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A killer HIIT workout that can be done any pl

NO EQUIPMENT NO EXCUSES! A killer HIIT workout that can be done any place, any time FOR ANYONE! And oh wow it seriously burns so good 😅 . If you want more workouts like this don’t forget to tap the ♥️ so I know! . Workout details:- This circuit was 30 seconds intense work, 30 seconds rest for 4 ROUNDS! . 1️⃣ Crab Walk into Squat Jump Keep the squat low in the crab walk and use quick powerful steps. Then use all of your strength to push up into the squat jump using the swing of your arms for momentum. . 2️⃣ Lunge into High Knee I did 30 seconds on each leg in alternate rounds but you could do 15 seconds on each leg in the same round if you prefer. Again use your arms to really force your leg up into the high knee. Can be quite tricky with balance, I messed up a few times. But if that happens just keep going and do what you can. . 3️⃣ High Knee Sprints Place your hands out in front of you and kick your knees up high enough to tap them. A very powerful movement which requires you to put in maximum effort! . 4️⃣ 90 Degree Jump Squats Keep the jumps short so you can move in quick powerful movements. Warning... may cause dizziness 🤣 . 5️⃣ Star Jump Squats This one is so much fun! Make sure you use lots of momentum to jump up high so you have time to push both your legs apart and back again. . 6️⃣ Reverse Elevated Toe Taps Actually harder than it looks. Focus on controlling the movement to keep balance. Make sure your bum stays off the floor. . So many powerful plyometric movements in this workout requiring maximum output so it’s pretty tough. But honestly the endorphins were completely worth it - felt AMAZING. If this doesn’t get you in a hot sweaty mess then I don’t know what will 😂🙌🏻

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kimfrench87. Here’s a HOME WORKOUT that requires just a couple of dumbbells to give

Here’s a HOME WORKOUT that requires just a couple of dumbbells to give you an all over body burn! . SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE & FUN!! Double tap to support your girl ❤️ . Workout info:- I used 6kg dumbbells for this whole workout - as this is quite light, I’ve focused on doing higher reps. . 1️⃣ Static Pulse Lunge This one is definitely a favourite for the leg burn with the added pulse. Drive through your heel and engage your glutes at the top of the rep. . 2️⃣ Hammer Curl into Side Lunge Super tough on the biceps incorporating an isometric hold as you lunge to the side. Push your glutes backwards slightly as you lower down into the side lunge. . 3️⃣ Romanian Deadlift into Front Raise Bend at the knees and push your bum backwards as you lower into the rep. You’ll feel this in your glutes and hamstrings. When lifting the weights in front of you, bring them up to around eye level. Keep your back straight throughout. . 4️⃣ Squat into Shoulder Press All simple movements but surprisingly hard. Push the dumbbells upwards whilst in the squat position 🔥🔥 . 5️⃣ Narrow Stance Squat Pulses Wow the quad burn is real! I don’t tend to target my quads very often so I definitely felt this. Don’t come all the way up in each rep to keep constant tension in the muscles. . Give it a go and let me know what you think! It’s definitely harder than it looks 💪🏻

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kimfrench87. I’ve got yet another incredibly tough lower body workout that I know y

I’ve got yet another incredibly tough lower body workout that I know you’re going to love!!!! 🍑🔥 DOUBLE TAP so I know which workouts you like! It means a lot to have your support 🙏🏻 . Also my NEW YOU TUBE VIDEO IS LIVE - how to make my protein oats!! Link in my bio ♥️ . Ok, Always ALWAYS remember these important factors when trying to grow your glutes:- ▪️push yourself, increase your weights . ▪️activate your glutes prior to lifting ▪️mix up your training routines, try something new ▪️EAT IN A CALORIE SURPLUS ▪️eat a high protein diet ▪️don’t give up before you’ve started, growing muscles takes months, years... . Some info about the exercises:- . 1️⃣ Double Pause Sumo Deadlifts Time under tension is a great method making your muscles work harder over a longer period of time. Make sure you still follow the correct form but just add in 2 pauses whilst coming up to the top of the rep. Push bum backwards when lowering back down. . 2️⃣ Banded Paused Squats The pause requires you to apply more force to drive yourself back upwards making this a much harder exercise to perform. . 3️⃣ Lunge into One Leg Deadlift This one is sooooo brutal. I can’t even explain! Keep your front leg at a 90 degree angle to the floor. DON’T MISS THE BURNOUT - struggle through it and think of the gains. . 4️⃣ Overhead Sumo Squat Make sure you choose a weight comfortable to hold as this one requires some stability control. . 5️⃣ Bench Squat into Tap I like to really focus on the mind to muscle connection with this one. Tense the glutes as you lower down and it really starts to burn. The tap burnout at the end is killer! . 6️⃣ Dumbbell Hip Thrust Your body should form a straight line at the top of the rep. Squeeze and pause for a second. . 7️⃣ Jump Squats Use your arms to help with momentum and force yourself into the jump as high as you can. Perfect way to end and completely fatigue the muscles. . Hope this post was helpful and you enjoy the workout! 💪🏻

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kimfrench87. GET READY! This ab circuit was BRUTAL! Focusing on the lower abs but o

GET READY! This ab circuit was BRUTAL! Focusing on the lower abs but of course you will use your core and hip flexors too, making this a real burner! . Double tap to support me ILYSM 🥰 . @womensbest is always my side companion to see me through these tough workouts. Link in my bio ❤️ . Ok so let’s talk about the exercises:- 1️⃣ Flutter Kick with Hold Sit on the edge of a step if possible to give more range of motion and lean back slightly as you lower each leg. This one will also really burn your upper legs as it works the hip flexors. . 2️⃣ Bent Leg Raises Alternate each leg and then do both legs at the same time. This one seems easy until you use both legs together - really challenges your core strength. You can feel your lower abs working on the pulling motion. Keep your back firmly against the floor. . 3️⃣ Bosu Ball Flutter Kick Variation Find a comfortable balance before you begin this one. Bend leg and raise and then straighten leg and raise. The use of the bosu ball makes you work your core even harder - If it’s too hard then just take it away. . 4️⃣ Reverse Crunches Focus on engaging your core, this will help you keep your back firmly on the floor therefore making you work your core more effectively. Have your head slightly raised but keep your top half of your body still. Absolutely love this one 🔥 . 5️⃣ Bosu Ball Weighted V Up Hold Ok can you see how bad my shakes were in this one OH BOYYYY! An absolute killer ending to the circuit. My initial thought was to hold for 45 seconds but I just couldn’t manage it! Again, if you find it too hard then remove the weight or the bosu ball. But give it a try!!!! . I completed 3 rounds of this and it had my abs crying 🙌🏻 Hope you enjoy this crazy circuit as much as I did 🤪

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kimfrench87. Who doesn’t love a Sunday session!!! 💪🏻
Only using dumbbells for thi

Who doesn’t love a Sunday session!!! 💪🏻 Only using dumbbells for this workout so it’s ideal for those of you who workout from home too. . DOUBLE TAP and let me know if you’ll be trying it in the comments below ⬇️ . Workout details:- . 1️⃣ Reverse Fly SS with Lateral Raise Pick a comfortable weight because this ones a real burner. Slight bend in the elbow for both movements. Try not to swing the weights using your body. . 2️⃣ Lateral/Front/Hammer Curl Haha ok this one is tough. Hitting the biceps from all angles. Keep your elbows tucked in towards your body. . 3️⃣ Single Arm Row Your back should be straight and support your body with one arm and one leg on the bench. Drive the weight up through your elbow with a slow controlled movement. . 4️⃣ Reverse Grip Front Raises This will hit your chest too. Make sure you raise the dumbbell with a slight angle going across your body. Also have a little bend in the elbows. . 5️⃣ 1 & 1/2 rep Front Raise SS Front Raise The pain was real here. Lower your weight if necessary because it is tough. Raise dumbbells to around eye level. . 6️⃣ Triceps Kickbacks Again this burnout is super killer! Focus on just bending at the elbow and squeezing the tricep at the top of the rep. . 7️⃣ Angled Shoulder Press SS Front Raise Lots of shoulder pump will be had with this workout!!! And this one to end it is definitely going to finish them off. . HOPE YOU SMASH THIS ONE MY FAMILY 🙈

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kimfrench87. Do you activate your glutes?
If not then this could be a game changer

Do you activate your glutes? If not then this could be a game changer for your muscle growth potential! WAKE THEM, SHAKE THEM, MAKE THEM 🍑 Swipe, Save and Double Tap ♥️ . Before I give you some exercise info I just want to say a massive HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY to all my strong girls out there! MAY WE KNOW THEM MAY WE BE THEM MAY WE RAISE THEM 💪🏻 Not just today but everyday! . 1️⃣ Crab Walk with Side Kick Out of all the exercises this one burns the most! Really engage and tense your glutes to feel the maximum benefit. . 2️⃣ Side to Side Kick Backs Remember to keep your back in a neutral line by engaging your core. Slight bend in your elbows will help with this too. Head down and focus on a slow controlled movement. . 3️⃣ Side Lunges By keeping the movement low throughout you will engage your glutes more by the constant tension. . 4️⃣ Glute Bridge At the top of the rep your back, pelvis and thighs should form a straight line. Squeeze glutes hard. . 5️⃣ In and Out Squats Always good to throw in some jumping action in a warm up to get the blood moving. Push your knees outwards against the band whilst moving into the squat position. . 6️⃣ Seated Abduction Feet together and push your knees outwards. Use a forceful movement and pause for a second to better activate the sides of your glutes. . ⚠️ For activation before weighted lower body exercises, I would complete 2 rounds with no rest in between. ⚠️ BUT this could also be performed as a home workout for 4 rounds only taking minimal rest in between each round. . TRUST ME AND START INCORPORATING BAND WORK! 🔥 Rest of my workout is on my story! 💪🏻

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kimfrench87. I did this yesterday so trust me when I say your glutes are going to b

I did this yesterday so trust me when I say your glutes are going to be very sore after this!!!!! SUPPORT ME & TAP THE ♥️ . Guys I’ve UPLOADED MY FIRST YOU TUBE VIDEO 🤣 have you seen it? If not head over to the link in my bio and check it out 🙈 . Also I’ve had lots of people asking me where my cropped hoodies are from and it’s @lastsetco - I have to say they are literally a perfect fit, amazing quality and have lots of colours so you can match up nicely with your other gym gear 🙌🏻 would highly recommend! . Now for the workout details:- . 1️⃣ Sumo Deadlift into Romanian Deadlift This superset will legit kill you off! Hence why I like to start with the most challenging exercise - when I have the most energy. Push bum backwards on both of these hip hinge movements. . 2️⃣ Sumo Squat into Squat Jump Don’t be afraid to pick up a heavy dumbbell. Think about what you Squat with a barbell, YOU CAN DO THIS! Use wrist straps for grip if necessary. . 3️⃣ Barbell Jump Squat into Glute Bridge with Abduction HOLY GLUTES, does this one burn 😩🔥 I dropped my weight on the barbell as it got a little too challenging. Keep the jump small so you can hold control of the weight. . 4️⃣ One Leg Romanian Deadlift Hold dumbbell with both hands and position one foot behind so that the working leg can take most of the force. This way is a lot easier for stability rather than kicking your leg backwards. . 5️⃣ Hyperextension To hit the glutes more with this movement, keep a slight curve in your back and don’t fully extend. Make sure you squeeze glutes really hard. If you feel it in your lower back more then you are probably coming up too far in the movement. . 6️⃣ Glute Pull Through Dropset Such an amazing exercise to end with. Thrust and squeeze bum. Only drop weight on last set and try to do continuous reps until failure. . GIVE IT A GO AND MAKE THAT 🍑 GROW!

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kimfrench87. This workout is simple, easy to follow and perfect for when the gym is

This workout is simple, easy to follow and perfect for when the gym is packed! Cable exercises are my absolute fave for upper body. DOUBLE TAP & SAVE FOR LATER 🔥 . Tried my new @womensbest blue raspberry bcaas today and oh wow it tastes amazing. They have a sale on this week in honour of International Woman’s Day with 25% off using code WB25 - plus 3 free protein bites & free shipping 🙌🏻 LINK IN MY BIO!!! . Here are the workout details:- (Please note the weights I use in this workout may vary completely for each person as cable machines can have different resistances - the one I used today feels a lot heavier than others) . 1️⃣ Bicep Curl into Bicep Curl with Shoulder Press Ok OUCH! This superset is no joke. Use a heavier weight to fatigue the biceps and then lower weight and burn them out with a cheeky shoulder press. Absolutely was my fave exercise of the day! . 2️⃣ Reverse Grip Bent over Row Focus on keeping your spine straight. Engage your lats and pause for a second at the top of the rep. The great thing about doing these on the cable is you can work up your weight more gradually. . 3️⃣ 1 & 1/2 rep Leaning Lateral Raise Another absolute killer!!! Use the cable machine to hold onto and lean - great isolation for the shoulders. . 4️⃣ Reverse Grip Triceps Pushdown Dropset This is my favourite way to do these, really find it hits the muscle more. I like to stagger my stance and slightly bend over but this is just preference. Remember a dropset is completing all normal sets but on the last set, you keep dropping the weight until failure. For my dropset today I did 15kg, 12.5kg, 10kg and lastly 7.5kg . 5️⃣ Kneeling Lat Pull Down This alternative engages my lats so much more than the lat pull down machine. Feel the stretch of the lats and focus on the muscle. I pull down to when I can feel the tension in the muscle and then hold for a second 🔥 . 6️⃣ Straight Arm Pull Down into Front Raise Keep a slight bend in elbows despite the name. Drop the cable pulley, change weight quickly in between and then continue into the front raises. A small lean forward on the front raises allows you to pull the cable through effectively. . HAVE FUN & GET YOUR PUMP ON 💪🏻

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kimfrench87. GET READY FOR THE BURN! 💥
I would say this is quite an advanced ab wo

GET READY FOR THE BURN! 💥 I would say this is quite an advanced ab workout but it can be modified to suit everyone... read below. . Make sure to swipe, save and tap the ❤️ to support me - it means the world! . Here’s some useful exercise info:- 1️⃣ Bosu Ball Bicycle It’s absolutely astonishing how much the bosu ball makes a relatively easy exercise extremely hard. Working against balance here really challenges your core strength and trust me you will feel it. If it’s too hard either turn the bosu ball upside down or remove it completely. . 2️⃣ Alternating Knee Crunches I have to say I think this exercise was probably the hardest. My top abs were in so much pain! Keep the movements slow and controlled to really feel the benefits. . 3️⃣ Side to Side Alternating Knee Ups This is 12 reps in total. The movement of bringing both your legs up over the dumbbell uses your hip flexors and lower abs which means you burn out quickly on this exercise. Absolute must try!!! . 4️⃣ Bosu Ball V Ups I added a dumbbell to really challenge myself but even attempting this on the bosu ball without a weight is going to be tricky. Again requires a lot of stability making the core work on overtime. If it’s too hard remove the bosu ball and do the weighted v ups on a mat 👌🏻 . 5️⃣ Alternating Hand to Toe Touches The slight torso twist in this exercise will target your obliques as well which I like. It’s a more gentle movement and is also a great dynamic stretch. This one is easy enough for everyone. I like to add this one near the end of a circuit because even though it’s less challenging, your already engaged core tends to feel the benefits of it a lot more. . 6️⃣ The Plank We all have a love hate relationship with the plank. Always the best to end with because it just makes it 10 times harder to achieve meaning you work your core even harder. If 1 minute hold is too long then just do as long as you can. Keep your bum down so you are in a nice straight line. . Complete 3 rounds with around 30 seconds rest in between exercises. ENJOY THE CHALLENGE 🔥🔥🔥

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kimfrench87. The great thing about lower body cable workouts is you can do a variet

The great thing about lower body cable workouts is you can do a variety of exercises to target the glutes from all angles! . Before I go into the workout details, I just want to remind you that my fitness plans are still on 20% off at the moment:- Booty Builder Plan - use code BOOTY20 4 Week Full Body Plan - use code FULLBODY20 LINK IN MY BIO! And check my stories for much more info 🙌🏻 . Ok so here we go... 1️⃣ SLD into Pulse Squat This will work you glutes and hamstrings together so focuses on your ‘under booty’ area. Keep your back straight and remember to keep your head in line with your back too when lowering down into the SLD. . 2️⃣ Kneeling Glute Pull Through Great one to target the glutes and take pressure off the legs. Push bum back and then thrust forwards squeezing the glutes hard. . 3️⃣ Kick Back Pulses Remember to lower yourself into this to keep your back straight. The pulses keep more tension on the muscle and by the end of the 30 pulses you’ll be feeling it 🔥 . 4️⃣ Sumo Front Squats Wide stance with toes pointing outwards. This will hit the glutes and adductor muscles (inner thighs). Possible for knees to start caving in on this move so just focus on pushing your knees out when lowering into the squat. . 5️⃣ Side Kicks A great one to hit the side of the glutes giving it that lovely round shape. I place my hand on my side to help with keeping my back stable throughout. Keep weight low for a better range of motion. . 6️⃣ Crab Walk into Pulses The idea here is to do as many crab walks as you can until the burn feels too much and you want to stop. THEN... go into the pulse squats and keep doing them until failure. Guys I know it’s evil but you know me 😜🙏🏻 no pain no gain! . Have a cracker with this one! Also this new @gymshark outfit had me feeling hype - like a glow stick in a rave 🤣

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kimfrench87. WOW, what can I say... This HIIT workout is not for the faint hearted!

WOW, what can I say... This HIIT workout is not for the faint hearted! Definitely my favourite in a long time 🔥🔥 Take 45 seconds rest in between exercises and 3 rounds DOUBLE TAP & TAG A FRIEND 😍 . @womensbest amino and energy for this type of workout is perfect! Sipping on ice tea lemon flavour 😋 the link to shop is in my bio! . Workout details:- . 1️⃣ KB Sumo Deadlift jump into Squat This one was super hard making it a great exercise to start the circuit. Focus on pushing your bum backwards on the sumo and then dropping your bum downwards on the squat. The jump makes this a real leg burner. I used 24kg KBs on the sumo and 16kg on the squat. . 2️⃣ Mountain Climber into Plank Jacks Keep your body in a straight line and your core tight. I like to use a step for this exercise but it’s not necessary. . 3️⃣ Double KB Swing Guys this exercise is SO effective. It’s definitely a fave for the booty. Takes a couple of attempts to get the hang of it so pick a light weight to start. Engage the glutes and thrust at the top of the rep, it burns so good 👌🏻 used 16kg . 4️⃣ Banded KB Deadlift into Step Jump This one got my heart rate really going! Focus on your foot placement whilst jumping so you can position yourself correctly to grab the KB. Once you get the rhythm you’ll love it. Used 16kg. . 5️⃣ Alternating Hand Side Lunges Drive through your bent leg and use your arm to help with balance. Speed up your reps once you’ve mastered the technique. Used 12kg. . 6️⃣ Bosu Ball Pulse Squats Ok so this is pretty evil to end with but I like a good challenge. Of course trying to keep balance after doing all of the previous exercises is going to take a lot of focus and control. Just do as many as you can! And if it’s too hard just turn the bosu ball upside down and do the squats on the soft side instead. . Enjoy getting sweaty with this one! 😅

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kimfrench87. From cardio to weights 
From shy to confident 
From weak to strong 

From cardio to weights From shy to confident From weak to strong From hangry to happy It’s not for everyone, but it is for ME! And with the right mindset and commitment, it can be achieved by anyone 🙌🏻 . If you need some help, my fitness plans (including nutrition) are currently on 20% off:- 4 Week Full Body Plan - use promo code FULLBODY20 Booty Builder Plan - use promo code BOOTY20 If you want to know more, there is lots of info on my insta stories and the link to my website is in my bio! STRONG IS BEAUTIFUL ♥️

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