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The IDENTITY competition asked for pieces of work that relate to identity and self-expression, when I saw the brief I instantly knew what I would submit. • I wrote a short piece about the balance of jewellery and architecture in my work, but also about how we are often defined by our careers. And, if yours doesn't fit into a nice easily definable box, how does that reflect not just what you do, but also your sense of self. Personally, what I do and who I am are beyond tangled and feel like the same thing...which can be tricky!! • If you're still here (well done!) Voting is open for the IDENTITY competition, if you'd like to support my jewellery/architecture the link in my bio - thanks! • #identity #wearablearchitecture #handmadeoxford

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Sooo, these C01 rings have been shortlisted for the @handmadebritain IDENTITY award! I've seen the other designers that have been shortlisted...and I'm totally blown away to be in their company 😳 ! You can see them all - and most importantly vote for your favourite (🤞) at the link in my bio!!! • #identity #handmadeoxford #publicvote

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Even though things in the studio have been really busy recently, I feel like I've dropped the Instagram ball, so to get things rolling again here's some bangles... There's lots of exciting stuff coming soon and I promise that I will actually share it all on here and not be a stranger! • #wearablearchitecture #bangles #contemporaryjewellery

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Sending out a massive order of C01 pieces to a new stockist today - can't wait to share with you where...watch this space! • #wearablearchitecture #geometricdesign #jewelleryflatlay

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Some outtakes from the shoot for this month's @ion_magazine (I finally got my hands on a copy this week). This basket bag might be next on my wish list... • Photography: @annaisolacrolla Stylist: @afonsov.styling Model: @zarialazare @modelteamscotland Makeup: @fionapark.mua Hairstylist: @emmadiamondhair#fashioneditorial #wearablearchitecture #beigeaesthetic

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I've been working on a HUGE order. 46 pieces done, 16 left to go... It's been really lovely to have an excuse to do nothing but make this last wee while! • #wearablearchitecture #countingdown #flatlay

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I'm really excited to have been selected to be a part of the @craftscotland Summer Show in Edinburgh. Definitely check out their page for the details of everyone taking part - it's an amazing line up! • #edsummershow #edinburghfestival #contemporarycraft

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Components: It's been a weekend in the studio (which I promised not to do as my new years resolution), but I've now got a stack of these C01 rings to show for it. • #components #statementearrings #wearablearchitecture

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This week in the studio has mostly been about necklaces - both long and short versions, I think the long ones are my favourite, what about you? • #necklaces #wearablearchitecture #linearjewellery

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Super excited to see the C01 earrings in this month's @ion_magazine. Loving everything about these photos, I'm definitely ready for some Spring fashion! • Photography: @annaisolacrolla Stylist: @afonsov.styling Model: @zarialazare @modelteamscotland Makeup: @fionapark.mua Hairstylist: @emmadiamondhair

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Next up in the studio is C01 drop earrings, the slant on the openings in the middle of these is definitely my favourite thing about them... • #dropearrings #itsallinthedetails #wearableachitecture

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Sending out a collection to new stockist, super excited to see the new @logan_malloch shop on Leith Walk - opening soon. • #comingsoon #flatlay #madeinscotland

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Tail Fin necklaces are making an unexpected comeback - thank you so much to everyone who's ordered online recently! X • #tailfin #comeback #contemporaryjewellery

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Phew, the weekend has mostly been spent on C01 necklaces, and somehow I've still not finished them all...so that's next week sorted then... • #wearableachitecture #contemporaryjewellery #planningmyweek

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Each and every necklace fastening is handmade in the studio. Today has felt like a fastening production line, which is a super satisfying end to the week...and definitely deserved a photo! • #handmade #components #geometricjewellery

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I'm having a bit of a #throwbackthursday I haven't made one of these Tail Fin earrings in forever, but a customer at @studio_vault lost one ( isn't losing one half of a pair sooo frustrating! ) So I made a single as a replacement, if you're in need of a replacement let me know and we can make your pair of earrings whole again. • #lostearring #customdesign #bespokejewellery

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Super excited to be working on pieces for a new stockist, it's my biggest ever order so there's a lot of these rings on my to-do list. • #statementjewellery #wearablearchitecture #knuckleduster

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A sneak peek of my brand new lookbook, ready for sending out to stockists this week. I always include a process or studio image - it feels important to highlight that each piece is handmade, and a workbench photo helps tell that story. • #lookbook #graphicdesign #pagelayout

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