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Just having some fractal fun. Source image is one of my past paintings.

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Thank you to everyone who follows and supports my artwork. I really appreciate it. I haven't been able to post as often due to getting a full time job recently. But I plan to post at least once a week. Music by Tipper

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I haven't had an Xmas tree in a long time... So I decided to get one. It's made of white plastic and only 3 feet tall. RGB LEDs light it up nicely ;)

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A little bathroom bling 💎

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Fluid painting. Making an Xmas present for a friend :) Music by Tipper.

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Fluorescent fluid painting. Music by Tipper.

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Frequency. Fluid Painting. Up on my Etsy store.

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Recent lighting project all done. Seeds of the Sacred Tree (from Avatar).

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Bubblegum Galaxy. Been feeling a bit down lately. But working on fluorescent art always helps me feel a little better. 💖

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I like making tiny dots...

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Playing with a different technique. Music by Tipper.

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Really love the colors in this one. Used "color shifting" paints. So the colors actually change a bit depending on what angle you are looking at it.

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jesse.genesis. Animated fractal art with the base image being one of my fluid paintin

Animated fractal art with the base image being one of my fluid paintings. Just playing around for fun.

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Haven't done a fluorescent pour in a while. Enjoy ;)

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Source image is one of my fluid paintings. Then used a software that creates a 3d mesh mapping based off the details of the image, then you mess with the vector points of the mapping to do things like this. It takes a little while to render.

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Fractalized fluid painting fun

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RGB-Gold Fluid Painting.

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Aquatic gold fluid painting.

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