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I've been loving wearing my C01 knuckle duster ring recently. It's simple enough that I'm determined to make it an everyday piece... because you can wear statement jewellery to the supermarket, right?! • #statementjewellery #knuckleduster #everydayjewellery

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So, today in the studio didn't exactly go to plan... I'm fairly sure that the design process isn't plain sailing for anything worthwhile, and I definitely don't want to complain about getting to do one of my most favourite things. But, I am going to acknowledge that today was one step backwards and tomorrow I'll appreciate making 2 steps forward (🤞). Meanwhile, this photo is from the very start of this particular design challenge @cove_park#designprocess #onestepbacktwostepsforward #designchallenge

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Sunday styling - keeping it simple with D-shaped rings. • #sundaystyling #minimalstyle #contemporaryjewellery

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Architectural drawings: I can't help but think in plan / section / elevation when I design...even if its for jewellery. These are some of the drawings that were part of the design process for C01. • #architecturaljewellery #designprocess #architecturaldrawing

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A whole stack of C01 pieces have just arrived @prettyflyworkshop in Broughty Ferry. You should definitely head down to check out the coolest jewellery shop in town! • #contemporaryjewellery #shoplocal #geometricjewellery

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Design of the day: statement hoop earrings. Hoops are heading out today to new homes and to stockists. • #hoopearrings #designoftheday #earrings

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katemclaughlin_. It's been a Friday of finishing pieces, but I'm downing tools now and

It's been a Friday of finishing pieces, but I'm downing tools now and ready for the weekend, happy Friday everyone! • #happyfriday #simplestyle #origamiring

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Cove Park: it's been awesome! I'm heading back to my own studio with a ton of ideas, my next collection of jewellery and the start of something brand new and a bit different. Watch this space for new things coming soon!! • #artistresidency #designprocess #designermaker #industrialdesign

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I'm having a dilemma... I really want to share what I've been working on during my residency @cove_park , but I think that maybe I've been so involved over the last couple of days that I can't tell if it's right or ready yet...so for now here's something from my last designing expedition (which actually wasn't that long ago!). • Does anyone else ever feel like they're too close to their design work? I'm hoping that after a break I'll be able to see it for what it really is instead of what I want it to be...and fingers crossed those things match up 🤞 • #artistresidency #designprocess #designermaker

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Architectural inspiration. • I'm halfway through my residency @cove_park and I thought I'd share some architecture, my studio is 2 shipping containers with a killer view (more on that later). This is the artist centre designed by Cameron Webster Architects in Glasgow - definitely not a bad place to find some inspiration!! • #architecturalinspiration #scottishdesign #artistresidency

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OUT OF OFFICE ! For the next week I'll be taking part in a residency @cove_park - this is time set aside for me to work on designing and prototyping new pieces...and I'm mega excited!! • I received funding for this through a VACMA grant from @creativescots via @cpkcreatives and @perthshirecreates - thank you very much! • Today's task is packing up every tool, sketch book, and piece of metal that I could possibly need for a week of experimenting...which is pretty much looking like the everything in my studio 🙄 • #designstudio #artistresidency #workbench #toolsofthetrade

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The studio and the online shop will be closed next week (can't wait to tell you why!), so if you've got your eye on something, get your orders in this weekend. These origami earrings are available now! • 📷 By @chrisandeliza#earrings #geometricjewellery #contemporaryjewellery

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Today has been all about photographs. Architectural samples make for great props apparently - this one is a cladding panel. • C01 studs. • #wearablearchitecture #jewellerymeetsarchitecture #earrings

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Over the knuckle rings have been a popular choice this week! • Want one? They're not available on the website, but I'm making them to order this week. Get touch by the end of Monday and you can have yours in time for next weekend. • Each is handmade in sterling silver, and costs £50 including UK postage. • #madetoorder #bespokejewellery #statementring

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After a slow start back in the studio I'm finally back in the zone!! Thank you to everyone who's shopped and supported this week - which seems to have been all about rings. • #allaboutrings #backinthesaddle #firstweekback

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Happy New Year!! Are you ready to take on 2019?! • #happynewyear #2019 #newyear

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It's New Year's resolutions time! This time last year I applied for @vanillainkuk's professional development programme...and it has completely turned my practice around. 2018 has been epic and I'm ready jump into 2019 head first and make some BIG things happen! And it's all the result of the lessons learned, people met, and encouragement received from Kate and @scottvanillaink • To all the jewellers out there, if you're planning your 2019 and where your creative practice is heading and how that stacks up as a sustainable and enjoyable business... then know that 2019 applications are open for another week, I promise you won't regret it. • If you've got a question or want a chat, DM me, or head to the Vanilla Ink website for all the details. • • Vanilla Ink is Scotland’s unique jewellery school, offering Jewellers and Silversmiths in the early stages of their career a professional development INKubator. • Immersed in a 9 month programme, the Vanilla Inkers are encouraged and supported while developing their craft practice. Content includes: Monthly professional development sessions with industry innovators, pairing with a mentor from the design sector, Meet the Maker talks with inspirational creators and designers, skills development with our Master Goldsmith Scott McIntyre, peer support with Critical Feedback sessions and a platform to network and showcase your work. • You have the opportunity to base yourself in Vanilla Ink with access to a fully equipped workshop, 24/7 for the full 9 months in our West End Jewellery School, or access just the professional development sessions with your practice being based where you are. • Deadline Midnight 6th January 2019.

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This weekend I'll be at @3d2devents at the Assembly Rooms on George Street. I'm really excited to be in Edinburgh, it feels like it's been ages!! See you soon Auld Reekie!! • #christmasshopping #shoplocal #uniquegifts #madeinscotland

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