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What dreams are made of.🏝

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It’s all about happy vibes and colorful life🌈 Agree? 📍Batu Caves

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Living my island dream🏝 Skip the hotel, and stay in a treehouse in the Philippines! . . Double tap and tag a friend you’d love to spend the night with in this treehouse with a view!✨ 📍Kalanggaman Island

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Take a picture of me, put it on a postcard.🏝 Setting foot at 📍Sambawan Island is like discovering a place in the Philippines for the first time.✨

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This is how tropical island should look like🌴 Raise your hand if you agree!!!🙌🙌

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palm tree + me = forever🌴❤️

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Cruising around Bantayan island with my bike and @shadesclub 🏝 Use my code “ellajean20” for 20% off.❤️ Link in @shadesclub bio🌴

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Standing tall and mighty. Thank you Kuala Lumpur for the amazing experience.💕 Did you know? It takes 3 months to clean all the windows of PETRONAS TWIN TOWERS?

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Just another day in paradise.💦

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Nature has its way of surprising us when she shows off. I wouldn’t complain though.✨ It’s really worth the wait..

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Nothing beats a Philippine sunset🔥

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The peace of morning light and the smile of the crescent moon 🌙✨

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Thank you 2018 for the wonderful adventures!💫 HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!🙌

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There’s just something about palm trees I can’t get enough.🌴

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I have so many favorite photos of 2018, but if I had to pick just one, it must be this one in the island of Port Barton.🏝

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Not all stars live in the sky, or even in the sea. Some stars walk amongst us. You could be a star in someone else’s eyes without even knowing it. So always remember to remind the stars around you what they mean to you.✨ Merry Christmas everyone 💫🌟

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Jane in the jungle.🐒 Guess who shot this photo? TARZAN of course!🍃

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Endless summer in the Philippines.🏝

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