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Passover Fun!! I always have such a blast with @amy_meryll and @king_solomon42 at their a annual family #Passover #Seder! Guaranteed belly laughs, children running around, wine glasses in the air and the only time there isn’t more than one conversation going on is when we’re singing #Dayenu in unison, that you can hear echoing from the house down the driveway! Favorite moment: when the #afikomen got hidden above the ceiling fan and drove all the kids nuts trying to find it 🤣😂😅Thanks for always letting us be part of the tradition! ❤️❤️❤️

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@deejayzippa is movin on to bigger and better thangs! She’s packin’ her bags today and takin a 14 hour flight to move her life to Taiwan!😳 So excited for the adventures and life lessons she will learn - and can’t wait to follow them all on Instagram!🤣 Last night we celebrated Kelly - To the next time in Taiwan!!! w/ @onecreativeathlete & @_facetime5 ❤️

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Just a few highlights from my wonderful trip to Atlanta! So hard to choose just 10 photos to capture this trip! After years of saying I would go and visit my Cali friends that moved there, I finally did it and can’t express my gratitude enough for their incredible hospitality! In between sightseeing and solo walks it was home cooked and barbecue dinners w/ @el1105, Aquarium trips followed by seafood and old fashions w/@dylanmellott , lavender matcha’s and lil boy wrestles & snuggles w/@laurensulkis, to all night YouTube binges and Greatest Showman sing-alongs w/ @pattycammedia and @atlactor. Such a joy to keep such amazing friendships that neither time nor distance can touch ❤️ love you guys. #ATL #ThankYou 💕

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Our full #Chicago Day! Thank you Viv and Vince for hosting such a well rounded experience ! Not pictured here is the zoo, the botanical gardens, Jeni’s ice cream and the Divvy rides - not to mention loads of drooley bulldog kisses from Huey and Lionel at home! We couldn’t have asked for a better time and Can’t wait to come back 🙌🏼 !!! Thank you!!

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All Conventioned Out and Ready to Get Atta’ Heya! 😂😱😲 . . . At least till’ next #StarWarsCelebration #anaheim2020

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Star Wars Fun on Day 2 of #Celebration “Ewok”ed my world! 🤣 So much good #Cosplaying I thought I’d have heart “Palpatine”tions... ! Ok I tried 😅😝 Haha #BadDadJokes #MetaphorsBeWithYou !!

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Gentle Giant. . . . Star Wars Fun on Day 2 of #Celebration..

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Class today!!! At @dancelinela with choreo by @ayoodc ✊🏼😊🤗☺️

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Another Glorious Year down! Thank you to @batkins and @mick_hannaway and all of #CrazyBethsCrew for coordinating and hosting and creating such a fun time and opportunity to bring all of us together ! #FightMS #MSWalk2019

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The latest and the greatest! 7’x7’ Chalk Pastel on Black Tempera’d Cement! On display till it rains at @callutheran university! #LeelooDallas #Multipass #FifthElement 😍❤️😍

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If ever there was a game of... Game of Thrones ... this would be it! The dress up draft party of our GOT Fantasy... Fantasy League ! We came, we drank, we knew things, and we strategized to draft our characters as we prepare for battle when the games begin April 14! ....Aaaand then we played board games in the garden which was equally fun! 😜🙌🏼

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A lovely gathering of women and witches at @patti.negri’s Magickal home. Surrounded by beautiful, strong women (and one man💪🏼👍🏼!) the night was empowering and embracing as we “lifted the veil” and reconnected with loved ones past. We laughed, we cried, and what started as a room full of strangers quickly bonded to a group of friends as we shared stories and memories about ourselves and the people who were dear to us. We left with the comfort that our loved ones are okay, always hearing us and are always with us. ❤️

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Deep breaths and Hair Flips. #SturtevantFalls

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Boomerang + Fun + Waterfall Hike = The Perfect Recipe! #SturtevantFalls

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Sturtevant Falls in Arcadia - I had come here years ago and had the pleasure of returning with Jonathan Fisher and dear friends! I think some of my favorite surprises were the Snow White like cottages we found along the way, and teamwork and obstacles to climb over fallen trees and rocks to get across the creek 🙂 As the posted sign read: “May your search through nature... lead you to yourself”!

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@rushstreetcc ‘s #TruffleShoeStringFries ! I can’t even! 🤤🤤🤤 And a margarita?! I’m done!

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Just made this - Every home’s gotta have one!!🙌🏼 #MiscellaneousSnackBin #WhatsInThere #EverChanging

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