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lilithmoonlife. I've been searching for an intense red matt lipstick that wouldn't dry

I've been searching for an intense red matt lipstick that wouldn't dry out my super sensitive lips, and finally found my happiness with @catrice.cosmetics and their Ultimate Matt 030 💋 As I was exploring other @cartice.cosmetics products, I fell in love with their waterproof brow pencil (it turned out to be perfect for my oily skin) and their liquid eyeliner - it's awesome for precise application and super easy to use 👍 In this photo I used all these products #passionateaboutmakeup #passionateaboutmakeup @catrice.cosmetics

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❤️👍 for my grandma who took this pic 📸 The focus is slightly off, but it was her very first debut with my professional camera 😁Hair: @glamtimehair

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A walk in nature walks the soul back home🧡🍁🍂 Where is your home?

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Where are you now? 🗺 This year I’m spending fall and winter in Doha, Qatar, and can only dream of real fall vibes... It’s still burning hot here 🥵🔥 and I’m looking forward to the following weeks when the weather will cool down, just enough to be outside at least at night 🤣

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Waiting for a little pumpkin! 🤰🎃❤️

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The greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow. Count your rainbows, not your thunderstorms! 🌈❤️🧡💛💚💙

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Hope is a walking dream ✨ Hair extensions: @glamtimehair ❤️

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It’s my birthday today! 🎁🎂🍰 You are only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely 🥳😜🤭

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Your life cannot be perfect, but your hair can be 🤭❤️ For extra length and volume in my braid, I added my @glamtimehair clip in extensions 😊 Accessories: @bijoubrigitte and ASOS ✨

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MY SOCIAL BREAK This year, especially last couple of months, life has been overwhelming for me... All sorts of experiences, ranging from great to ugly and heartbreaking. I had to deal with family and health issues, move out to a new home and go through all sorts of bureaucracy/incompetence of public officials that have drained all my energy. My constant fatigue and apathy make me think that I reached the point of a burnout. Now that things start to calm down, I hope to heal and restore my normality, internally and socially. I still don't feel like myself, but I hope that time will cure it - nothing lasts forever. Thanks for your support and understanding!

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The rain is coming... time to go for a swim! 💙⛈🏊‍♀️ Who else loves exotic rain showers? ❤️ Accessories: @bijoubrigitte + some hair pins from ASOS.

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Bath... 🛁 a perfect place to wash your worries away! 😊 Mr. George the Heron in the background has asked me to say Hi to you all! 👋🐦

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One way to add a sparkle to your braid 🌙✨ What do you think? Yes or no? For extra length and volume, I used @glamtimehair extensions 💛

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Meet me where the sea meets the sky! 🌊🐠🐬🐡🐚 Special thanks to Mr. George, the birdie in this pic, for his feature - love it when he comes to visit our water villa every day 😊 with the exception for that one occasion when he left a dead crab in front of our door 🤭 Watch George is my Story! 🥰

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Sea or pool? What’s your 1st choise? 🏊‍♀️ I was raised by the sea so if I ever go to a pool, it’s only for photos 🤣📸

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Life is a beach! 🌴🌞❤️

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Not all stars belong to the sky, some come from the ocean 💙 Btw, I just love the new hair trend with all sorts of hair clips and pins to decorate literally any hairstyle: bun, braid, pony or curls ❤️ How about you? Did you try it out yet?

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Forever chasing sunsets 🌅❤️

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Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path ⛈ Storms are almost a daily event in Maldives, but it’s hard not to enjoy swimming in the rain when it’s still +28C 🏊‍♀️🐬❤️

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Nature is not a place to visit, it is home! Seeing this human-made “nest” makes me admire little birdies and their mind-blowing skills of weaving nests from twigs, mud, their own feathers etc. 🕊🌱💚 They don’t have consciousness, they don’t get a special training! It’s fascinating how their instincts are so intricate and precise that they achieve incredible complexity and durability! Check out “Weaver bird nest” on YouTube to discover who little geniuses make hanging birds similar to the one in this photo (I bet it’s much more comfortable too lol). I linked an amazing BBC video in my Story! ❤️ SKIRT: @lilithmoonstyle. Hair: @glamtimehair ❤️

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Where do you go on vacation this summer? I keep on researching different paradise places, but Maldives beat them all, year after year 🤣 For me and hubby, it’s all about their proximity to Europe and amazing snorkeling/diving opportunities, just at your door step! I’m obsessed with exotic fish watching, it’s like discovering a parallel universe or traveling to another planet full of exciting alien life 🐡🦑🐠🐬🐙🐳 I know that eventually, we need go discover the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, but for that we’ll need at least 1 month off! 😍 BTW, can you believe this swimsuit is partially DIY? I got a plain one and spent 2 days making and attaching flowers to it 🌸 Never again! 🤣🤣🤣 I was sure it would take much less time but couldn’t stop half way 🤭Accessories: @bijoubrigitte

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Would you get up at 5am for a sunrise photoshoot? 🕊I love morning light and empty streets, but I’m really not a morning person 🦉I don’t think I had more than 5 early shoots in my entire life🤭 📸: @bisousparis edited by me 🎨

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