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Next, #philippines. 🏝 Always excited to be back again and looking forward for @benchtm #BFW_SS19 soon! ✨

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When i was living in fairytale world. #cappadocia #turkey

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Missing and wishing to go back to japan real soon, especially at this time for cherry blossom festival. 🌸🌸🌸 📍: Nabana no sato, nagoya

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Embracing the beauty of His creation.✨

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✨GIVEAWAY✨ Rencana kita mau #giveaway oleh oleh hasil travel kita di eropa kemaren. ✅ Caranya gampang banget : 1. Wajib follow kita bertiga : @ivanova.regina @hendrickhartono @mikhelia 2. Like post ini 3. Tag 1 teman kalian (1 tag = 1 entry, boleh tag teman kalian sebanyak banyaknya untuk kesempatan menang lebih besar) - Terbukti tidak follow otomatis gugur karena pemenang akan di umumkan di instastory mereka bertiga. Giveaway akan di tutup pd tanggal 31 Maret 2019. Semoga beruntung! 🎁

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Just attended launching event of #OPPOF11PRO @OPPOINDONESIA, which it has released now. Go check it out. Let me tell you what my impression about this product, 1. Price of course reasonably affordable 2. The feature is just so far better than my expectation, #48mpportraitcamera and there is ultra night mode. 3. The color and design have 3 gradation that really eye catchy. ✅ As you can see, it was taken only by this phone in the really really dark room and the result was boom. So what are you waiting for, grab it now guys! #hidupkanmalammu - Photo by : @iw.wm

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✨BUDGET KE NORWAY-SWEDEN✨ (Press see translation for english language) Karena byk bgt yg tanya terutama tmn tmn dari indo tentang budget brp untuk ke #NORWAY dan #SWEDEN, jadi gw buat bhs indo biar lebih mudah di baca. Ini gw buatin budget secara KIRA KIRA untuk travel ke norway dan sweden. Gw travel berdua sm spupu jadi akomodasi dan mobil di bagi 2. 1. Tiket pesawat : SQ dari sby, transit singapore dan moscow dan turun di stockholm pp kena Rp 11 juta, stockholm - tromso: Rp 1.5 juta, tromso - oslo : Rp 1.1 juta. Total 13.6 juta 2. Akomodasi : Yang mahal di tromso, harga lebih mahal 2 kali lebih dari di kota oslo dan stockholm untuk smuanya. untuk 7 malam kira kira habis Rp 8 juta. Each Rp 4 juta 3. Tour : untuk tour northern light dan tour island hopping, total kira kira habis perorangannya Rp 3 juta. (info ada di post sebelumnya tentang tips tromso) 4. Mobil : Rp 3 juta ( termasuk insurance dan bensin), each Rp 1.5 juta 5. Living cost: 50 usd x 7 hari = 350 usd jadi Rp 5 juta ✅ Total kira kira habis : Rp 27 juta. Jaga jaga untuk biaya tdk di duga anggap aja habis Rp 30 juta. Kmren tanya tour kisaran Rp 80 juta plus plus, jadi ini jauh lebih irit, tapi ingat ga boleh manja, semua sendiri dan angkat koper sendiri. Haha. Semoga membantu. Happy travels! :)

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Old couples make you realize, someone can love you forever. Till meet again #SWEDEN. 🌅

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🇳🇴 ACCOMODATION FOR NORWAY-SWEDEN 🇸🇪 1. Tromso : https://abnb.me/VyavZCv7HU 2. Oslo : https://abnb.me/moQEbtx7HU 3. Gothenburg : https://abnb.me/npUMmDz7HU 4. Stockholm : http://www.booking.com/Share-Fv6CpG ✅ Swipe left to see where i stayed during my trip in both #norway and #sweden, and copy link for booking and welcome to share and save for your next trip. Hope it helps! :)

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🇯🇵FREE TRIP TO JAPAN🇯🇵 Took this when i was in #Nagoya during winter time, tempting? Let me share how to get free trip to Japan. 1. Submit your photo while you were in Japan at @jntoid 2. Or if you never been to Japan, please join the quizzes and answer 2 questions at @jntoid ✅ DONE, super easy! You will get a chance for Japan free trip. Good luck! :) #AyokeJepang #SisiLainJepang

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To all #BOOKWORM out there. 🤓

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One of the MOST BEAUTIFUL METRO STATION in the world. 🚞 #stockholm #sweden

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