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Haven't done strength training for a while, downloaded to donuts but still never get easier coz my knees were screaming😩😬

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The best things ever happen to me!! Them💕

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We love our long walks, with the X'mas illuminations display made this walk extra special💕

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Two besties start as strangers. Living thousands miles apart worth the cost to meet themselves. Have a good trip😊

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In Rome, witness the incredible history of The Roman Colosseum. The group tour was beyond our expectations, memory of a lifetime

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we walked on the frozen lake behind us, one of our the best walks to do in the winter💑

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lay back float below the heavens in an extreme artic wetsuit in a super cold afternoon

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getting into this extreme artic wetsuit preparation to get into the frozen lake for ice floating experience🤔

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visited the reindeer farm and he decided to turn away each time we took a shot😊our wonderful guides they're amazing.

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our two beautiful wonderful guides. we enjoyed our day with them

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This is a night to remember😇pure experience. Aurora borealis unique wild authentic Lappish picnic in the Polar zone.

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Ready to go! snowmobile adventure and the silence of wilderness in the snow❤

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the sweetest dreams that come true at the Artic Circle. It's snowing too!

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Ancient, renaissance Roma❤

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iamrohayarazali. words cannot express how much happiness those sweet lovely birthday me

words cannot express how much happiness those sweet lovely birthday messages brought into my heart. My sincere thanks to all💗

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This northern light video was the very first one. The goosebumps and truly there is so exhilarating make it worth every penny. Iceland is a beautiful beautiful country no words can describe. I'll be back!

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The Northern Light in Iceland. My last visit in Dec 2017. We were so so lucky to experience this on our first trip & day.This journey is one of my must do in a lifetime.

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Our throwback Switzerland trip in 2016. A train trip from Zermatt to Le Gruyere Cheese factory we past Gstaad..a famous town turned into a winter wonderland

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