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This is basically the Rajasthan version of the Russian matryoshka nesting dolls :::: #henryzoryindia

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There’s luxury and then there’s the Rajput Suite at the @tajmahalmumbai 👑 :::: @tajhotels #TreasuredByTajTraveler #Tajness :::: @aktravel_usa #aktravel

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So I’m in the flower business now.. 🌸 :::: @tajhotels #TreasuredByTajTraveler #Tajness :::: @aktravel_usa #aktravel

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The perfect reading environment 📖 :::: @aktravel_usa #aktravel @tajhotels #TreasuredByTajTraveler #Tajness

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Springtime Vibes 🌺 . #henryzoryinjapan

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Sitting on my iron throne... . #henryzoryinjapan

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I guess you could say Japan has a superbloom every year... 🌸 . #henryzoryinjapan

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As a photographer, printing out your photos with @socialps is one of the most important things you should do. It creates a physical, tactile object in your hand and as a result you’ll see your work in a different way. So, take some time today or this weekend to find a couple of your best photos and get them printed! You won’t regret it, I promise! ❤️ :::: I chose to print out one of my favorite art pieces from Burning Man last year - a reclaimed plane (with a bar on top) that they bent sideways so it could stand vertically. :::: What will you print out?

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When I was 17, in the summer after High School graduation, my appendix burst - causing me to miss my first semester of university. I had to stay in the hospital for two weeks, endured multiple major operations, and lost 25 pounds in the process. Luckily, I was young and was able to rebound from the whole thing after a couple months. :::: But my good memories of staying in the hospital (there weren't many) was having access to all the newspapers and magazines I wanted. Since I was bedridden and the Internet wasn't exactly born yet, this was my escape during the two weeks. :::: I've always been an avid reader, but ever since then I've appreciated the analog feel of real paper and the storytelling of good writing. :::: Do you guys prefer real paper or digital versions of things? :::: @aktravel_usa #aktravel @tajhotels #TreasuredByTajTraveler #Tajness

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Last night I had a dream I was spacewalking on the SS Taj Mahal.. 👨‍🚀 :::: Swipe right to see the Taj Mahal docked in reality 🕺 :::: Will be posting the Behind-The-Scenes video tutorial on IGTV later today on how we made this! 📺 :::: Also - if you want to join us in India in November - we only have a few spots left! 🇮🇳❤️ :::: Link in profile 🌎 :::: #henryzoryindia

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A couple of years ago we moved from the Mission to the North Beach neighborhood. We couldn't have been happier with the move - it almost felt like moving to a completely new city! We only wish we had used @zumper to find our new apartment as it would have saved us so much time! Our favorite feature is getting alerts on new matches - this way you can see what's available in your dream neighborhood. ❤️ #MakeYourMove #ad

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One of the best things about traveling the world and creating beautiful photography with @zorymory is hearing stories from followers who have been inspired to travel more, learn photography, or educate themselves more on the world. This was always one of the goals of our Instagram accounts and travel blog - to inspire people to follow their dreams! 🌎 #maketheworldyouwant . We’ll also be pushing out more behind-the-scenes and tutorials on photography and editing this year, as this is the #1 thing most of you have asked us about! ❤️ . All this wouldn’t be possible without @godaddy - who I rely on to provide rock solid hosting tools. #GoDaddyTribe #ad

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