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Harking back to the time honored British colonial traditions of the original Peninsula Hotel in 1928 - afternoon high tea at @thepeninsulabangkok is simply an experience not to be missed. We felt like royalty while sipping on delicious tea in fine china cups and enjoying a wide array of treats like fresh scones with clotted cream, French macarons, crab sandwiches, and smoked salmon bites topped with roe.❤️ . Swipe right to see some of the food we loved during this afternoon tea! 🍰 . #HenryZoryInThailand #penmoments

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We got next!! 🏀 . #HenryZoryInThailand

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This looks like a Tetris game. 😃 . #HenryZoryInMalaysia

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Dance like nobody’s watching 🕺 . #HenryZoryInMalaysia

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If I could dream up a temple, it would look something like this 🏮🏮🏮 . #HenryZoryInMalaysia

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We’d like to thank everyone who has sent us messages and emails the past 24 hours! The outpouring of support from the @Instagram community has been incredible. ❤️ . So far @buzzfeed, @petapixel, @slrlounge, and @reddit has picked up the story with many other news outlets to come. Please share the story linked in my profile with as many people you can so we can stop this scammer in his tracks. . Also since I like to look on the bright side of things - we loved exploring Malaysia (after we left Jakarta) and their incredible collection of Chinese inspired temples. Who knows.. maybe the real @wendimurdoch will end up showcasing an exhibit from some of the photographers and Instagrammers who got taken for a ride? How awesome would that be?😎 . #HenryZoryInMalaysia

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I normally try to post aspirational and inspiring photos on my feed - and this is one of those beautiful places we visited this past December. The circumstances behind why we were there are not so great though. 😞 . We were there as part of an elaborate scam targeting Instagrammers and Content Creators, luring them to Jakarta on the premise of exhibiting their photography with Wendi Murdoch, the famous ex-wife of Rupert Murdoch. It was a well crafted scam that’s actually been going on for the past four years in different forms. In the past they’ve targeted filmmakers, military contractors, and even hairdressers. They are now actively targeting Instagrammers specifically and AS I TYPE THIS - THERE ARE STILL people flying to Jakarta and in Jakarta being actively scammed!😾 . You can read more about it on my profile and in my stories. Please share and spread awareness about this - from my research it looks like about hundred Instagrammers have been scammed so far in the past couple months! 😡 . Let’s band together as a community and stop this in it’s tracks! ❤️ . #HenryZoryInMalaysia

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Kek Lok Si is the one of the biggest Buddhist temples in Southeast Asia. At the top is a gigantic statue of Kuan Yin, the goddess of mercy. . #HenryZoryInMalaysia

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Where symmetry and light meet. . #HenryZoryInMalaysia

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Reflecting on a magical 2018 and envisioning a grand 2019! . #HenryZoryInMalaysia #endoftheyear #goodbye2018

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Ending the year with a bang by walking up a literal rainbow 🌈 . #HenryZoryInMalaysia #endoftheyear #goodbye2018

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I’ve always felt pressure to do Christmas-y things for the holidays.. in reality I just want to spend them with the people I cherish most. So don’t feel pressured to conform to societal ‘norms’ - just do what feels natural and makes you happy! 🌲❤️ . What are some things you like and don’t like about the holidays? . For me, I like all the get togethers with friends but dislike all the ’forced’ gift giving.

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