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This has too much red in it for my tastes, but I figured I'd share it anyways.

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Experimenting with some different methods of fluid painting lately

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I finished this one a month ago but forgot to post it

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Making a cat effigy

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A sign a made last month for a group camping event I go to once a year.

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Just doing my thing...

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This one looks SO different under #blacklight. Swipe to see.

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New wearable LED project I've been working on

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UV flip cup pour

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A recent comission. 4x3ft canvas. Doing pours of this size is much different than my normal vinyl records. More experience is always good though!

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UV wall decor finally finished and mounted.

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A few months ago I started working on this to be a gift to one of my friends who's kitty passed away recently. I like how it turned out.

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UV blacklight wall decor project I recently finished.

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Pour painting: Toilet seat lid (Comission)

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A work in progress...

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Doing a color test run for a client.

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Did some art on my girlfriends face!

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I forgot to include this in the last post. This painting does something a little extra when you turn the lights off ;)

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