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So camp Kesem is coming up this Sunday so I’ll be off in Alabama for the entirety of next week😌 excited to help make a change in tons of kids lives and give them an escape for a week through the fun and magic of camp!! I’ll be keeping y’all updated for how it all goes throughout ✌🏽 have a good weekend everyone! - #fashionlife #fashionlifestyle #modelings #freshfits #influencerswanted

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feeling at peace finally🌴 what takes you to your happy place?

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Anyone wanna join me at the beach?🤟🏽🏝 - #puertorico #beachlife #beachbody #sanjuan #rippedbody #shreddedlife

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Got outshredded by these fools this weekend, but other than that, WHAT A TRIP💥🌴. It was fantastic to get out and meet tons of like-minded, humble, and driven individuals at the MBG event💯. Huge thanks to @christophermonasmith and @petersaffa for organizing the event and to all the photographers who came out and shot videos and photos for us hours on end⚡️. Great to connect and talk business... having a good time all the while => peep my story for the highlights last night. One last shoutout goes to HURRICANE SAVAGE for delaying my flight by 12 hours... I’ve currently been at the airport for the last 8 ✈️🙃 (jk jk no hurricane, I literally slept through my four alarms but Southwest Airlines is clutch and booked another flight for me for free!!) anyways, that was a lot but hope y’all are having a great weekend, peace✌🏽. - #fitnessmodels #musclebeach #shreddedbrothers #fitnesslife #gymtime

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Nothing else like N.O. Shox from @prozis to fuel my workouts here in Miami Beach🌴. What did you workout today? - Use code “KEKOA” for 10% off any purchase💥. #Prozis #ExceedYourself #ProzisTeam

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Finally landed out here in Fort Lauderdale for the MBG meetup💥 already met a ton of cool guys and excited for the next few days✌🏽 what motivates you to succeed and be great these days?? - #sixpackworkout #sixpack #fitnessliving #modelswanted #modell

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Miami livinggg🌴✈️ guess where I’m going next? - #malemodel #miami #miamibeach #lifefitness #fitnesslifestyles #fitmodel

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soo... came down with a cold today, that’s always fun😅🙃 headed out to Miami tomorrow morning and don’t know if it’s gonna go well, but ya know, POSITIVE MINDSET IS 🔑. We’re gonna have fun and just go with flow => meeting up with @bridger_rogers and @eric_abrons in Miami Beach and then off to Ft. Lauderdale to meet up with @christophermonasmith @petersaffa and the rest of the boysss🚀. Happy Sunday everyone! - #gymmotivation #gymmotivationalquote #gymkiller #legendfitness #modelinglife

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To be honest, I’m having trouble dieting this summer y’all🙃😅 food is like heaven to me and I was attempting to go through this cut for the photo shoots down in Miami 🌴 but sometimes I question if it’s worth it! Side note though, I’m meeting so many new people in Nashville this summer already and the launch of IG Empire went well! The first beta testers of the course are starting and are on their way to blow up their Instagrams rocket 🚀 hope y’all are doing well, staying healthy, and getting out of your comfort zones this summer! - #malemodel #physiqueupdate #sixpackworkout #beastmode #rippedguys

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Anyone wanna join for some morning coffee ☕️? - #malemodels #fitnessmodels #influencer #modelsearch #shreddedlife

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missing these white sands 🌵honestly it was so nice to just take a road trip on a whim, be able to work while having fun, and just enjoy life! I feel like I stress myself out about nothing sometimes => I mean it’s not nothing, but usually what I’m stressing about is just not that important at the end of the day🙃. If you get stressed out about something, just take a few deep breaths and then forget about it! You’ll be a hell of a lot more productive and a lot more happy if you just don’t worry✌🏽. Also, life update => now in Nashville and I’m gonna be working here for the next month and a half with a few travel days thrown in there to Miami, Chicago, and to Camp Kesem😁 what are y’all up to for the rest of the summer? - #fitnessmodels #whitesands #whitesandsnationalmonument #fashionkiller #fashionmodels

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Gotta love @sugarandkush 😁. I was honestly skeptical of CBD and it’s benefits before actually trying it and woah => it is actually crazy how relaxed I feel! I’ve had these weird neck tics for the past three years which can be painful sometimes, but after taking CBD, I feel a lot more relaxed and calm:) the best part is that my neck tics have decreased a ton as well✌🏽 #sugarandkush #ambassador. Use code "KEKOA15" for 15% off your first purchase!

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