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Under the dreaming tree, watching the sun light up the brim of the pond. @gilesprett let me use his medium format Hasselblad for the day and I absolutely fell in love with it. There’s nothing like shooting on film.

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Scooping Mason before the Ashfield fall festival this past weekend. It was such a beautiful turnout, and the blueberry cobbler was to die for. Hope you enjoyed some color out there! 🍂

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Woodfire season 🍂

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Spent all day yesterday hunting foliage with @gilesprett (he’s in the bottom left corner shooting that old mill. You can see his shot on his feed. He’s a great photographer, does all my high end printing and is well worth a follow!) The foliage is peak in most of the high elevation spots I’ve been to, and my god is it prettier than ever 🍁🍂 get out there this weekend before the wind knocks it all off!

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We paddled out to that little peninsula to cook dinner over a fire and as we were getting coals ready the sky started to explode in pink and orange. It was one of the best autumnal sunsets I’ve ever seen.

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It appears they have us completely surrounded 😳🍁

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A mountain-top private pond paradise.

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Just after sunrise, watching one of my favorite towns yawn, stretch and come to life.

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kylefinndempsey. Have you ever gone for an October swim? It’s the perfect way to reset

Have you ever gone for an October swim? It’s the perfect way to reset your body and mind 🌊🍁

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All it takes is one turned tree to transport you to an autumn wonderland 🍂

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Boy, I can’t believe it’s already October. The last of the veggies are still hanging on in the garden, the trout are patiently waiting for autumn rain and Jack Frost is working his tail off on these hills. I grew up under the shadow of this little mountain and it still steals my breath when I see it at sunrise. There’s no place like home.

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Hudson has declared a “sleep in.” Those are official orders.

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