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✨TAIWAN TRAVEL GUIDE✨ 1. Taiwan visa for indonesian : its very easy if you hold us, canada, japan, nz, aus, and schengen visa that still valid, you can apply in this website https://niaspeedy.immigration.gov.tw/nia_southeast and make sure you already have your flight ticket and accomodation. Fill the form and Its less than 1 minute, you will get it approved. Make sure you print it out and show them in check in counter and taiwan immigration. 2. Must visit places : taipei 101, yangmingshan national park, ximending, shilin market, elephant mountain and jiufen. 3. Must eat and drink : fried oyster, xxl fried chicken, mala hotpot, beef noodles, soup dumplings, bubble tea, shaved ice, and the variety of breakfast and snack are so delicious. 4. Prepaid sim card : Get it in taoyuan airport, i bought 500nt for 10 days, unlimited quota. 5. I came on summer mostly its either too hot or raining all the time. So best time to visit on spring (april) and autumn (november). 6. Where to stay : i recommend to stay zhongshan area. Place that i stay is located in infront of regent hotel. Pretty decent and reasonable price. Find the airbnb nearby that area. 7. How to get around : mrt and bus. Google map is useful at providing schedules and directions. And also taxi and uber are okay too. I find it that uber is cheaper. 8. You also can go around with bike. Bike rental places are available all up and down the rivers of taipei with daily rentals ranging from 1-5 dollar usd. 9. What i like about people here, they are really warm, helpful and polite. So dont hesitate to ask if you get lost. English is acceptable in taiwan. 10. Lastly, the currency is NT (new taiwan dollar). ✅ Hope it helps! Please share and save this for your next visit. #taiwan #theheartofasia

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✨DAY TRIP FROM TAIPEI TO YANGMINGSHAN HYDRANGEA GARDEN✨ ✅ Watch till the end, save and share this for your next visit. 1. This place is located in yangmingshan national park, northern part of taiwan. 2. Best time to go may to july and always go for weekdays and try avoid weekend. Less crowded. 3. Always carry umbrella and dont wear white shoes, the weather keeps changing and uncertain. Today was heavily raining and quite muddy. 4. Admission fee for 100nt and you can buy the flower for the same price. 5. How to go here : There are some options to choose by public transportation and i chose the first option. Took me around 45 min driving. - taipei main station > bus no. 260 (stop at 大都會客運陽明山站) > bus no. 小9 (stop at 湖田橋) > walk to destination for 4 minutes - taipei main station > bus no. 218 (stop at 北投公園) > bus no. 小9 (stop at 湖田橋) > walk to destination for 4 minutes - taipei main station > take red line MRT heading to tamsui (stop at 北投站) > bus no. 小9 (stop at 湖田橋) > walk to destination for 4 minutes 6. Opening hours : 8am to 5pm #yangmingshan #taiwan

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新北市 🌃

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Overlooking beautiful night of #TAIPEI from top of 台北 101. Pinch the screen and zoom in or out for details. 🌃🔭 #taiwan

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✨5 BEST THINGS TO DO IN TAIPEI AT NIGHT✨ 1. Libery square : Liberty square is stunning at all hours, its monumental architecture is especially enchanting when aglow. At the hall usually people do to practise music, dance and jog. 2. The night markets : Taiwan is famous for its snacks and the bustling night markets that sell them. Stinky tofu, bubble tea, fried chicken and blowtorch cooked steak is all at your fingertips. Must try! Go for shinlin and raohe night market. 3. Maokong cable car : The Maokong gondola takes passengers from the mountain’s base, up over unkept jungle, manicured temples and tiny villages for 260 nt. 4. Ximending : Ximending is a great place to go if you have no idea what you want. Mostly is for young people who go for late night snack, watch street performances, and hang out. 5. The national palace museum : On friday and saturday nights, the national palace museum extends its hours to 9:00pm. ✅ Hope it helps. please share and save this for your next visit. Swipe left to see more info from @travioor #taipei #taiwan

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你好台灣! 🇹🇼

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Siapa yang mau iPhone XS Max, Apple Watch, kamera Leica atau tabungan 1 juta rupiah buat hadiah Lebaran? Yuk ikutan digibank #LiberatesMe challenge dan ceritain liburan bebas versi lo! - Ngomongin soal liburan, pasti ada aja ya guys barang yang pengen dibeli dan suka takut bakalan boros atau kehabisan uang jajan. Apalagi kalau abis liburan tiba2 ada keperluan dadakan! Tapi untung ada digibank KTA Instan yang bisa kasih approval pinjaman dalam waktu 60 detik! Kalian udah tau belum fitur @digibankid. Coba cek videonya di bit.ly/LiberatesMe Abis nonton, langsung ikutan #digibankLiberatesMe challenge! - ✅Gampang caranya : 1. Follow Instagram dan Facebook @digibankid 2. Screenshot template Instagram Story yang ada di Story Highlight @digibankid 3. Tulis “Liburan Bebas” ala lo dan post story tersebut di akun Instagram lo 4. Save Story tersebut di IG highlight 5. Tag @digibankid dan gunakan hashtag #digibankLiberatesMe 6. Tag juga 3 orang tmn lo buat ikutan - Untuk info lengkap, cek bit.ly/digibankLiberatesMe. Good luck! 🙌🏻 #digibankLiberatesMe

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✨JAPAN CANCELLED, HELLO TAIWAN.✨ There is something about this lesson learned that i want to share, so who knows it will help you guys during your japan trip. (Probably for indonesian passport holder.) - I have my old e-passport is still valid with japan waiver visa is also valid. I showed them the both new and old e-passport. At the counter, they wont let me checked in. "THE REASON, because you need to have japan visa waiver attached in your new passport". No matter your visa is still valid on your old passport that also still valid, it still doesnt work. - Bali crew airport was really helpful, they tried to double check in haneda immigration but still it was rejected. So lesson learned, this is my first time experiencing for my years of travelling got rejected. - I asked them that my usa, canada, australia, schengen visa are valid in my old passport but why i still can fly with my new passport? They answered, yes it applies in japan. Its weird, but rules are rules. ✅ Hope this is helpful. Anyway, hello #TAIWAN and happy holiday guys! 🙌🏻

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Not so popular beach, but we enjoyed it the most on our road trip. 🚘🌅🌊 Swipe left to see more! #westernaustralia

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✨GIVEAWAY FROM AUSTRALIA✨ (Swipe left to see the #giveaway) I and @ivanova.regina, have some little gifts from australia. Enjoy and hope you like it. - ✅ How to: 1. Must follow @hendrickhartono @ivanova.regina 2. Like this post 3. Tag a friend (1 tag = 1 entry, enter as many as you wish to have more chances to win) - Winner will be chosen randomly from app and announced on our story on june 14. Not following the rule, it will be disqualified. Good luck! 🎁🎁🎁

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2 weeks spend time with them has nearly come to an end and today is my last day in perth. At least, i had the best quality time with the cheeky nephew and nieces. 🐥🐥🐥

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