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It’s been real, America! After 3 months back in the Western Hemisphere, we’re finally leaving today to return to our new home in Bali. We’re beyond grateful to have incredible friends and family all over the world, but it’s a hard goodbye every time we leave NYC. When we moved to Bali in 2017 it was a giant risk and we only planned to stay a year.. but that year has turned into 2, and our hearts are ready to be back on that Indonesia island we love so dearly. First stop: Germany (see you tomorrow @travel_fred) then Singapore, and landing in Bali on Wednesday! . On another note- we’ve been so overwhelmed by all the kindness you guys have shown in response to our post from yesterday. So much encouragement and advice and positivity- we’ll do our best to respond to everyone, but just wanted to say THANK YOU. The best is yet to come!! . Remember to tag all your travel photos with #TheTravelLeague to be a part of the @LeagueTravels community! . #TheTravelLeague #LeagueTravelsxAruba @ritzcarlton #RCMemories

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Ok guys- time for some REAL TALK. We always share the happiest, most beautiful moments here, but we feel it’s important to share the not-so-perfect stuff too. It’s actually been a really hard few months for us, and as we move into 2019, wanted to share a little bit of where we’re at. Long story short- our drive crashed in Nov. and we lost almost everything we created in 2018 😭. We made the extremely dumb mistake of being slow with our backups, and between the hectic-ness of travel and quickly filling up hard drives, we didn’t back our main 4 TB drive up from April to November. And one night in the middle of our epic Bali trip, the drive just stopped reading. We tried everything, took it to every top repair shop in Bali, and no one could fix it. We flew to Singapore to bring it to one of the top data recovery specialists in Asia, and they deemed it un-recoverable. So, we shipped it to one of the best recovery specialists in America, and they could only recover 1%- all old files that we didn’t care about. Apart from some of our top selects and a few folders on Dropbox and our website, we. lost. everything. Photo + video from 16 countries, priceless memories and nearly a year’s worth of work, gone in a second. The entirety of the content from our first full-year of traveling- totally erased. To be really real, it was a major blow. It’s slowed us down in lots of ways, but especially in our morale. We’ve spent months feeling devastated at what we lost- at times it’s literally felt like we should give up. Trying to pull an old image or make a recap post or video, and it’s just not there. We know it’s just “stuff”- but it was the result of our biggest endeavor and most special year of life so far, and it’s gone. We’ve also felt unsure if what we are doing is even sustainable- and to continue creating has been really a struggle, as silly as it may sound. BUT- we’ve rallied, we’re working our way forwards, trusting for the future, and holding our heads high. We have our memories and that’s what really matters. We’re healthy and that can’t be bought. We have incredible friends and family who have encouraged and pushed us on.... (cont’d in comments)

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Mornings in paradise ☀️ @stregisbb . It’s our last weekend in America before we fly home to Bali on Monday.. it’s hard to believe that we’ve been away from Asia for nearly 3 months already! It’s been so amazing seeing our families and friends in the states, but we’re ready to be back in Bali for sure! . Remember to tag all your travel photos with #TheTravelLeague to be a part of the @LeagueTravels community! . #TheTravelLeague #LeagueTravelsxPuertoRico #PuertoRico #beautifulhotels

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Tara- I don’t think either of us could have dreamed up a life crazier than this, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. No matter where we go or what we pursue, no matter the exhilarating successes or the devastating defeats, no matter the distance or challenge or situation— my heart is fully and completely at home with you. Today, and every day, I’m the luckiest man in the world to be loved by you. Happy Valentine’s Day you sexy, sassy, sweet thing you. ILY forever xx -Zach . #TheTravelLeague #couple #coupletravel #valentinesday2019 #bemyvalentine #love #iloveyou

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Happy Wednesday guys! . Interrupting our normal travel posts today to re-introduce ourselves for anyone who’s recently joined us! We’re Zach and Tara- an adventure loving married couple from NYC and currently based in Bali, Indonesia. We sold most of our stuff in 2017 to travel full time and build a lifestyle brand focused on our passions- luxury travel, fashion and design. ‘Life in Style for the Modern Adventurer’, as we like to say. We’re both 29 years old, Tara’s background is in fashion and Zach’s is in music and design- we got married in 2014 and have been traveling together ever since. So, as things have grown and progressed it only made sense to jump head-first into building the brand full-time, and we’re so grateful that you’re along with us on this journey! . Tara wearing @magalipascal Zach wearing @rovebyronbay . Remember to tag all your travel photos with #TheTravelLeague to be a part of the @LeagueTravels community! . #TheTravelLeague

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It’s “take me somewhere tropical” season in frozen North America, which means time to highlight some of our favorite Caribbean escapes! Our blog post covering our all-inclusive stay at @barcelomayagrandresort is live now on LeagueTravels.com (just in time for Valentine’s Day, hint hint). Go check it out! . Remember to tag all your travel photos with #TheTravelLeague to be a part of the @LeagueTravels community! . #TheTravelLeague #LeagueTravelsxMexico #BarceloMoments #Mexico #Cancun #honeymoon #allinclusiveresort

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Stealing kisses and soaking up the last few moments of light at @stregisbb 🖤 . Our lives are fast-paced and always on the go- and to be honest, it’s easy to get so caught up in the crazy that we can forget to be present in the moment sometime. The line between “life” and “work” is a very blurry one in our industry, so we are always having to take a step back and re-evaluate what we’re doing and how we’re doing it! 👍🏼 Instagram is an amazing space, but it is so important to remember that social media doesn’t equal life. Moments may be captured inside the carefully curated squares, but it’s best lived outside of them. Much love guys! . Remember to tag all your travel photos with #TheTravelLeague to be a part of the @LeagueTravels community! . #TheTravelLeague #LeagueTravelsxPuertoRico #PuertoRico #LiveExquisite #stregisbahiabeach

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Puerto Rico has always been a special place for us- it was one of the first trips we went on after we got married and we’ve been coming back ever since. From wandering the colorful streets of Old San Juan and sipping on Piña Coladas in the restaurant they were created in to exploring jungles and kayaking through bioluminescent bays- there’s so much to do and see here and you don’t even need a passport (if you’re a US citizen)! . We spent the last few days at the @stregisbb- and if you’re looking for a luxurious, exotic jungle + beachfront destination without venturing too far from home, look no further! Remember to tag all your travel photos with #TheTravelLeague to be a part of the @LeagueTravels community! . #TheTravelLeague #LeagueTravelsxPuertoRico #LiveExquisite #PuertoRico

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Running around all day in the Puerto Rican sun has us like 💤... and is there anything more romantic than watching the sunset from a hammock on a private beach?! @stregisbb #LiveExquisite . Remember to tag all your travel photos with #TheTravelLeague to be a part of the @LeagueTravels community! . #TheTravelLeague #LeagueTravelsxPuertoRico #PuertoRico

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Teamwork makes the dream work 🌴💪🏼 . We’re here in Puerto Rico and so proud of this amazing island- totally devastated by hurricane Maria in 2017 but rebounding back in a way that only the passionate Puerto Ricans could! Life is getting back to normal here and the island is open for business once again, and it’s an honor to be here to show it off! We’ll be exploring the exquisite @stregisbb which is newly reopened after a year of remodeling, and we can’t imagine a more incredible place to enjoy the island from. . Do we have any Puerto Rican Followers?! Let us know in the comments below! 🇵🇷 . Remember to tag all your travel photos with #TheTravelLeague to be a part of the @LeagueTravels community! . #TheTravelLeague #LeagueTravelsxPuertoRico #puertorico #LiveExquisite #stregisbb

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We teamed up with @LexusUSA a few weeks ago to explore South Florida in the new 2019 ES 350 F Sport, and we’re now officially ruined to drive any other car ever. 😂 Thanks for the sick ride guys! . #Lexus #Experienceamazing #LexusES

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So long Aruba! It’s hard to believe we’d never visited this Caribbean paradise before, but we can confidently say we’ve fallen in love and will be back! Thanks @ritzcarlton for making our stay in Aruba incredible in every way. #RCMemories #RCPartner #Aruba . We’re now on our way now to another Caribbean paradise- and can’t wait to take you guys along with us! . Remember to tag all your travel photos with #TheTravelLeague to be a part of the @LeagueTravels community! . #TheTravelLeague #LeagueTravelsxAruba #travelbloggers

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