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A #BEAUTIFUL day bEginS with a #BEAUTIFUL mindset. When you wake up, take a second to think about what a privilege it is to simply be #ALIVE & #HEALTHY. Time spent living is time worth appreciating...♥🐘

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karienvanderwal. Today I want to brag a little bit with one of my previous  challenge -

Today I want to brag a little bit with one of my previous challenge - entrants...This is @DanicaBarnard .I asked her to give me a short testimony on her experience with the 12 week challenge thus far...and this is what she had to say : . ." When I first decided to start losing weight I started looking for a trainer that can really make a difference in my life not just help me physically but emotionally.. I saw Karien post on Facebook her challenge winners and I thought.. I will never be able to diet for three months cause I can't even do the 28 day diet.. So I started talking to her and I just got more and more excited about this.. On January 7th our challenge started.. The first week.. Well we all know how it goes you're all pumped and motivated.. I thought I will only see results when I'm done... January 13th I weighed and was stunned, I lost 1.2kg that week.The mealplan Karien gave us was very simple and easy to follow.I couldnt believe I ate so well and so much and I still lost weight.I never felt hungry. I decided that I won't give up and that I will finish this and give it my all... Karien has motivated and stood by me this whole time.. We are almost done and I've already lost so much weight that my smallest pants are now my biggest.. Thank you Karien for all your motivation and guidance. Thank you for being my inspiration.. Thank you for helping me feel better about myself." . WELL DONE DANICA...I AM EXTREMELY PROUD OF YOU ♥👊..If you also want to make a change in your life like Danica did...why not enter my next challenge starting 1 April . .You have absolutely nothing to lose but FAT 😂🤣

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Cheers to life...Embrace uncertainty.Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won't have a title until much later. #stories #mylife #lovEyourSelf #mymasterpiece❣️

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karienvanderwal. If something is important to you...you will MAKE the timE to do it....

If something is important to you...you will MAKE the timE to do it....AS a personal trainer and fitnESs instructor I've heard all the many lame excuses there is 😂😂...The honest truth is...most people are just to damn lazy to #makeTHEchange .They want instant results and quick fixes.... Well,let me explain to you why quick fixes and crash diets don't work...and usually end up in you picking up even MORE weight afterwards.You see....most quick fixes and crash diets are very low in protein and carbs....and no fats...So you basically live on veggies and salads🙈🙈🙈...That causes your muscle tissue to break down.The lower your muscle % is...the less fat your body burns... (Most of you don't know this...but muscle repairing burns fat😨)....You will lose is cm's and in size while you are doing these stuipid crash diets (remember to do In-Body-scans rather)....but nobody can eat like that forever. ...so the moment you start eating normal again...your body starts storing the food as fat.You now also have less muscle than before.. so your body doesn't burn as much fat anymore. ...and you pick up twice as much 😢🙈....So instead of trying to lose a few cm's for a short term goal...think long term....think healthier lifestyle changes and think PERMANENT....Its not for the NOW.. its forEVER.... If anyone is interested in learning more about how to lose weight the healthy PERMANENT way... feel free to inbox me💓🌼🌷❤ #usnsa #usnathlete #makethechange #weightlossjourney #motivation #fitness #fitmom #youcandoit #bikiniathlete #IFBB #growingmuscles #supplements #healthyliving #fitgirls #healtyfood

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Nothing better than new bikinis 😎🏖👙

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Before I became a fitnESs professional ,a USN face of fitness cover model search finalist and then all conquering Fitness bikini stage diva and earner my Protea status as bodybuilder, I also struggled with the same struggles you do....babies,work,stress and a body I hated...so trust me when I say...I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL !!! .  Do you need help with setting up your diet and routine for your goals? Contact me on 0729964042 or email karienvdwal101@gmail.com . As your trainer and lifestyle coach I am dedicated to: . -Sky Rocket Your Confidence -Allowing You To Destroy Any Goal -Give You A Life Changing Experience That'll Leave You Motivated & Inspired -Destroy FAT Without Having To Avoid Your Favorite Foods -  Effortlessly Create The Perfect Training And Nutrition Plan That's Right For Your Goals -Quickly Achieve The Body Of Your Dreams Help you STOP Worrying About Your Weight My clients are REAL PEOPLE WITH REAL RESULTS. @ballito_ringside_gym . photocredit @seanlevitt

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karienvanderwal. Nothing behinde you (good or bad) definES who you are TODAY...Stand ta

Nothing behinde you (good or bad) definES who you are TODAY...Stand tall and believe with all your heart that the bESt is yet to come...♥🐘 #IFBB #WorldChampionships2018 #SPAINtrip #barcelona #BBSA #SAchamp

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karienvanderwal. True lovE meanS it's not about myself...not what I get out of it,but w

True lovE meanS it's not about myself...not what I get out of it,but what can I put into it...Its a choice. . Love is not what you do..Love is what you are.If you are love,then there is nothing to seek.But because you consider love to be an action,you will always be looking for a reaction,reciprocation.That is NOT love...that is selfishness...thats bussiness .Love has no motive or agenda and makes no demands...has no bottom line...it just loves no matter what♥🐘

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My girl 😉🖤

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karienvanderwal. Well done @kieriewiets0406 on your two gold medals today....Super prou

Well done @kieriewiets0406 on your two gold medals today....Super proud of you....Hard work and perseverance always pays off. 🙌😊👊....I love you sooooo much😘😘😘😘

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#Beachvibes #beachworkout @fitbandsza ....to order your fitband go to http://byfitfarmgirl.com/shop/ . If you're serious about building booty....🤔🍑 . ONLINE TRAINING If you need help to lose weight,contact me on 0729964042 and join my online training program .You will get a video like this for each day of the week....meaning u get 6 videos ...Monday to Saturday....I send you new workouts every month...so you repeat your workouts for 4 weeks only. I also send you a mealplan...I do adjust the mealplan as we move along and work towards your goals...my mealplans are very easy and healthy...I dont bieve in cutting out any foodgroups...unless off course u have allergies or just dislike certain foods.

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I wonder what is worse...children scared of the dark or grown ups scared of the light... . Why are we so comfortable with our fears and making up excuses for our inadequacies when in fact we are made to be powerful beyond measure 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 photo credit @williebotesphoto

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karienvanderwal. Accept responsibility for your life...realise its up to YOU to get wha

Accept responsibility for your life...realise its up to YOU to get what you want. . Start by taking care of yourself and changing to a healthier lifestyle....the benefits are ENDLESS. . Not only will the quality of your daily health get better...you will have more confidence to function better and enjoy an fuller and happier life and learn to function optimally. . ENTER MY "FAT-TO-FIT" CHALLENGE starting 1April 2019 . Here is what to expect,prizes you guys can win and all the info you need to enter... 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃 * 1st place *CASH prize *pair of Liquidsalt active wear tights *USN hamper *Hair salon voucher worth R800 *Fitband hamper *3 month online training contract with me *2nd place *CASH prize *Fitband hamper *USN hamper *2 month online training contract with me *3rd place *CASH prize *Fitband hamper *USN hamper *1 month online training contract with me HOW TO ENTER : Send the phrase " fat-to-fit" plus your name  to 0729964042 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪 Entry fee is a once off payment of R800 ( R400 my existing online- and personal clients) .Further details will be send via wattsapp on reply of your phrase-message...ENTRIES CLOSE 12PM : 29 March Challenge starts 1April and ends 30 July It promises to be the first step towards a fitter,happier and healthier YOU !😁🤗 Here is what to expect during the 12 week challenge: 🍓You will receive 3 personalised  meal plans to help and guide you towards your specific goals ( 1 for each 4-week mark) ❤You will receive 12 weeks of online training,help and support from me. 💪You will receive a full body workout in the form of videos with complete instructions ( homeworkouts/gymworkouts depending on your preference) 🍥You will receive a USN supplement guide to assist you in getting the most out of you workouts and help you towards your specific and personal goals. WHAT I EXPECT FROM YOU : I will form a group on whatsapp and explain everything once off in more detail...but basically I need 3 "before" pics from you ( front ,side and back)...holding a newspaper with the printed date visible ( this is just to assure nobody cheats by using old pictures 😂😂I will also need 2 In-Body scans from you ( one in the beginning

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3 fun exercisES to do anywhere anytime...all you need is one of these loop bands...if you dont have one,use some old bicycle inner tubes ....Enjoy 😁😋 . #Beachvibes #beachworkout #ballitotrainers #ballitofitness @liquidsaltwear

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karienvanderwal. EveryonE knowS that 80% of your success to lose weight depends on your

EveryonE knowS that 80% of your success to lose weight depends on your DIET !!! . I hear it all the time..."I train so hard so that I can eat whatever I want"😂🤣🙄🙄🙄...I can't roll back my eyes further in my heard...like SERIOUSLY?????? Who are you trying to fool ?...You sound like 80% of the people in gym...they still look EXACTLY like they did 1 year ago🙈🙈🙈 . YOU CAN NEVER OUT TRAIN A BAD DIET...OK !?!?!...Just buy my cook book and reveal the body you work so hard for🤷....and I PROMISE its not boring and its really yummy😍😍😍😍😍😍 . contact me on 0729964042...

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karienvanderwal. #Fitmoms #Fitlife #bESpecial #lovEyourSelf #challengeyourself 
This is

#Fitmoms #Fitlife #bESpecial #lovEyourSelf #challengeyourself This is why I love what I do 😁😀😍🤗....I asked some of my challenge winnErS to share their experiences with me....and this is what Ben En Mechelle Venter had to say.... . Hi everyone! I am Mechelle, a stay at home wife and a mom of two daughters 11 and 7 years old. I have always liked fitness but had to do it at an amateur level. reason for that is mom life prohibited me from really getting in to the fitness rhythm. It was time to do something for myself. That is when I entered Karien’s Summer challenge in 2018. My struggles were to make time and think outside the box for equipment (not being at a gym made it a bit difficult). But after a while you get into a rhythm and everything fell into place. The biggest difference I saw at about 8 weeks was that my body started to change. I could see new muscles and definition started to show. It was not only the physical changes but the mental ones to that started to improve, I was more energetic, my mood improved, I got mentally stronger and I increased confidence. I also entered the Summer Superbodies transformation. Never have I even thought about doing something like that. But I did. It was completely out of my comfort zone but thanks to Karien, she calmed me and made me feel like part of a family. I could not belief that I came therd in the summer challenge. It was hard work but so worth it. It really helped me to look at fitness in a whole new light. Karien is such an inspiration. She knows all the struggles and how to overcome it. She is not only a coach but a friend as well.

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karienvanderwal. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @__kezzie__wal

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @__kezzie__wal

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