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luke_bermingham. “This is how legends are made” 
First time hearing this song & I Gotta

“This is how legends are made” First time hearing this song & I Gotta love it 😂 @loadedbarcollective 🔥 190/418lbs x 5 tempo @ 5/5.5 PR Lots of room to grow 🤪 @remullagotgrams with the spot. Tempo could be a little cleaner tbh & I’ll fix that next week. but for now I am happy cause I am finally learning how to squat efficiently, baby steps. @powerliftingbarrett ily @hamstringpapi you’re hot #BIGCHUNGUS #Legend #areyoudumb

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245/540lbs x 3 Best deadlift triple from Nats prep. This was a +25lbs triple PR. Really looking to build this deadlift to something silly 🤪 @bandofbarbells #mybad #okayyy #legend

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185/407 x 8’s on squat 190/418 x 8’s on dead 102.5/225 x 3’s on bench Last set shown for each, All very sub max, the squats and deads feel like death 😂 but I’m exited to start pushing it 🤪 @hamstringpapi everyone go watch 5 feet apart @colesprouse

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luke_bermingham. Going full cheater mode 😤
This off season im trying to be all about b

Going full cheater mode 😤 This off season im trying to be all about being more efficient, learning to be patient and more focused when lifting. 220/485 lbs x 1 210/463 lbs x 1 paused (not shown) First Paused deadlift in probably a year #excuses This is my second day with the stance significantly wider and it actually feels pretty great! I have a lot to work on but @powerliftingbarrett and @hamstringpapi have been helping me loads! Getting my Pull as efficient as I want it to be is going to be a lot of work, but I’m really excited to see what I can do with it in these next couple months!

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luke_bermingham. Follow my little baby!!! If you don’t follow lmk so I can fight you ❤️

Follow my little baby!!! If you don’t follow lmk so I can fight you ❤️

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Can’t wait till summer ☀️ Chilling with the man himself @_cejaxi_

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Here are my L’s!! All of these were meant to be decently easy attempts but were missed cause I’m an idiot ⬇️⬇️ SQ3: 247.5/545 squat DL3: 250/551 dead SQ2: 242.5/534 squat Failure is apart of life, and these fails are just preparing me for the future. I need to refine my technique and learn how to control my hype and aggression when lifting. I have the next 8 ish months off to improve my lifting technique, get stronger and make sure I’m ready to actually perform when the time comes! Once again congrats to everyone who put it together meet day! 🥰 (Also listen to all the hypes my friends bring for me 😭😤 you guys are the best. Love you 😋)

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I’m always super hard on myself but my bench progress is something I’ve been really happy about lately. Here is my best attempts in my last 3 meets! 107.5/236 August 25th 2018 (6.5 ish months ago) 117.5/258 October 27th 2018 (4.5 ish months ago ) 127.5/281 March 6th 2019 (This week) Thanks @hamstringpapi for helping me build this bench, Im very excited for this off-season I have a lot of goals to smash and we have nothing but time to smash them 🤪

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CPU NATS 2019 ‼️ This was my first national championship ever, and it did not go how I was expecting it but that’s apart of the process. I went 6/9 only hitting my opener on squat and missing my third deadlift. Best lifts: Squat: ⚪️⚪️⚪️ 230kg’s/507lbs squat +2.5 meet PR (shown) Bench: ⚪️⚪️⚪️ 127.5kg/281lbs + 10 kg’s meet PR (shown) (this is going to be my last meet as a poverty bench boi) Deadlift: ⚪️⚪️⚪️ 240kg/530lbs + 10 kg’s meet PR Total: 597.5kg/1,350lbs +22kg meet PR Still didn’t hit 600kg ☠️ I was expecting a lot more out of myself and i let myself down big time, this is honestly just more motivation for myself to work harder and do more to achieve what I expect from myself, can’t wait to get back to training. I could make excuses as to why I underperformed, but I’m not going to do that, I am responsible for every missed attempt, I just need to learn how to control my emotions when lifting so that I can execute and not get called on the little things. Thank you every single one of you who came out to support me, watched the live stream, or were rooting for me! I should have gotten pictures with people but I didn’t even think of it. Thank you @hamstringpapi for helping me grow so much as a lifter over the past few months, we have accomplished so much together all ready together and I am very excited to continue to grow together 💪 Thank you @goldsmithmatt For dealing with me on meet day and giving me the chances you did! Thanks to all the 74kg beauties that put up a great fight for podium, everyone who has competed, or is going too! And last but definitely not least Congrats to my brother @powerliftingbarrett for the WIN! That made my day 100X better! That brought tears to my eyes. you 100% deserve it brother ❤️!

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luke_bermingham. Feels for tomorrow 😤😤 #cpunats2019 #bigchungus

Feels for tomorrow 😤😤 #cpunats2019 #bigchungus

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Throw back to a year ago at the @arnoldsports where me @carlo.hung & @mason74kg went on brocation, we had @dennysdiner every morning ate all the @benandjerrys you could imagine, toured the expo, met some amazing ppls and did a mock meet/ max out thingy 😤 I walked away with a 475lbs squat which was a 30 lbs PR st the time And only pulled 475lbs missing 525 lbs (on deadlift bar) We didn’t test max bench but I would be lucky to hit 225lbs at the time. Seeing this come up on my memories while 48 hours out from Nationals is a great reminder for myself to be happy with the progress I have made. At the end of the day becoming a better version of yourself is the main goal 🔥 #arnoldclassic #arnoldclassic2019 This trip was dope asf and I def want to go to the Arnold’s again next year!

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ISSA WRAP 🌯 This will be around last warmup heading into the squatie 💩’s (nvm posted wrong vid) Currently water loading while being SICKO MODE 🤮 and my stomach is crying 😭. If you wanna watch me compete Wednesday I’ll find the live stream link and put it in de bio 😤 Best of Luck to my @bandofbarbells family and everyone else competing 🤪 @vanversusbar with the high five Also look @ my belly popping out of my shirt 😩😍

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luke_bermingham. Swipe for non edited version! Which look do you like more? 😌

Swipe for non edited version! Which look do you like more? 😌

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SICKO MODE Luke still smashing PR’s 🤮🤪 Here’s a 250kg’s/551lbs! 20 kilos over my best pull from Provincials! and a 6lbs all time PR! Fatigued from the flu & volume, but the taper is currently saving me 😌 Watching the Arnold’s live stream and it has me so hyped to compete! 5 days out baby! Essketit! S/O @carlotorres__ for the late night hype 🥺☺️ #cpunats2019

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luke_bermingham. Would it even be meet prep if I didn’t get sick? 
227.5/501 x 3 Pocket

Would it even be meet prep if I didn’t get sick? 227.5/501 x 3 Pocketboiz @ not depth tho sorry @hamstringpapi #fuckmefuckimessededupded Sets went 220/220/227.5/220 These all look a little high but bad angles didn’t help, got better angles after my 227 was high. Session is a W tho because I’m sick & dyin But still movin weight. #sickomode #yackfest2019 8 days out #cpunats2019 I will not miss depth meet day, speaking it into existence 🥰 1 more squat day Friday then de game is on 🤠

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Me and @mason74kg fight to the death, who’s winning and why?

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Speedy dead single with my comp max 🤪 Easy bench single with over my comp max 🤪 And 3rd set of my 5’s on bench shown (Every set PR) 🤪 bench is feeling amazing right now 👀 You can tell by the look @jovenjmingala ‘s face Excited to drop this volume and have everything feeling light again 😈 just over a week out from #cpunats2019 bw; 75.5 so we good 😍

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240kg/529lbs x 1 @ 👀 Moved incredibly well considering how beat up I am. Very happy as this was my 1rm under 4 months ago and now could take it for 3 maybe 4 reps fatigued Shoutout to the whole squad At @bandofbarbells because everyone was feasting last night 🤪 @hamstringpapi @goldsmithmatt #11daysout

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