yogainspiration #vinyasakrama #yogini #yogalife #moveyoasana #getonyourmat #yoga

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• I’m here to ignite your fire that the made up structures of all things “normal” slowly puts out And when you’re ignited you’ll lit the next one up, and soon we’ll be a wildfire together and all that was once untrue, caged and suppressed will be nothing but ashes forgotten. #wildfire #agni #passion #wildwomen #yogini #maya #untamed #hurricaneheart #wildchild #jaikalima

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• Tell your beauty standards, edited peachy cuteness, subtle please-them-all-ness, picture perfect placed fakeness and not-too-muchness I said hello and to go fuck themselves. #friyay #bornthisway #freeyourself #letloose #findyourwild #beautystandards #authenticityissexy #wildchild #girlswithtattoos #borntobebrave

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• Sometimes I get sad when my lack of connection to others hits me. But then I remember that some of us shine brighter when we dance alone. • Mad photo skills by @anderssonkristiina and badass outfit by @vanasch_designs 💥 #loneliness #introvertstruggles #dancealone #tattooedgirls #hornsup #borntobebrave #untamed #wildchild #lonewolf

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• One of the ugliest things I know is when people feel threatened by other people’s success and it shows. Eeeeeew. #yoga #yogini #armbalance #yogart #envy #bw #tattooedyogini #wildchild #ugliness

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“I TOUCHED MY TOES!!” If there’s anything you’d hear about people’s yoga progress, this would be it! 😍 There’s something magical about that breakthrough, to be able to touch your toes in forward folding. Now, we all know that down the road it’s not about the asana (position), but until then it kinda is. Most of us started our journeys through asana and the body before we started exploring the depths. And let’s be honest here; it’s not like the asana never matters. We work and practice them, and even though the point is something else, they’ll always be with us. So yeah. Wanna touch your toes? Here are some ways to practice! 1. First; if you already have open hamstrings, remember to also work bandhas and legs for strength. We always wanna meet opening with strength, and strength with opening, right? I like to make sure I am working muscles by not holding on to and pulling my legs. 2. Paschimottasana variation - seated forward fold with strap. Keep your legs as straight as you can without letting the spine to round! So find your balance of keeping both legs and spine as straight as you can in that moment. Using a strap (belt, scarf, sweater) around the feet to help pulling a bit forward is a good way to start! 3. Uttanasana with elbow-grip: again keep your legs as straight as it’s ok for you and engage them. A little bend into the knees is always good (if you need it) to work the spine straighter. Bandhas and legs working! Take your elbows and relax shoulders and neck like a rag doll to get some help from gravity. 4. Woah! For the ones who want to werk dem hamstrings a bit deeper; stand on something and hold a weight in your hands that pulls you down or like me holding the legs of my @feetup who’s helping me out here. 5. See those shoulders to the ears and spine like a cheese doodle? DON’T. NO-NO. uh-uh. I know it’s tempting to touch the toes, but not worth tearing your shoulders and lower back for it. Hope you enjoyed! Now go pick up pens from the floor without bending your knees like ALL REAL YOGIS DO. 😘 #yoga #yogatutorial #yogatricks #forwardfold #feetup #feetuptrainer #ad #yogini #yogainspiration

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• Did you peeps know I’m doing my own yoga teacher training? I’m MIGHT have spammed a little bit about it (just might) but in case you missed it - it begins in barely three weeks and I’m beyond proud and excited and scared and HAPPY. And most of all honoured, that you who have signed up for it have put such trust in me.❤️ It truly means more to me than you could ever understand, because it’s on another level. I dreamt of this and then I created it. I’ve worked my f-ing butt off, prepared and planned and now along with @myworldofmaya we have gotten together a crew I’m stoked to work with (I mean @vevvejaderlund and @aeheroabroad - boom!! 💥). Can’t wait to walk this road. • It begins October 18, but if you feel you’re ready to take the leap we still have some spots left and it’s not to late to register. Are you ready? I’m SO ready. 😍 Link in bio!! #yoga #yogateacher #ytt #vinyasakrama #yinyoga #selfcreation #yogalärare #yogalärarutbildning #yogaisverige

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• I have this fear of going back. In all senses. If I leave my home and I notice I forgot something, I very rarely go back to fetch it. I only do so if there’s something super important I can’t be without (which it seldom is), or if Stefan is home I ask him to throw it to me through the window. 😂 Turning back is my last option. If I quit something, I would have a hard time going back to it. If I broke up with someone (regardless the partnership; friend, romantic, business ecc) they are out of my life for good. If I moved on, I don’t go back. I don’t know why yet, but going back feels like failure. Which of course is a completely silly thought! Being rigid seldom leads to anything else than stagnation... I should know. And as life often does when you’re stuck, it has given me a little kick in the butt and put me in a situation where I have to face the fact that I might just have to go back. Not one step, not two steps, but aaaaall the way back. To roots, people and places I thought I’d never see again. Seems like I’m moving on, by going back. And I’m not scared at all. Funny how that works, huh? • Wild captured in this pic by @carincharlotte And never feeling blue in my blue outfit from @tuaessence ❤️ #backwards #turn #unexpected #borntobebrave #wildchild #vatadosha #yogini #movingon #bygoingback

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