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It feels good to be home since months and there are no touring plans yet for Firewind till next summer. But i have to add too it feels also not good to watch everyones outthere and having a blast on stages..on the other hand i am missing beeing on the road.in the meantime i have some studio jobs and a little tribe of students which i coach in vocals, plus i try to go to the gym as much as i can.. oh well and i am fighting the autumn/winter darkness too which is a big problem for me every year ( autumn depression) but hey i am NOT alone with that.. just wanted to let you know about whats going right now and the next few months. Cheers Henning Basse.

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Autumn colours ... #autumn

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I am a rocker, do as i feel as i say. If you dont like it, fuck #truth #rocknroll #rock

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henningbasseofficial. Spinal Tap all the way.#spinaltap #itsalltrue

Spinal Tap all the #spinaltap #itsalltrue

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Autumn in my hometown.. so beautiful. #inlove #lüneburg #autumnleaves #autumn

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Ho ho hoooo

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Old pic from me on Mallorca..

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Yesterday’s weather in Lüneburg made my soul happy! #lüneburg #kreidebergsee

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Just watched Halloween 🎃 ! As a fan i must say: WORTH IT!

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When its getting dark n’ grey early up north: dont worry be happy.. #dontworrybehappy #autumn #winteriscoming

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With skyline on Mallorca.

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Vocal producing with the local band Cabtone. #vocals #vocals #recordingstudio #voicecoach

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Seit ein paar Wochen unterrichte ich wieder, und mache verschiedenste Aufnahmen für Kunden z.B wie diese talentierten Pro‘s! #lüneburg #henningbasse

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Firewinds performance this year @wackenopenair.official festival! #henningbasse #firewind

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In Inca @night..

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Palma Aquarium on Mallorca worth a visit! #mallorca #palmademallorca

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