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Life is NOW 🤗 have more fun 😋laugh more 🤪 be spontaneous 🥳love ❤️ feel 🥰 release your inner child 👶🏻 and enjoy your own unique journey 💜🙌🏻😘 #KarinaKapris #myDubai

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Surviving hot summer in #myDubai 🥵🤗❤️ #KarinaKapris

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🐶🥰 the cutest 🥰 #KarinaKapris #myDubai

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When I decided to be more authentic and show my inner self to the world 😅👸🏻😘❤️ make up @nadia_alkarbi hair and photo @hana.alkarbi #KarinaKapris #myDubai

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Your greatest responsibility is to LOVE yourself and to know you are enough 🥰😘 beautiful make up 💄by @nadia_alkarbi 💇🏻‍♀️hair and 📸photo @hana.alkarbi #KarinaKapris #myDubai

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karina.kapris. Now I’m having soft silky skin like a dolphin 🐬 thanks to #laserhairr

Now I’m having soft silky skin like a dolphin 🐬 thanks to #laserhairremoval 🥰 I trust only professional therapist @zvezda9977 🥰❤️ @sansayaclinic 👍🏻😘 always happy to visit 😘❤️ and I love hair bleaching procedure for the soft baby hair on hands and mustache #KarinaKapris #myDubai

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Not one in a million kind of girl👩🏻... Once in a lifetime kind of woman 👸🏻❤️ backstage from today’s shooting with talented team 💄@nadia_alkarbi 💇🏻‍♀️📸@hana.alkarbi #KarinaKapris #myDubai

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In the end - all that matters is how deep we loved 🥰❤️ heart full of love is doomed to be happy 🥰❤️😘 #KarinaKapris #myDubai

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Any relationship- is a mutual development 🥰👍🏻📈 or a mutual degradation 👎🏻📉 If one is moving forward and the other is staying still - people are separating ✂️. This is a LOW ☝🏼❤️ #KarinaKapris #Santorini

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#VEGAN 🚨 let me share with you my SECRET 🤫 ❤️I used to be vegan, #vegeterian 🌱 #rawVEGAN 🥑🥦🥬 for the last 3,5 years 🧘🏻‍♀️ I felt so good in my body following plant based nutrition 🥰 the feeling of waking up in the morning full of energy, feeling so light and fresh inside ✅💪🏻 but at the same time it led me to #compulsiveovereating 🤢 and #bulimia 🤮❌⛔️ I straggled from it for more than 1,5 years with temporary ups that led back to downs. 🥺😣 It was a long way to accept that the only RIGHT nutrition - is THE INTUITIVE NUTRITION 🙇🏻‍♀️♻️✅🥰 YOUR body knows what it needs, you just have to listen to it and love it👂🏻🥰 STOP putting labels 🏷 on yourself by naming your NUTRITION ❌, putting tags of who you ARE! ❤️ that’s the new level of LOVING yourself and LOVING your body❤️ - is to be FREE of brainwashed🧠 society that tells you 🗣 what is THE RIGHT and what is THE WRONG for you ✅♾❌ if you feel great having only veggies🥗🥦 - that’s GREAT go for it!🥳🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏻‍♀️I always loved meat 🥩 and it was hard for me to exclude steaks from my nutrition. ❌🥩I didn’t miss anything as much 🥺as I missed steaks and cold cuts 🥩🥓🌯🤪 If at some point you want a piece of bread 🥖 but cant allow it cuz it contains egg 🥚 ; or you want pizza 🍕 but can’t have cheese 🧀 ; or you want hot dog 🌭 or burger 🍔 and get yourself a vegan alternative just BECAUSE you’ve TAGGED 🗣🙇🏻‍♂️🙇🏻‍♀️🏷 yourself as VEGAN then you’re definitely don’t love yourself 🙇🏻‍♀️💔🙇🏻‍♂️, you LOVE what PEOPLE think of you🤔, what YOU represent😎, YOU LOVE THE LABEL 🏷 You CAN be ANYTHING and ANYONE and you DONT NEED a LABEL 🏷 ❌ eat what your body wants with LOVE 💕 even if you really LOVE following plant based nutrition 🌱- having once in a while some egg, dairy or meat will only benefit your body🥰, your body will know that you LOVE it and you listen to it ❤️😘 #nutrition #food #label #labels #tag #loveyourbody ❤️ #KarinaKapris #plantbased #plant

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Most probably when you thought you weren’t good enough, you were actually too good 😘❤️ #KarinaKapris #myDubai

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You smell like LOVE ❤️ #AldoUAE #KarinaKapris #myDubai

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