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Missing the baseball diamond just a little bit right now ⚾️... I played for 14 years and then stopped last year to focus on school and working out. Definitely hard sometimes to see the guys on the Vandy team playing, but that’s just how life goes🤷🏽‍♂️💥 hope you guys are having a great week! Tag a friend and help me get to 50K⚡️🙏🏽 appreciate y’all!

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Does anybody else love urban exploring🤙🏽? I think it’s so fun to seek out new places that you’ve never been to before and just make an adventure for yourself😁

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Still missin Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 one day the beach and unlimited food will be the lifestyle:) comment 5 times below for a potential shoutout👀👇🏽

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Wanna go back to the tropics right about now✈️ 🏝 anyone want to join me?

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Currently looking for song suggestions... 😈💥 anyone got any bangers they’ve been listening too recently?

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First week of classes has been a success so far😈 gym has been even better though 💪🏽 are you guys back in school yet?

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Missing the 80 degree Austin winter right about now... it’s dropping below freezing here in Nashville this weekend ❄️😅. What’s your favorite thing about winter?

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Making some resolutions to post more pictures with my shirt on... 😂🙈 what do y’all think about that? - 📷: @_kimon

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Forgot my rain jacket... ☔️anyone got a spare? 📷: @treysphotostudio

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Five months ago I started this Instagram account. When I began, I solely set out on the journey to help inspire people to change their bodies and improve their confidence. However, I soon realized that Instagram could be a platform used for much more than that. I’ve met so many new friends, connections, and even social media marketing clients who are now bringing in THOUSANDS of followers WEEKLY, all through the Instagram platform. 43,000 of you guys. It’s freaking crazy that 43,000 of you chose to follow me in under 5 months. ME of all people... I honestly can’t thank you enough. It’s crazy that this platform, Instagram, can affect and influence so many people’s lives. It makes my day hearing that I inspired someone or helped someone grow their page and spread their message to thousands more people than before. If you are serious about taking your Instagram to the next level, send me a DM and let’s get started today. I only have room for 3 more clients right now so you must act quick! If you want to be like @bridger_rogers who grew his page from 6,000 to 12,000 followers in three weeks, I am your guy. No more struggles of gaining 10-15 followers a day, only to lose them overnight. No more struggles of not knowing when or what to post. You will finally be able to understand how the Instagram algorithm works and how to beat it😎. I hope all is well, have a great weekend! Let me know your weekend plans below👇🏽

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Wishing I was back in Puerto Rico rather than starting school in three days 🏝😫 where is your dream vacation??

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Jumping into the new year like...👀 hope all is going well for y’all, I appreciate everyone who tuned into the livestream today!!😁 it’s awesome to interact with you guys⚡️. - 📷: @jaredolsonphoto

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Feels like I always have a cowlick in my photos😅🙈 should I cut my hair or let it grow out to my Afro days?? Let me know below👇🏽

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New Year pumppp😈 who else is crushing their 2019 resolutions?? Let me know down below👇🏽

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I want to thank each and everyone one of you who decided to follow me on my fitness and modeling journey this year🎆🎊 I truly can’t believe that over 40,000 of you decided to follow me, of ALL people... truly means the world. To all my new followers, friends, and clients, I just want to thank you🤙🏽. Best of luck this New Year and make sure you’re enjoying time with friends and family⚡️ let me know down below what your plans are for tonight!!👇🏽 - 📷: @_kimon

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It’s almost the new year fam!🎇 I just wanted to thank each and everyone who has been here on this journey with me, I literally could not be doing this without you♥️ I appreciate the comments and DMs I get every day and love that I’m able to inspire people on their fitness and entrepreneurial journey🙏🏽 wishing you all a happy 2019!

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Looking off to the new year 🎇 who’s ready to crush their 2019 resolutions? - 📷: @_kimon

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Probably the least shredded I’ve looked in awhile, but I guess you gotta have a cheat meal sometimes😅 back on the diet already, we gonna be down 3 pounds in the next 3 days🤷🏽‍♂️ What is your favorite cheat meal to have🍰? - Also, huge shoutout to @fitletix_clothing for the sick joggers, I have to say these are the most comfortable gym sweats I’ve ever worn, and I’m not just saying that🔥 use my code “KEKOA15” for 15% off😫 I literally got two compliments today at the gym while wearing these so they’re legit⚡️ #ad #fitletix

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