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October sky over Greenwich Village. This is my favorite time of year to be in the city

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On the lookout for seasonal stoops 🎃

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Sunset rays bouncing through Chinatown 🌅

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Chasing golden autumn light through the village

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New York is slowly starting to show its fall colors 🍁

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Visited the gorgeous @gardnermuseum on my recent visit in Boston. Stepping into the courtyard is such a surprise since it feels like you’re in a Venetian palace rather than chilly New England.

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Cozy nights in Brooklyn by historic waterfront warehouses

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Sunset glow over the Empire State 🌅

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Timeless design details in Flatiron

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New York skyline views 🌆 Swipe to turn on the sunset

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Started off my Sunday morning by waking up before sunrise and biking down to the Brooklyn Bridge to capture sunrise. Seeing the first light hit the bridge is something I never get tired of.

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Next stop: Brooklyn 🎢

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