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henningbasseofficial. The ONLY „10 year challenge „ we should be talking about! #people #pol

The ONLY „10 year challenge „ we should be talking about! #people #pollution #stoppollution #greed

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Today i‘d met this gentleman mr. Pepe Pierez from Ancient Curse and Sons of Seasons.we had a nice jamming and a listening session.for those who dont know: way before sos came out we wrote some wicked stuff together.i know pepe since ever and hes not only a talented guitarplayer but also a great songwriter and singer. #somethingscooking #songwriting #sonsofseasons #henningbasse

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With Steve Harris 1998.

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Wacken 2016 with Steve Harris.

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Just recieved some gifts from a band called cabtone.a band from my hometown. I produced and recorded the vocals. #voicecoach #producer #recordingstudio #voiceproduction

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So this is christmas again and this year is coming close to an end.... overall i had a very dynamic positiv productive year! I wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your strong support this year wether you were rocking out with us on tour, live or supporting our music in other ways.Thank you also in supporting me here on facebook. from what i‘ve learned the last 4 years its important to watch yourself and take care of your health.. you only have one! family and real friends and a social network makes life so great.😍even theres not much time and everyones stressed out sometimes. As we are living in weird, strange,agressive times( at least i feel like that)its extreme important you are happy in your circle,in your world at home with friends and family.keep an eye for each other lets try to make this planet a better place, or lets fly out to mars. Peace out and MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! #christmas #merrychristmas #holidayseason #wannkommtderschnee #schnee #rocknroll #heavymetal #henningbasse

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Chat on facebook in a few min.!

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Say hi to willy!

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Lets call it a day and please can someone switch off my head ?

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Ich poste selten, bis hin gar nicht live aufnahmen, da die Tonqualität nicht ausreicht, um das klangliche wahrhaftige zu zeigen... Im diesen Falle wollte ich euch das nicht vorenthalten und schenke euch einen kompletten Song „You raise me up“ performt live von mir am 7.12 mit dem Winterwonderland Orchester aus Bergheim in Bergheim unter der musikalischen Leitung von Martin Doepke. PLEASE WATCH THE WHOLE VERSION ON FACEBOOK.

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Played a very special show last night with a 50 piece orchestra and band plus 5 beautiful voices.. it was PURE MAGIC! #orchestra

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First rehersal day with the winterwonderland orchestra! #bergheim #winterwonderland #orchestra

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@fullmetalholiday with the wacken cover band „Skyline“. Pic by Jochen Martin. #metal #rocknroll

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Geil: Ich sollte echt mal drüber nachdenken, zur Gastronomie zu wechseln.. Ansatz wäre auf jedenfall Spanisch/Griechische kleine aber mega Rezepte.. Fingerfood halt! Kann ich besser als singen! #meinsohnbleibtgrieche #scharfergrieche #fingerfood #treatmeal #yummi #greekfood

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Working on it ! #studiosinger #studio #singer #singers #singerslife

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Pictures are more than words.. my hometown godly lüneburg made by Bernd Haas Lünebild.de !

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