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MELB fashun week 💖💥Outfit details tagged and BTS 🙊🙊🙊

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katewas_. #tb to a good hair day

#tb to a good hair day

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Last month I shot this story about cyber bullying with @rimmellondonau & @pedestriantv as part of their #iwillnotbedeleted anti cyber bullying campaign. I told my experience with cyber bullying & how I got to a place where it no longer effects me. Story below⬇️ I had this idea that only people who are weak or that are ugly or are a ‘freak’ are the targets of bullying and I think that comes from a life time of watching movies where the cool kids bully the losers and so we associate a lot of shame and embarrassment with getting picked on or bullied. But what I did find was when I did start talking about it, I found a lot of people, if not everyone related with me. I know women who are influencers, models, athletes who are so, smart, strong and amazing at what they do and some of the most powerful voices in our society are targeted every day by the most vile comments and trolls. I know from my past experiences that whenever I said anything hurtful to someone it’s come from my own insecurities, And while I think the conversation around bullies is an important one, I want to focus this on how I dealt with it by talking to people, (can be friend, parent, teacher, anyone you feel safe around, an anonymous call to a help line) if you’re the target of this i know it can be hard to open up. I found talking to a professional helped too because sometimes you need to hear more than ‘just love yourself’ and it can be easier opening up to a stranger that’s there to listen. I find just deleting and blocking the person is the easiest form of dealing with trolls because some people just want to argue so what ever you say won’t get through. I’ve also used the comment monitoring tool when you can block comments that include a certain word or phrase that you know you may upset you and it filters out a lot for you so you don’t have to deal with it! It’s what’s inside, it’s what you surround yourself with and it’s how you treat other people that counts. And if I leave you with anything it’s that you can get past it and that if it is happening to you there’s absolutely no shame in speaking out. Everybody had a right to feel safe on the internet #iwillnotbedeleted #mentalhealth

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katewas_. 🤡 @fashionnovacurve

🤡 @fashionnovacurve

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I know I’ve posted so many photos from this day but I really like this one cause we were having a genuine lol 🐒🙈

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@fashionnovacurve I truely experienced 4 seasons in one day, Melbourne.

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There was a time where I wouldn’t pose with food. I wouldn’t want to eat in public and I’d feel the need to justify everything I ate with ‘I’ll work it off at the gym’ ‘it’s actually really low in calories’ ‘I haven’t eaten anything else today’, I even feel the need to justify this photo of me holding an ice cream 🍦 by saying it’s a sometimes food and otherwise I eat really well, and Who am I doing that for? Have you ever felt ashamed to eat in front of other people? Have you ever felt embarrassed to consume food in a public place or eat to much on a first date that you refused to no matter how hungry you were? Did you ever think that people were going to think you were fat, unhealthy or disgusting just because you were eating? That even if you were eating a bowl of spinach leaves that people from far away would just assume that it’s ‘unhealthy’ food, because who would assume YOU were eating healthy? That maybe if you were thinner eating a lot would be ‘cute’ or ‘impressive’. I’ve had these irrational thoughts too. It’s ok to feel them sometimes but it’s not ok to let them consume you and bring you to a head space where you think food is the enemy. You’re allowed to eat, at any time of the day, anywhere and anything you want. Don’t get into your head and trick yourself into thinking that people care what you’re consuming. Chances are they don’t and if they do then thats not a reflection of you, that’s a reflection of them.

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katewas_. @laurengabrielle__ look at us 3 years later girl! 😂🙏🏽🙌🏽 Lauren an

@laurengabrielle__ look at us 3 years later girl! 😂🙏🏽🙌🏽 Lauren and I met at our FIRST EVER photo shoot & bonded over both having huge feet, being very nervous and having no idea what we were doing😂so glad to know you girl 💖🥂

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Happy International Womens Day to everyone out there today. I’m very lucky to be surrounded by intelligent, hard working, inspirational women every day. Thankyou @boohoo for the beautiful brunch and good company today 💪🏽 #internationalwomensday #GRLPWR

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Should have been looking at my “husband” but I just couldn’t take my eyes off my dress 😍🙊 final day of my @essenseofaustralia take over! Head to their page to see more & check out their gorgeous dresses & size range #spon

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It’s always the photo where you’re hands doing something weird..🤨🙄 SUCH a fantastic night with @virginaustralia at @vamff tonight! Thankyou for having us!!!🙌🏽💖🥂 #VirginAustralia #VAMFF @cj_hendry

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SO excited to be in Melbs with @virginaustralia for Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival 🙌🏽 can’t wait to see the designs & diversity on the runway! #VAMFF #VirginAustralia @vamff

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