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🚨 #MikeWiLLMadeIt revealed the tracklist for his upcoming #CreedII: The Album. Mike has teased the project for a while and hinted at who will appear on the album. It has been confirmed #LilWayne, BonIver, SlimJxmmi, #ScHoolboyQ, #2Chainz, #Nas, #RickRoss, #YoungThug, #SwaeLee, #JCole, #Pharrell, #KendrickLamar, #KodakBlack, #Quavo, #GucciMane, #YG, Trouble, #JuicyJ, #ASAPROCKY, #ASAPFERG, #NickiMinaj, #Gunna, VinceStaples, #EllaMai, #CrimeMobb, #TessaThompson, #AmaLou, EEARZ, and AriLennox will be on the project. The #movie is set to release November 21st..will you be there? - #McFatWasHere

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I still haven’t purchased fake followers and likes like many people and I wont. I still believe in the stairs vs the elevator. I never understood why people would want to conform to a “perception is everything” lifestyle. I know it must suck sometimes when you have to log in your social media platform and know that what you are doing...is a lie. Lol 😩 I’m on my way to 5,000. LEGIT...say it with me LEGIT. It’s not like the rest of us dont know you’re cheating your way 🤷🏽‍♀️ but to each his/her own...right? 😘 - McFatWasHere

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🚨🎥 Looks like #WakaFlocka wants to reunite with #GucciMane. 👀👀👀 You here for it??? - #McFatWasHere

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🚨🎥 Would you let your girl wipe #RKelly off at a performance? 😩😂 - #McFatWasHere

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🚨🏀 Reports say #CarmeloAnthony may have played his final game for the #HoustonRockets. A few sources from the team said #Carmelo had been out for the last two games from an “illness.” Anthony has only played 10 games in the season and has averaged 13 points and 5 rebounds per game. The alleged info comes after Carmelo signed to the #Rockets with a 1 year veteran’s minimum deal of $2.4 million. Anthony was previously bought out of his contract by the #AtlantaHawks. - #McFatWasHere

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🚨🎥 Review: #TravisScottConcert #WishYouWereHereTour ➡️ Over the weekend I got a chance to go to a #TravisScott concert. My friend and I had planned on going ever since we heard about it months ago. The concert was in #Raleigh #NorthCarolina at the #PNCARENA. Now, lets get into sum thangz 😜...first of all..the concert was supposed to start at 7:30pm. My friend and I arrived early, it was chilly outside and rainy. We paid $20 parking which was expected! Upon parking we found out there was a delay due to production being set up.. and the doors would open at 9pm. Not too bad I guess..we were just ready to party! Instead of waiting outside in line..like many others had since 5pm lol..we sat in the car and waited...in some heat! We checked updates frequently but did not hear much from the PNC Arena. We decided to ask people who were going back to their cars. They told us they were going to wait too.. The worst thing was we barely had service on our phones in the parking lot. Anytime we got a bar or two on our phones we were checking updates. It was now after 10pm and we were still in the car waiting..some folks decided to leave. We paid decent money so we were down for the wait. Around 10:23pm I called a friend who I knew was attending and he said he was inside and just slipped thru the door! We got out the car ..ran for a line that was moving quickly and got in FAST! 🤟🏾 First thing we did was get in line at the concession stand to grab food 😩 ($38 dollars) two steak sandwiches and two waters. Unbelievable ..but we paid it..we were prepared 😎. The sandwiches were NASTY AF so we just ate the fries with ketchup to put something on our stomachs 😩. The show started at about 12:01am and was probably the best concert Ive ever been to...minus the food and drinks. The entire arena was LIT AF and even at the top where we chose to sit the party was still rockin like we were on the floor! At the part you see in the video above during #NoBystanders everybody including myself screamed “FUCK THE CLUB UP!” until we just about lost out voices. Best part EVER! Would I do it again and wait that long? YES! WORTH IT! We went to #Astroworld 🚀🚀🤟🏾😜😎😎 - #McFatWasHere

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🚨 #JuelzSantana looks a bit different here right? Well #TheDiplomats dropped a new video called #SauceBoyz. You can watch that video on McFatWasHere.com (link in bio) 😉. In the video Juelz can be seen playing the back until his verse. The #rapper is missing two front teeth and addressed the situation on #TRL, revealing that many of his teeth were missing. Clearly he now has #veneers. Of course #50cent had to chime in on his instagram and said ... “Damn it Mmaaannn just say no to drugs. This is going to far now. No teeth Jesus Christ Positive vibes” - 50 cent “Right now I want you to thank God for the small things you have in your life that are great you know like your teeth. That Lean aint no joke. Positive vibes.” - 50 cent - #McFatWasHere

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🎥🚨 #NickiMinaj won #BestFemaleArtist and #AlbumOfTheYear #Queen) at the #PeoplesChoiceAwards extending her record as the most awarded female #rapper ever. She now holds the title for the most #billboard entries (101) by any woman in the history of music. The title was previously held by #ArethaFranklin. She performed #GoodForm and #Dip with #Tyga on stage. During her acceptance speeches #Nicki gave a flirty shoutout to #MichaelBJordan and dedicated one award to #KimKardshian and her ass which was sitting lovely in a dress she wore. - #McFatWasHere

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🚨 The #BlackPanther actor #ChadwickBoseman is the #MaleMovieStar of 2018 at the #PeoplesChoiceAwards. “I'm incredibly grateful for this award for #FavoriteMaleActor. I have to thank god, thank my parents," Boseman said “I also want to thank you, the people for giving me this award." “This #film was one where we knew we had the opportunity to give something special to the people," “My #director, my fellow #actors and myself, we discussed what that #opportunity was on a day to day basis." "All of our research, our training and our #work went into it for you, so I accept this and appreciate it from the bottom of my heart," “Thank you so much and I have to say, #WakandaForever." 🖤 - #McFatWasHere

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🚨 #Drake and #PushaT have allegedly squashed their #beef, but it looks like the issue almost started up again as “Fuck Drake” was shown across the screen behind Pusha T’s set recently at a #TylertheCreatorCamp festival caled #FlogGnaw. #Pusha jumped on #Twitter to address the situation, and said “Corny ass tech dude fucking with my screens at @CampFlogGnaw, I speak for myself, and all of you know how I make my statements!! Dissing anybody on screen isn’t part of my show... Otherwise great #festival, thanx @tylerthecreator for having me out.” Was this a stunt?? - #McFatWasHere

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🚨 A HipHop executive by the name of #JimmyHenchman is going to spend the rest of his life behind bars. #Henchman was convicted last year of the murder of a #GUnit affiliate. Last week, James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond received 2 consecutive life sentences for ordering a hit on one of 50 Cent’s former associates, Lowell #LodiMack Fletcher in 2007. Henchmans’ 14 year old son was assaulted by “Lodi Mack” and GUnit associate #TonyYayo. It is said that Rosemond ordered a hit to retaliate on Lodi a few weeks after his release from prison in September 2009. Tony Yayo and “Lodi Mack” were both convicted for the attack. Tony Yayo only received 10 days of community service and Lodi’s got a 2 year sentence. After his sentencing, Rosemond wrote an open letter to talk about his trial, the accusations and his murder conviction. Do you remember the lyrics from Against All Odds by Tupac Shakur? “Promised a payback, Jimmy Henchman, in due time. I knew you bitch niggas was listening, The World is Mine. Set me up, wet me up, niggas stuck me up. Heard the guns bust, but you tricks never shut me up!” - #Tupac / #AgainstAllOdds - #McFatWasHere

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You already know! #Astroworld 🚀 🤟🏾🤟🏾 the party NEVER ends‼️ 😎😎

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🚨👀 #MeekMill announces his new album is coming this month‼️ - #McFatWasHere

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Now you see me, now you don’t. Like Jamie Foxx actin like Ray Charles. 😎👋🏽😘 #Tbt

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🎥 #YellaBeezy drops a new video that was shot from his #hospital bed titled #SinnersPrayer 🙏🏿 Watch now.. on McFatWasHere.com ‼️ Link in bio 🚨

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