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What a perfect way to start the day☕️ Already miss you sunny Barcelona! ☀️

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Fell in love with Barcelona🥰☀️

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Second day in Barcelona well spent ✨ First La Sagrada Família and after a quick break we went to a Café to eat something 🤤 (have a look at my story to see moreee). Strolling around cute streets is actually my favorite thing to do here🏘 Have you eben to Barcelona? What was your favorite thing to do here?🙌🏼

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I hope you’ve had a great Sunday🌷

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Your life isn’t yours if you constantly care about what others think💭

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On Wednesday’s we wear pink 🎀 Soo summer is coming and that’s why I decided to shred a little bit! 😌I already lost some fat and I feel like that’s enough for now because I don’t want to loose too much of my booty 🍑😂 My abs are coming through slowly and I just feel more comfortable in my body when I’m a little more defined in summer🌞 Do you shred for summer? Or just stay the same? Or bulk? Comment down below 🤗

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People with passion make the impossible possible ✨

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Stop yourself from stopping yourself 🦋 -Werbung The fanny bag that I’m wearing is from @nakdfashion I did a Na-kd haul in my story today where I linked everything 🤗 Also you can get 15% off of everything with the discount code Juliette15🦋

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What did you train today? 😌 I trained back today 💪🏼 Hope you’ve had a great and productive day 🤗

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Hope you are having great Easter days!🐰🌸 The weather is soo beautiful and all I’ve done is tanning and eating 😂 not complaining though 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Strive for progress not perfection ✨

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Happy Wednesday 🖤

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Do what you want, have a goal, work for it, stand up if you fall, don’t listen to what other people say, just do you and then you’ll shine🌸✨

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Throwback to my old room 🙃 Hope you’ve had a good start into this week.. felt really tired today so I rested, hope I won’t get sick 🙄

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How many times a week do you workout? I go to the gym 5 sometimes even 6 times a week. I just need it🤷🏼‍♀️ If i wouldn’t go I’d be jumping around all day and I’d go crazy with all my engergy 😂 Also It’s really good for your mental health not only your physical.😇

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Frühlingsgefühle 🌸🕊

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