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History sticks...

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I like to keep the cups I pour out of to maybe repurpose for other art projects. I cut out the bottoms of the cups and put some resin on them. Not sure what I'll do with these, but they look neat :P

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Happy V day!!

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I tried mixing UV powder with resin tonight. Wow, it did not turn out good lol. I'm not even going to post a video. But facepalming some of the powder at least looks interesting... 😋 . Probably gonna stick with acrylic in the future.

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I added a few more colors than usual to this one ;) . Music: Suduaya - Tantra.

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Some close ups on a new fluid painting. I'll post the video in a few days ;)

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MirrorLab fun with one of my fluid paints as the base image

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One method I use for relaxing... Fluorescent fluid painting. Each time is almost like a scratch off lotto ticket lol. ;) . Music by Tipper.

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I haven't made a new painting in about a month. It felt nice making this one tonight. Not sure if I'm a big fan of this method of pouring though. Still looks cool under blacklight.

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Did a little string art using fluorescent fishing line.

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Making fractal art from fluid paintings

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2018 was a pretty awesome year for making art ;)

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Last post for 2018. It's been one hell of a year. Thanks to everyone who has followed and supported me through this year! As for the things in this post, I got them at a hobby store and repainted them. I'm not sure what you would call them lol. But they hang on a wall and you can put stuff in them. Happy New years!

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After seeing so many ads about "glow rings" that usually cost $100+ , I tried to make my own as cheaply as I could. I made these 2 for about $10. They don't glow in the dark, but they are quite bright under a blacklight. I'm pretty pleased with them considering how cheap of a project this was. This is just fluorescent spray paint with a clear coat.

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Just having some fractal fun. Source image is one of my past paintings.

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Thank you to everyone who follows and supports my artwork. I really appreciate it. I haven't been able to post as often due to getting a full time job recently. But I plan to post at least once a week. Music by Tipper

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I haven't had an Xmas tree in a long time... So I decided to get one. It's made of white plastic and only 3 feet tall. RGB LEDs light it up nicely ;)

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A little bathroom bling 💎

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