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•Venandi solo• 'Spray, Acrylics, on linen• 200cm x 120cm •2018•

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The exotic is strange for the most uninformed, but it is more special and expressive for those who respect the differences and looks favorably on the different and peculiar. #L7matrix Clamoris•Clamor 1 Spray, Acrylics, Primer, Oil pastels, Varnish, on linen" 210cm x 180cm "2018"

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l7matrix. •Part of the exhibition of fragments of the Berlin wall in the Europea

•Part of the exhibition of fragments of the Berlin wall in the European capital of art in 2019 Plovdiv. #ArtLiberte Bulgaria 🇧🇬 2014•2019

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•Magna King• ❌🔴 🇵🇬 •Spray, Acrylics, Oil pastels, on linen• In 1500, a legend said that the bird of paradise had no feet and so it should remain flying throughout its entire life. There are 40 species of this bird. They all live in New Guinea, on the north coast of Australia and on some islands in the region. At the time of mating, the male makes a splendid display of plumage on a tree branch or in an open glade for this. He attracts females, one after another, but after performing the mating he loses all interest in them. He does not even care about the nest and the cubs. If these birds did not live in almost inaccessible regions, they would have been exterminated when the fashion of feathered hats appeared. Even so, about 50,000 of them were slaughtered each year until 1920, when their hunting was banned. ...

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Flow X L7mstreetart.com #L7matrix

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🇧🇪 Fast live painting yesterday in Liège, Belgium 'Merci' #wafles #Vintagefestival #Livepainting #l7matrix #nophotosplease

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•Detail• X 🤐🤐🤐 Spray and acrylics, pastels oil and varnish on canvas 180cm x 140cm #L7matrix

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•Nova exolvuntur• •Spray, Acrylics, Oil pastels, Varnish, On linen• •170cm x 210cm• #art #painting #canvas #mixedmedia #original #gallery #birds #hummingbird #colors #2018 #agenceds

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Illegal X The current technological and scientific revolution implies not that authentic individuals and authentic realities can be manipulated by algorithms and TV cameras, but rather that authenticity is a myth. People are afraid of being trapped inside a box, but they don’t realise that they are already trapped inside a box their brain which is locked within a bigger box human society with its myriad fictions. When you escape the matrix the only thing you discover is a bigger matrix. #L7m #L7matrix

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•Americae novum colorum• •Spray and acrylics on linen• 170cm x 210cm

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