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Core training- best way to train and strengthen the core is learning how to use your core when you weight/strength train. Having visible abdominal muscles comes down to having a lower body fat percentage (which is dependent on how you eat). Genetics play a role as well- we can’t choose where we store our body fat, which is why some women can have visible abdominal muscles at 18+ BF % and some women need to drop below 15 % to have them. Stress less about the cards you were delt with though and work to be the badass that you are. My favorite way to train my core: chin ups 💪🏼 www.katiesonier.com . . #katiesonier #abs #core #fitness

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This is what a KB swing to failure looks like. 150 lbs x 30 reps. I was losing my grip on the last reps here, but had the goal of 30 reps in my head so I pushed myself there. Lost some range of motion at the end, but maintained my neutral spine, so I’d call this an appropriate push. My mental discipline in the gym has gotten better over the years. I remember cutting myself short on reps back in college- I’d have in my head 15 reps, but stopped at 12. Now at 26 years old, I never cut myself short...if anything, I do an extra rep for good luck. Just like you have to consistently train your muscles to grow, you constantly have to train your mind to allow you to take your body to that next level 🍑 www.katiesonier.com

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katiesonier. A TWK legend @yesi_gets_fit - here’s her 1.5 year transformation 👏🏼

A TWK legend @yesi_gets_fit - here’s her 1.5 year transformation 👏🏼 . . Yesi is totally bought into the TWK process- she follows the programming to a T and that’s exactly why she’s been so successful with it. Her bod transformation is amazing, but what she can do with her bod is even more amazing. She’s spent the time building her foundation on all of her main lifts- hip thrust, squat, deadlift, lunge, chin up, pull up, OH press, push up and we are now focused on actively chasing PRs (getting strong AF) on all variations we hit in the programming. She applies feedback I give her, puts 100% effort into everything she does, and has completely fallen in the love with the process. I guarantee she will only get better from here 👏🏼 . . My TWK programming is $14.95 a month and modeled off of my own training. If you utilize all of the resources I provide, it is invaluable. www.katiesonier.com . . #katiesonier #transformation #fitness #strength

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A great superset (2 movements performed back to back) from today’s sesh: T-Bell stiffer leg sumo stance deadlift (great way to work the hip hinge, the stiffer leg challenging more hamstring flexibility/strength) & single leg glute/ham focused back extension into both leg weighted (single leg work great to work imbalances, into double leg to take the glutes and hams to total fatigue). 20 reps on all of it! 🍑 www.katiesonier.com . . #glutes #glutetraining #fitness #katiesonier #lowerbodyworkout #workout

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Today in my training session, I just did a bunch of handstand variations. I love lifting weights and bodybuilding, but I also love to be able to move freely/athletically like a gymnast. The 4 variations I worked on today: straddle handstand alternating arm raise, KB handstand twerk, pug resisted handstand walk, banded inverted abduction 🤸🏼‍♀️ In a world full of people walking on their feet, walk on your hands. Be different, be you. www.katiesonier.com

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Best thing about having your own gym- I can train naked 😁 . . Hatfield Squat- loving this squat variation. Allows me to really sit back into my hips and get the glutes working. 20 reps here. . . Trap Bar Stagger Stance 1 1/2 reps- great movement to isolate one hamstring at a time. 1/2 rep there to increase time under tension. 12 reps each leg here 🍑www.katiesonier.com

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Lower body session with @julietsmia 🍑 . . Hip thrust dropset- 180 lbs x 10 into 130 lbs x 15 into BW x 20. She performed this twice. All other supersets listed below were performed 3 x. . . Between the dropsets (superset), she performed lying lateral raises x 30 each leg. Abduction work is a must for well developed, shapely glutes. . . Hatfield safety bar squat- holding onto band pegs allows her to really sit back into her glutes and get them working. . . Seated abduction- we supersetted the squats with these. She feels most glute (side, upper glute working here) hinging forward, holding onto machine. 30 reps here. Abduction work will always be in the higher rep ranges- burns so good, but quick recovery. . . T-Bell Sumo Stance Deadlift- strong glutes have a strong hip hinge. 15 reps. . . Deficit DB Reverse Lunge- we supersetted these with the T-bell deadlift. Increasing range of motion for a greater glute stretch x 10 reps each leg.

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KB Pause Sumo Deadlift- the pause below the knee on concentric phase of movement there to increase time under tension (a method to building muscle). There are several ways to progress in the gym- another term for this being progressive overload. A simple way to describe progressive overload is the ability to be able to do more over time. Sometimes this means increasing weight in a consistent rep range, sometimes this means maintaining weight but increasing reps, or changing up tempo, or adding in pauses or isometric holds, or simply just performing something better than you did before (better form, better mind muscle connection, etc). It’s not always about going heavier 🍑 www.katiesonier.com

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DB deficit curtsy lunge x 12 reps each leg. Reverse lunge stepping back and laterally- hits lower glute from a different angle than regular lunge. The deficit there to increase range of motion and make movement overall more challenging. 🍑 www.katiesonier.com

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katiesonier. Happy Fourth of July! America’s A$$ movements- master all the thrustin

Happy Fourth of July! America’s A$$ movements- master all the thrusting and hip hinging. Here I’m performing barbell thrust 1 1/2 reps (full rep to lockout, half rep down, back up to full lockout = 1 rep), barbell sumo deadlift, cable pull through 🍑 . . I’m still having a sale on my 6-Week Training Programs. Use code July4Sale for 20% off! www.katiesonier.com

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katiesonier. Scap work- scapular depression and retraction (dropping shoulder blade

Scap work- scapular depression and retraction (dropping shoulder blades down away from ears and pinching them together). 3 reps into 3 chin up reps x 3 = 1 set. Addressing some imbalances I’ve developed with lots of these in my programming (TWK doing these regularly as well). . . It’s always interesting training at different commercial gyms- seeing different people move, exercise selection, form/technique, work ethic, etc. It reminds me of how important it is to surround yourself with people who can push you to be better- the gym you choose to train at matters. This is why I believe in investing in a pricier gym membership and/or a coach with programming that can help you. You want to be around educated, hard working people who can both teach and inspire you to step your game up. I was also reminded today that I need to join a commercial gym myself- this will help me stay up to date on what people are doing, how they move, where they need assistance, etc. It’ll make me a better/more understanding coach. So I’ll be doing that when I get home! 💪🏼 www.katiesonier.com

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Banded KB Sumo Deadlift- the band around my hips pulling me back into hip flexion (good way to master hip hinge) and resisting my hip extension (lockout). KB I’m using weighs 202 lbs x 20 reps. Love this variation of the hip hinge 🍑 www.katiesonier.com

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