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Nothing Breaks The News Like The News, shop my looks @whyt_ace_magazine_ now! #urban #urbanoutfitters #urbanfashion #wears #looks #store #shop #shopping

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Instead of going around down on yourself, feeling not attractive, too tall, too short, not enough of this, too much of that. I dare you to take this day, the first page of 365 pages to create an image or visual you would love to see cause you're a masterpiece. As you start the year you must own each day. I dare you to start where you are, use what you have and do what you have to do to get to the mountain top. At the end make each breath count. Stay woke! Happy new year! Actor: Louis Dop: @friistii Voice over: Louis

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louisrein. No matter how tall ur dad is you've to do Ur own growing by looking th

No matter how tall ur dad is you've to do Ur own growing by looking this fresh, clean & swanky wit Legendary & Extraordinary Stylist @whyt_ace_magazine_ your life just got better. litty wears available DM for yours #asap 🔥 🔥 🔥 Model: Louis Rein @dadaboyehiz @denrele_edun @nancyisimeofficial @faceofdemocracy_nigeria @hashtagtvafrica @jos_finest @unijossocial @josphotographers @olihi.ng . . #lagosfashionweek #urbantakeover #fashion #lifestyleblogger #londonfashion #urbanwears #cartier #fashionlife #fashionlifestyle

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Repost from @hashtagtvafrica It was a classic weekend at the @faceofdemocracy_nigeria Held at @hiltonabuja The event was witnessed by top notch personalities and "A" list celebrities in Nigeria.... Here is a cut of what went down over the weekend... @kingfajag @vivianlam_glamour @ikogbonna @nancyisimeofficial @kennethokwonkwo @abujareggaefestival @abujarocks @abuja #abujababes #peagent #models #topmodels #catwalks #catwalk #runway #beauty #brain #award

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louisrein. The 17th day at the Jos 2018 Trade Fair \"BACK TO THE ROOTS CONCERT\" A
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I REMEMBER Just like the dreams of late Martin Luther King Jr, It began with the body count before she had me in her womb,inside you was a life. Thoughts, situations/conditions and temptations must have had you think to abort me... For real! I remember it was 9Months, 9days on the 9th day of June in the cold & quite morning of this Holy day "Sunday". Should I be called Sunday? Lol I still remember it was just myself and you struggling but I delivered you of me. I remember the first comment you made"thank God it is A Boy" then came the motherly love and the first touch you had on my cheeks with avid enthusiasm. I still remember how you kissed my forehead, blessed me, taught me, corrected me and even nursed me in my sick days. I remember all the stories you told me at nights, the wise sayings,riddles and parables You said to motivate, inspire and keep me going. SO, I SAY TODAY! Bless be the day you brought me to this world Mama, cause you the only mother that I ever knew. Bless be this Contemporary History of today to be... HBD to the day I knew you mama RIP to the last moments we spent together, struggle together and I ain't too proud to tell you that I cried sometimes about you Mama😢 "As you watch me from above, Ama live the life you wanted me to always live... I know you just whispered to the angels how we use to be before. Just Like mother like son" I Love You Mama! It's my birthday!!! Vj Louis Rein @Iceprince @9jabrand @dunesabuja

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HBD General @dadaboyehiz More life, more blessings, more money 💰 I wish upon you boss... @catherine_okoeguale #plusone

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Joscarnival @iceprincezamani walking down the streets of jos with the coolest swag the love for big daddy ice is unending cc @wickedestdjdino

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