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Golden hour over the downtown skyline. From the other night photographing from the Manhattan bridge with @kevinwonka

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SoHo - Caste Iron Historic District

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While walking around Financial District, it never hurts to look up.

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Postcards from New York - glowing Broadway

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Timeless urban details around Rockefeller Center.

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Snowfall in Soho ❄️ Things slow down for just a moment.

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So many extraordinary spaces hiding among New York City’s endless streets.

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Radiant lights of Lower Manhattan.

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Rooftop hopping 🏙 Skyline views last night from East Village

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Times Square looks a little better from up here. I feel so lucky to live in this city and do what I love.

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Architectural details captured during my favorite time of day in Soho. The caste iron facades and glow from the shops always get me.

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Got to revisit some of my favorite spots while in Boston this past weekend. Beacon Hill is hard to beat for its charm and history.

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