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❗️ULTIMATE UPPER BODY WORKOUT❗️ Swipe & tag your gym partner . Who’s training upper body today?? 👋🏻 If not make sure you save this one for later and don’t forget to double tap 💕 . I love that satisfying feeling you get from training upper, makes me feel strong and powerful! I’ve made sure to target all upper body muscle groups to get that great overall pump - incorporating supersets and complexes for intensity. . 1️⃣ Cable Row into Face Pull - 10x3 2️⃣ Superset x 3 Cable Pec Fly - 10 Assisted Dips - 10 3️⃣ Single Arm Arnold Press - 8x3 each 4️⃣ Bicep Curl into Press - 8x4 5️⃣ Reverse Fly into Front Raise - 8x3 6️⃣ Front Raise into Triceps Ext - 8x3 . What’s your favourite muscle group to train?? 😝

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LEG DAY SUPERSETS ☠️ There is no gain without pain! Just remember that during this workout... and please don’t hate me 🤣 . Without a doubt those banded hip thrusts into abductions are the most amazing superset I’ve EVER done for my glutes 🔥 Absolutely buzzing for you to try this one! Of course I used my resistance band to activate my glutes before the workout and the first exercise was more of a warm up superset before going into the heavy hip thrusts. FYI I also did a banded frog pump finisher after all this lot too. SICK WORKOUT!!!!! . Every exercise was 3 sets:- 1️⃣ Cable Glute Pull Through - 10 Cable Jump Squats - 10 2️⃣ Banded Hip Thrusts - 10 Seated Abductors - 30 3️⃣ Smith Kneeling Banded Squats - 10 Smith Banded RDL - 10 4️⃣ Banded Overhead Squats - 8 Banded Jump Squats - 12 5️⃣ One Leg Deadlift - 10 Kneeling Kick Back - 10 . Wearing my hot pink Badass Crop which has just released 😜 Using my matching heavy pink camo resistance band LINK IN MY BIO ✌🏻

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kimfrench87. THE BADASS BITCH IS HERE! 😈
Cropped Hoodies & Tees now available to p

THE BADASS BITCH IS HERE! 😈 Cropped Hoodies & Tees now available to purchase worldwide in Small, Medium & Large. Link in my bio to shop! . I’ve been waiting so long to get these finally ready for you lovely ladies to wear and feel great during your workouts! . The Cropped Tees come in 3 colours:- ▪️Hot Pink . ▪️Camo (shown in pic) ▪️Black . The Cropped Hoodies come in 3 colours:- ▪️White . ▪️Black ▪️Grey For reference I wear a size medium in them all. Check my story & highlights for more details and size guide. . Any questions let me know, love you 🖤

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kimfrench87. The first change you can make starts with your mind. You cannot make p

The first change you can make starts with your mind. You cannot make progress without making decisions! How badly do you want it? Are you willing to commit? Are you going to make this a lifestyle change? You see our bodies are capable of anything, it’s our minds we have to convince. . When I got pregnant, I completely gave up. I didn’t care anymore about myself nor my self-esteem. I believed that it was impossible to get my body back so why bother trying. But now I know how wrong I was... One day I realised that I didn’t want to live like this anymore, and it’s that one decision I made that completely changed my life. . My advice to you would be if you want it, go for it! Take the risk!! If you always play it safe then you’ll always live in regret. You need to step out of your comfort zone to be stronger and grow! . We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are. Never give up!

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ABS & OBLIQUES 🔥 I hope everyone has had a great weekend. I’m back with one of the hardest ab workouts I’ve done in a while! Seriously... OUCHIEEE 😱 . TAP the ♥️ if you want more workouts like this! . Nutrition is key if your goal is to get visible abs, you cannot target a specific area on your body to loose fat from. Stay consistent, work hard and I promise the results will come. If you want more help my 8 week full body plan has just launched and can help you with your goals (link in my bio and use code 8WEEK10 for £10 off). . 1️⃣ Medicine Ball Twisters - 30 reps The aim is to try and keep your lower body as stationary as possible so the movement is powered by your core. This is why I like to kneel when doing these. . 2️⃣ Ball Passes - 10 full reps Press your back into the ground and keep your core engaged. If you can feel your back arching away from the ground then do not lower your arms and legs as far to make sure you are always keeping tension on your core. . 3️⃣ Knee Tucks - 30 reps Using dumbbells to crunch in and out will intensify this exercise requiring more focus and coordination. . 4️⃣ Bosu Ball DB Crunches - 12 reps I’ve always found this ab exercise the most challenging. If it’s too hard modify it by either turning the bosu ball over or not using any weight. Every time I did this my legs went numb and I couldn’t move for about 10 seconds 🙈 . 5️⃣ Cable Oblique Crunches - 12 each x 3 Focus only on your obliques driving this movement instead of your arm. I used 7.5kg . I completed 4 rounds of the first 4 exercises as a circuit with around 30 seconds rest before moving into the last exercise. . Don’t forget to TAG your friends and save for later. LEMME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK 🥵

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💥 8 WEEK FULL BODY PLAN IS LIVE 💥 . 40 workouts all different to anything on my page with over 250 exercises. If you are looking to up your game and take it to the next level then this plan is what you’ve been waiting for. Lower and upper body workouts, ab circuits, meal plans, video demonstrations, form tips, support and access to a private Facebook group. All yours to keep and reuse forever!!! . It’s available worldwide 🌎🌍🌏 and for the first week there will be £10 off using code 8WEEK10 - I’m so excited to help more of you achieve your goals. Link is in my bio! . Now for this seriously awesome booty workout! Fewer exercises but more sets, these are some of my current favourite exercises to grow the glutes:- 1️⃣ Superset x 5 Dumbbell Sumo Squats - 10 Jump Squats - 12 2️⃣ Banded 1 & 1/2 rep Squats - 8 x 4 3️⃣ Smith Bulgarian Split Squats - 10 each x 3 4️⃣ Landmine SLD to Squat - 8 x 4 5️⃣ Assisted One Leg Deadlift - 10 each x 4 . Wearing my Badassss tee which is releasing Tuesday 16th July - time TBC! Also the resistance band is my own brand and recommended for my plans and style of training - they are the best 🔥 link also in bio! . Happy Thursday FAMILY, love you all so much ♥️

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Happy Tuesday my Fam!!! How’s the start of your week going? I’ve got here a great bodyweight HIIT workout that can be done ANYWHERE! Lots of jumping, lots of fat burning 🙌🏻 . I’m sure many of you are aware that @womensbestwear have restocked their Power Collection and it’s now live to purchase. They sold out pretty quick before so don’t miss out. This red set is my fave, any questions just drop me a comment 🥰 link in my bio to shop! . 1️⃣ Star Jump Pulse Squat - 10 2️⃣ Plank Walks/Mountain Climber - 10 3️⃣ Jump In 90 degree Squats - 20 4️⃣ Glute Bridge/Hip Ups - 12 5️⃣ Pulsing Jump Squats - 12 Take 30 seconds rest in between exercises and complete 4 rounds 😅 HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY! Love you all

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SHOULDER SUNDAY! I haven’t spent a full session on my shoulders in a while so I went to town and tried lots of fun exercises that really got them burning 🤯 And ending with a paused upright row was savage!!! . ❤️ Grateful for you to support me by liking this post and TAG someone you think would like to try this:- 1️⃣ DB Front Raise Complex - 6 x 3 2️⃣ Cable Rear Delt Fly - 8 each arm x 3 3️⃣ Superset x 3 DB Behind Back Lat Raises - 4 each arm DB Reverse Flys - 10 4️⃣ Kneeling Front to Back Press - 10 x 3 5️⃣ Landmine Press - 8 each arm x 3 6️⃣ Plate Raise Rotations - 5 x 3 7️⃣ KB Paused Upright Row - 8 x 3

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kimfrench87. 3 different stomachs and they all belong proudly to me! .
‘How did you

3 different stomachs and they all belong proudly to me! . ‘How did you get rid of your loose skin after pregnancy?’ I often get asked this and the truth is I haven’t. And I’m not ashamed to show anyone. You can work hard on improving your health and appearance but there are some things that we cannot change and shouldn’t let affect our happiness or desire to keep going. . It’s so easy to compare yourself to other people, I do this too. And admittedly sometimes it does make you feel a bit rubbish about yourself when you know it shouldn’t. But underneath every beautiful selfie and video you see on Instagram, there is something you don’t see! . Well I want to show you what you don’t see. You are not alone whatever your insecurities are. And on the days when we feel down and unhappy, we must remember there is so much more to be thankful for in our lives ❤️ Body confidence does not come from trying to achieve the ‘perfect’ body, it comes from embracing the one you’ve already got!

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kimfrench87. KILLER KETTLEBELL .
Wow I was a sweaty mess after this circuit! I pers

KILLER KETTLEBELL . Wow I was a sweaty mess after this circuit! I personally find kettlebells one of the most effective tools to work with when wanting a bit of an all over body workout! . Definitely give this a save to do next time you are in the gym or at home! If you dread your cardio... sack off the treadmill and DO THIS INSTEAD! So much more fun 🙌🏻😅 . Take 30 seconds rest in between exercises - 4 rounds!!! . 1️⃣ Plank Taps with Mountain Climbers - 30 secs 2️⃣ Swing into Squat - 10 3️⃣ Pulsing Step Forward Squats - 6 each side 4️⃣ Pulsing Side Lunges - 6 each side 5️⃣ Alternating Arm Clean & Press - 6 each side . This left me feeling AMAZING - I hope it does for you too 🔥

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Time to work on those ABS! 🔥 Hit the ❤️ and TAG a friend . I’ve been loving incorporating the cable machine after my ab circuit lately. Definitely check out the last exercise and give it a try - my new favourite! I completed 4 rounds of the circuit with minimal rest in between exercises. . Don’t forget having visible abs is down to how much fat tissue you have on your abdominal area so in order to reveal your hard work it is important to build your core and introduce a calorie deficit to decrease your body fat percentage. . 1️⃣ Bosu Ball Scissor Kicks to Crunch - 10 2️⃣ Hip Up Reverse Crunches - 8 3️⃣ Plank Step Out to Across Body Mountain Climbers 4️⃣ Rocking Flutter Kicks - 30 secs 5️⃣ Cable Opposite Hand to Foot Crunch - 10 each side x 3 . What is everyone else training today?

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kimfrench87. GROW YOUR GLUTES 🍑
I’m back!!!! And I have here another RED HOT FIRE

GROW YOUR GLUTES 🍑 I’m back!!!! And I have here another RED HOT FIRE workout that is going to hit your booty for some serious gains! . My one tip I want you to really focus on for better glute engagement is always abducting and pushing your thighs outwards especially with banded exercises. This will allow your gluteus medius and minimus to work harder and work on that rounder looking peach! . My bands are currently on SALE! But not for long so if you want 10% off, be quick and use code BAND10 - link in my bio. . Workout details:- 1️⃣ 1 & 1/2 rep Sumo Deadlifts - 8 x 4 2️⃣ Plate Lunge into Kick Back - 10 each x 3 3️⃣ Superset x 3 Banded Dumbbell Squat - 8 Banded Squat Taps - 10 4️⃣ Superset x 3 each leg Single Leg Glute Pushdown - 8 Curtsy Glute Pushdown - 8 5️⃣ Cable Banded SLD to Squat Complex - 8 x 4 6️⃣ Superset x 3 Banded Dumbbell Hipthrust - 10 Banded Hipthrust - 10 . Let me know if you and your bum will be giving this a try!? And TAG a friend who wants to grow their 🍑 sharing is caring! Hope you’ve all had a great week Wearing my own brand cropped hoodie - releasing soon 👏🏻

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