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..and thats just that on that. #PeriodT #AllThingsGo 📌

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💎 #FemaleRap First and only #BlackGirlMagic #Diamond #Superbass

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🎥 I had to do a double take. Rip but i thought this man was #NipseyHussle 😩😳😳😳 #TheMarathonContinues

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#NonGMO 🤞🏾

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🎥 #NipseyHussle hearing #Higher for the first time.. #FatherOfAsahd #DjKhaled

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📸 #BigSean x #LilWayne 🥶

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🎥 Everyone has been talking about should you wash your #chicken 👀👀👀👀 #Food #Cooks #Chef #Cooking #FoodPrep

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💽 #LilKim has a new album called “9” on the way and according to #wikipedia it might drop May 24th 2019. Kim’s fans ( the #BeeHive as she calls them ) pointed out the significance of the number 9 in Kim's life, including the date of her daughter's birth on June 9, and the day #Biggie died on March 9. On April 23rd of this year Kim announced the project was going to be delayed stating “ #eOne has pushed back the date of my album y'all. If you have an issue, take it up with them.” The original release date was supposed to be May 17th 2019. Hopefully her project drops soon!

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🎥 #EricHolder has been indicted for shooting rap artist #NipseyHussle and wounding 2 others on March 31st 2019 in South #LosAngeles #California. The grand jury returned the #indictment against Eric Ronald Holder Jr., 29, on 1 count of murder, 2 counts each of attempted #murder and assault with a firearm and 1 count of possession of a #firearm by a felon. The indictment, which was unsealed today May 21st 2019 and also includes allegations that Holder used a handgun Eric Holder pled not guilty today to all charges and is scheduled to return for a #pretrial hearing on June 18th 2019. Holder is accused of fatally shooting #ErmiasAsghedom, aka Nipsey Hussle, outside the rapper’s clothing store in LA. Holder left the scene and was arrested 2 days later in #Bellflower California. His bail was set at $6.53 million dollars. If convicted Holder will face a possible maximum sentence of life in state prison. (Footage shown is from the previous court date of May 10th when #ChrisDarden stepped down as prosecutor)

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Eight more than ninety two. #Drake #TheGame 💯

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🎥 #MasterP sat down for an interview recently and in one part of the interview, he spoke about bad record deals artists get into. He explained that some hot artists today have signed really terrible deals, and used #NBA #YoungBoy as an example. Master P says he checked out YoungBoy's deal, and saw he signed a $2 million deal for 5 albums. Master P said deals like that are basically a #tax write off to record labels and feels #artists "sell their soul for a 360 deal that they have no #knowledge of.” 👀👀👀

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🎥 #ChrisBrown feat #NickiMinaj and #GEazy - #WobbleUp —— Watch in full on McFatWasHere.com ⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️ LINK IN BIO 🔴 #newvideo #WobbleUpVideo

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📚 #Immortal

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Straight to hell 🤣✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾 #McDonalds #Anointed #PraiseBreak 🚮

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#Align Read it twice ✌🏾

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🎥 Correct the #CAP please! 🧢 Niggas get in the booth and it turns into the Imagination Station 🥴 I’ma hold yall responsible.. 🤞🏾 #Rappers and #Producers ⬅️

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🥵 #MOM 💦 #WobbleUp

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🎥 #KodakBlack is in a bit of a bind. 🥴According to TMZ, Federal prosecutors say they have evidence of linking Kodak to a shooting that happened in March. The incident allegedly took place near #PompanoBeach #Florida. The report says that #Kodak could have played a direct role in the shooting, and they also say his #fingerprints figure on the gun that "jammed up" in the heat of the moment. Prosecutors say they also found a #Porsche #Panamera (rented out to Kodak that week) abandoned about 14 miles from the scene, that was destroyed. Investigators then downloaded the car’s (GPS) navigational system and were then able to place the car within the Golden Acres neighborhood when the shooting took place. The #Feds say they have witnesses. A licensed gun #dealer in Florida provided authorities with a transcript of Kodak’s purchase records at the store, indicating the sale of 3 weapons, and over 100 rounds of #ammunition. Kodak’s attorney #BradfordCohen has cancelled the authenticity of these claims and said .."Witnesses came forward to us as well and stated they did not see Kodak Black at the scene that night," ..Hopefully Kodak can get things straight!

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