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Recent shoots with this jet @kcbauer for @finnsbali 💪🏽

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But where shall we sit? Shot for the new upcoming @finnsvipbeachclub - Want to see more? Check out their IG account for the exclusive insight ⚡️ #finnsbeachclub #finnsvipbeachclub

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When the tropics & the gangstas unite🔥

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To the moon bruhh @yuki_yamaguchi_ grab the low down on the story @jaranpantic @afends

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jucheyproductions. Afternoon flow at @finnsbeachclub

Afternoon flow at @finnsbeachclub

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Go beyond what you see, look further, travel longer, commit to your instincts and find those dream moments. Author & images @jaranpantic ⚡️

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Don’t die wondering ⚡️ Yet another cracking mission #jucheyproductions

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What ya reckons over the next bay lads?

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The Grower - Desert Point Lombok 7.7.18 - ENJOY THE MIND SURF #jucheyproductions

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The Penida Seperachie 📸 @jaranpantic

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Sunset sessions with @lottiemaymcleod #finnsbeachclub

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Hello followers, this is me. Not often do you see me, usually carrying on on the other side of the lens. None the less here’s a quick hello and a huge thank you for your support. Slowly this ride and vision is growing into something that I am extremely excited about. Sit back, lock in and watch this space. Note from the author - There is no reason to hide from the world. What ever it is you are wanting to do, do it with passion, stand out, it is truely up to you! Thanks for cool shots @rhianneelise #jucheyproductions ⚡️

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NEW KID ON THE BLOCK ⚡️Chasing it with this fiery one @rhianneelise & @desertislandmedia 🔥 📸 @jaranpantic

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Massive thanks to @wsl & @komune for bringing the heat to Bali 🔥 Huge congratulations to the champions @lakeypeterson & @italoferreira on their individual wins. Here is a compilation of the final day ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️📸 @jaranpantic

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HUGE CONGRATS @lakeypeterson Ripping it up and repping it for the women of surfing 🔥 Finals day in Kermaus is ON!!! @wsl @corona

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The ocean on the Bukit had a very unusual calmness to it today! So we took the opportunity to capture her in some her finest high tide poses 🙏🏽🌴📸 @jaranpantic

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Now here’s a couple of Sunday session go’ers in the tropics. Caught em mid frame. Back at ya #finnsbeachclub

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Somewhere deep in the Balinese jungle 🔥🌴 @jaranpantic

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