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Heli Hollowback with my Girl Coral! Check out my Stories and Story Highlights to see more insta meets and heli trippin! I’m currently flying from Alaska to Arizona and definitely taking the slow scenic route...😊🚁 ⠀ 🎉🎉🎉 Congratulations to all of you who participated in the fourth round of #ResolutionHandstand2019 and got on your hands with us every day! You all did AMAZING and we are so inspired by each and every one of you! ⠀ We are incredibly grateful to our sponsors who have donated some wonderful gifts to give away. Of course it was tough to choose, because our gallery was filled with so many hard working and dedicated handstanders, but we finally narrowed it down to these incredible yogis to Spotlight: ⠀ @truestrengthfit - @aloyoga Gift Card @finding_balance8213 - @aloyoga mat @dr.ritsfilterlife - @alo.moves @Yogipogie - @yogabody @inversiondiversion - @yogapaws @awwjoaww - @sahajanskincare @romolovesme - @tula.blue @youreverydayathlete - @infinitystrap ⠀ Congratulations! Your hard work and dedication shows and your selfless support of your fellow handstanders is what makes this crew so awesome 🙌❤ ⠀ We know many of you are continuing with us for the rest of the year and this is just so exciting!  We are loving watching your journey and will do our very best to cheer you on along the way, and seeing you cheer each other on is what this forum is all about. We will be back in December for our annual count down Giveaway! We hope to see you then!! ⠀ Make sure we can see you in the mean time by using the tag #TeamResolutionHS2019 Our community and supporting each other is what will get us through the year together and keep us accountable...which will ultimately grow our handstand practice.🙌❤ ⠀ With Love from your Handy Hosts: @seacoralyoga @leighyogipilot @bluesuntara @susanbishopyoga @beahappyamy @angelakukhahnyoga . . #hollowback #handstand #hollowbackhandstand #instameet #helicopter #helicopterpilot #femalepilot #travel #travelblogger

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Which one’s your favorite? I couldn’t decide! . Finally got to visit my IG Bestie @seacoralyoga and of course we had some yoga play time down on the beach with the iconic Haystack Rock on Cannon Beach. It was a whirlwind of a visit and we still managed to squeeze in all the things...helicopters, bonfires, and yoga! Check out my Stories for more! Thank you for the hospitality Coral and family!💖 . #beachyoga #pinchamayurasana #instameet #forearmstands #photoshoot #yogaphoto #yogaposes #pincha #yogainspo

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Fall colors in full effect!! . Have some magic to share!? Tag #MagicAsanaMonday . I’ll share my favorites in Stories! . @alpnrock #alpnrock #fallcolors #reversevideo #leaves #canadianred #magical #magicmonday

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Why am I am rolling around on a hotel bathroom floor...? Well to play with this week’s YogiSeeYogiDo pose of course! Doesn’t everyone do this? . Hahaha, the things I do for my IGYogaFam, especially my #ysydcrew.😂😊🤷‍♀️ . This week’s pose was chosen by the amazing @yogamand who was inspired by the lovely @yogafter40. . Swipe👈to see my inspirations and to see the comical struggle of how I got into this pose. @yogapaws are a MUST for me to get my foot to arm contact!🙌 . If you’ve been following my travels on Stories, stay tuned and you’ll see I made it back to the U.S. We are currently staying at a beautiful hotel on the north end of San Juan Island, Washington, called @rocheharborresort Anyone been here?! It’s amazing! . SAVE this post and TAG me when you TRY it!! . #yogapose #travelblogger #wearyourmat #foottoarmpit #hipmobility #letsstartyoga #womenwhoinspire #creativeyoga #yogashapes #yogidandasana

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Tagged for a #forearmfriday by my amazing friend @kaitlynpatrizia over in beautiful Spain, so I thought I’d share this beautiful piece of native art hanging on the wall at the @lundresortatklahahmen where I’m staying in Lund B.C. Canada. Check out my Stories for more! . Passing the tag to @sigikolbeyoga and @helen_garner_yoga over in Africa and @gabrielle_edwards_yoga in Tasmania and @livinleggings in England, and @helenehopyoga on the other side of Canada. When and if you feel like it!💖 . Wearing @aloyoga and @yogapaws #pinchamayurasana #travelblogger #yogi #forearmbalance #armbalance #hollowback #inversion #travelcanada #exploring

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I don’t really celebrate Birthdays, and I’m always shocked when someone actually remembers mine...so THANK YOU to all of you who somehow knew!🙌🙏😊 And please don’t feel bad if you didn’t...I didn’t tell anyone😂. . But, I had a really, really lovely day...just me n’ my Man on our travels south, and we happened across this incredible spot in B.C. Canada called The Lund Resort, and they have a HELI PAD!!! How friggen cool is that!!?? So yah, when they said we could land here, we booked a night immediately! And I happened to love it so much, we haven’t left...3 days later! 😊😂🤷‍♀️ #roomwithaview . Now I’m totally spoiled and on the hunt for hotels with helipads. If you happen to know of one, DM me!! . PS I just left Alaska for the winter...I’m flying a helicopter south to Arizona, and taking my time getting there. If you want to go for a sightseeing flight or a flight lesson or even some advanced flight training, contact me for rates. . #helicopter #helipad #canada #travelcanada #explorebc #pilots #pilotlife #helicopterpilot #ladypilot #hotelliving

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That time when I got to play with one of my favorite IG friends IRL!!! Yup, last spring, I got to meet up with @susanbishopyoga and her daughter and I immediately whisked them away for a fun #heliyoga adventure. Swipe👈to see our mountain top shenanigans...I even put her daughter in the pilot seat for her first helicopter flight lesson!! ⠀ Tomorrow is the last day of the 4th round of #resolutionhandstand2019 and this is our 3rd year of of doing these challenges every 3 months. We absolutely LOVE this community of handstanders...it’s why we started doing this in the first place! ⠀ @bluesuntara and I did a year of handstands together with an awesome group of ladies in 2015, the #366hcrew. @seacoralyoga and I met here on the gram and then ended becoming neighbors and Besties in Kona, Hawaii together. So then when Tara and Coral and I were planning a challenge in December of 2016, we decided on a handstand theme to help people find other people around the world with this common interest that could cheer each other on and help keep each other inspired and motivated to practice. We invited our other badass cohosts to fill the gap for an ALL LEVELS group of hosts, and boom #resolutionhandstand was born! ⠀ Whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or just now participating in your very first RHS, you are part of this Team, and we are so glad you’re here! ⠀ #TeamResolutionHS2019 Use this tag to stay connected to your fellow handstanders between challenges. We will be back at the end of the year with an informal challenge, the 2019 Countdown Giveaway...so keep practicing!!! ⠀ Tomorrow’s assignment is Yogis Choice. Share what you’d like to, just make sure you practice...at least a little bit every day. I’ll put today’s short and very cold practice in my Stories. ⠀ Make sure to check out my awesome co hosts for their amazing insights. ⠀ Your Handy Hosts: @susanbishopyoga @beahappyamy @seacoralyoga @leighyogipilot @bluesuntara @angelakukhahnyoga ⠀ Generous Sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves @yogapaws @yogabody @tula.blue @infinitystrap @sahajanskincare . #handstandvideo #yogavideo #airportyoga #pilot #femalepilot #helicopterpilot #aviation #flightinstructor #yogateacher

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leighyogipilot. Core strength! It’s essential for handstands, and all inversions.

Core strength! It’s essential for handstands, and all inversions. This dolphin pose slide drill is a killa! So even on the days that you can’t get a full practice in, at least gift yourself a few minutes to fire up your core. A little bit every day, and you can’t help but to progress. ⠀ #resolutionhandstand2019 Day 9 assignment: Leg Shape: #straightlegscorpion Drill: #dolphinpose slides I’m using these awesome sliders from our sponsor @yogabody but you can also use socks or a blanket/towel etc. ⠀ This handstand shape is a super challenging one. You can easily strain your back if you allow gravity to bend your back rather than using strength. Basically, less is more when it comes to the bend. ⠀ Make sure to check out my awesome co hosts for their amazing insights too. ⠀ Your Handy Hosts: @susanbishopyoga @beahappyamy @seacoralyoga @leighyogipilot @bluesuntara @angelakukhahnyoga ⠀ Generous Sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves @yogapaws @yogabody @tula.blue @infinitystrap @sahajanskincare ⠀ ⠀ #scorpionhandstand #scorpionpose #handstanddrills #handstand

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Brrr, It’s cold in Alaska! Did anyone catch my SUP adventures in my Stories? I was actually breaking ice on the glacier lake with my paddle...crazy! But yeah, I think it’s about time for this little birdie🚁to migrate South for the winter!😅🥶 ⠀ For tomorrow’s #resolutionhandstand2019 Day 8 assignment, we are doing #marypoppinslegs which just can’t help but make you smile! It also forces you to really engage your legs. It’s deceivingly challenging though, so feel free to use a wall, or even try it in headstand or forearm stand instead. I took my practice outside to share the snowy mountains and the cool clouds. This was all of 3 minutes and you can see the clouds changing super quickly behind me. I left it at normal speed for part of it so you can see how I am actually using the wall as a prop to help find my balance. ⠀ The drill assignment is another one using socks, but this time we are sliding our feet down the wall into a tuck. It’s not an easy one, and if you’re not comfortable with it, you can achieve the same effect lying on your back, arms overhead with hands touching the wall. Engage your core and tuck your knees up to your chest. ⠀ Make sure to check out my awesome co hosts for their amazing insights too. I learn something new every day from these badass Ladies! ⠀ Your Handy Hosts: @susanbishopyoga @beahappyamy @seacoralyoga @leighyogipilot @bluesuntara @angelakukhahnyoga ⠀ Generous Sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves @yogapaws @yogabody @tula.blue @infinitystrap @sahajanskincare#coredrill #handstandvideo #yogachallenge #yogatutorial #learntohandstand #yogateacher

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This summer was the busiest work season I’ve had in all 9 years of being in business. It’s been exhausting, both mentally and physically. But as luck would have it, it’s also been the slowest fall season on record, so I’m re energizing my soul with as much play time as possible...rain, shine, cold or colder...I’m getting out there! . Swipe through for some fun shots from #standuppaddling on the first ice crusted day at the Valdez Glacier Lake. . Happy #MagicAsanaMonday! Tag me in your magic pics and I’ll share my favorites in my Stories!💙 . Thanks for the Princess treatment for dry slippers via a truck lift in and out of the lake @helipilotmike 💖 . Thanks for the pics and the adventure @jeremytalbott73 @valdez_boardman #paddlersofthenorth . Thanks for making a badass #inflatablesup that can handle breaking ice!🙌 @irockersup #blackfinsup #glaciers #alaska #exploremore #sup #standuppaddle #exploreyourworld #icebergs #blueice #glassywater

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Helicopters and Handstands! This was one of my favorite landing🚁spots of the whole summer, almost like it was made for #heliyoga, with a big smooth slab of granite, overlooking an iceberg filled glacier lake and fall colors that you can’t quite see here, but they were kickin! ⠀ Tomorrow’s assignment for Day7 of #resolutionhandstand2019 is #teapotlegs, which can be a confusing shape upside down. I think of it as splits first and then bend the back leg. ⠀ Your drill assignment is a killer core exercise inspired by @cathymadeoyoga. I’m using sliders from @yogabody which are awesome, but you can also use socks on your hands. Swipe👈to see it, and keep in mind I sped it up x2, so move slower for better effect. I demonstrate 3 levels of difficulty on these “boat pose sit ups.” Choose what works for you and get that core on🔥fire before your handstand practice. ⠀ I also demonstrated my favorite way to enter any handstand: walking up the wall (or helicopter.😂) This entry allows you to get comfortably stacked with hips over shoulders and shoulders over wrists, before you take your weight off the wall and hold the balance. Give it a try if you haven’t already! ⠀ Make sure to check out my awesome co hosts for their amazing insights too. I learn something new every day from these badass Ladies! ⠀ Your Handy Hosts: @susanbishopyoga @beahappyamy @seacoralyoga @leighyogipilot @bluesuntara @angelakukhahnyoga ⠀ Generous Sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves @yogapaws @yogabody @tula.blue @infinitystrap @sahajanskincare#helicopter #helicopterpilot #pilots #handstand #tutorial #yogadrill #strengthdrill #alaskayoga #aviation #femalepilots

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Hello from the Columbia Glacier! This is my favorite place in the world...huge chunks of glacier ice get stranded on the beach during low tide and I find different treasures every time I fly🚁out here! ⠀ I’m using parallettes for my #handstands today to keep my hands dry and to give my wrists a rest. ⠀ Tomorrow is Day 6 of #resolutionhandstand2019 and your assignment is my favorite, #Hollowback! It’s a day of favorites! We also have a great shoulder opener using a strap or sock or whatever you can find. ⠀ Swipe👈for the tutorials and leave a comment below with any questions.❤️ ⠀ Make sure to check out my awesome co hosts for their amazing insights too. I learn something new every day from these badass Ladies! ⠀ Your Handy Hosts: @susanbishopyoga @beahappyamy @seacoralyoga @leighyogipilot @bluesuntara @angelakukhahnyoga ⠀ Generous Sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves @yogapaws @yogabody @tula.blue @infinitystrap @sahajanskincare#hollowbackhandstand #tutorial #yogatutorial #howtohollowback #handstand #paralettes #alaskayoga #hiddengems #hellofrom #columbiaglacier #valdezalaska #alaska #goatworthy #yogagirls

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