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If at first you miss a step, well you just pick yourself right back up where you left off!🙌🏼🤣😅

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Day trip to @mthighsnow ! Rather than getting Sean a Christmas gift, I got him a Christmas experience! Was so nice (and strange!) to spend the day in the snow - and still stay in Los Angeles! Plotting for a bigger ski trip (out of state is ok👌🏼!) in February for Valentines Day ... where should we go?

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And thus concludes our road trip through Eastern Europe as we head merrily back to Hamburg Airport!

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Our last stop on our trip! The romantic streets of #Rothenburg! I had no idea how to pronounce it because my mom had only talked about it in Japanese from when she had visited 40 years earlier. Every turn was a post card!🙌🏼🌷Rothenburg, well known for its well-preserved medieval old town, is part of the popular Romantic Road (or Romantic “Kaidou” as my mom called it!) that goes through southern Germany.💒 Take a Look!🌝💐

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Hohenschwangau Castle: We didn’t make it inside this one but got pretty views of it just across the way and as we came down from Neuschwanstein - this was where the family of the Mad Kjng resided, and where he grew up prior to building his own fairy tale castle on the hill adjacent. 🏰

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iloveomiee. The ever so pretty #Neuschwanstein Castle (Pronounced “No-Shvine-Stine

The ever so pretty #Neuschwanstein Castle (Pronounced “No-Shvine-Stine”) and the long but rewarding trek to the top! Fun Fact: This stunning castle was what inspired Disney to model both Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella’s castles after🏰✨

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Packed 5 people snug in our little European car - along with 5 people’s luggage! Onto the next place passing castles on the way ✨🏰

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No Kangaroos in #Austria... In Case it was ever in question. 🤣 And ”Journey to the Top!” Our expedition to the Salzburg Castle!🙌🏼🏯 SWIPE➡️ to see video! 😍

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Winter Wonderland. #Halstatt #Austria 🏔❤️🇦🇹

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Well Hellllooooo #Halstatt! #Austria 🇦🇹 Another hidden gem and adorable town ~ *Fun Fact* Did you know the Chinese fell in love with this little town so much that they built their own replica? We’ll just have to visit both to see how it holds up!

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En Route to #Austria!

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The adorable little town of #CeskyKrumlov and @sean_michael_marino waiting in the cold for all of us to finish taking pictures. 📸🙋🏻‍♀️✌🏼Can you spot @dubenkimiko ?😜

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When the sign says “Don’t Touch” and you take a photo anyway... Merry Christmas from mine to yours!

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When in Prague~🇨🇿🙌🏼!

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Having Way Too Much Fun Playing with my (German) Food! Sausage Roll, Pork Knuckle, Apple Strudel, Red Deer Goulash, Potatoes and Cheeses n all the Fix’N’s, Chimney Cakes, CURRYWURST!🙌🏼, German Breakfast, Cheese Spaetzle (not pictured) and bread, pretzels and sausages for days and days!

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