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230/506lbs x 3 @ 7.5 (Strapless PR) After 225/496lbs x 3 @ 6< Ripped my thumb on this set 😔 Things are feeling good. Deadlift is on the rise, just in time. 7 ish weeks out 🤤 @andrewbrown_14 I’m coming 😈😂❤️

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luke_bermingham. 200/440lbs x tempo 4 @7.5 
3 more sets of 4 with 195/429lbs @7

200/440lbs x tempo 4 @7.5 SWIPE 3 more sets of 4 with 195/429lbs @7 (last set shown) SWIPE 100/220 x 9 @ 8/8.5 then some drop downs

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luke_bermingham. Back down trips with 210/463 
@ sub 6 (never moved this that easy ever

Back down trips with 210/463 @ sub 6 (never moved this that easy ever) SWIPE 102.5/225 lbs x 6’s @ 7/7.5 SWIPE And finished with 7’s from the volume on Friday that I couldn’t complete because of my head. W/ 190/407lbs at sub 6 with NO PAIN!

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227.5/501 x 3 @ BOII 😅 prescribed @ 7 but it was definitely easier, never felt so clean and efficient, honestly have to give a shout-out to @powerliftingbarrett & obvi @hamstringpapi for the tips, Blake pointed out that I didn’t have much arch in my foot when pulling, and focusing on that during my warmups and top set def made the difference this time. excited to push these trips 😳 & Blake fuck you for posting your deadlift that’s heavier than this and for more reps at the same time.

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Finally Took my L last night ☠️ 215/473lbs x7 attempt, I know the strength was there, just didn’t execute. pretty disappointed because I was ready to body this shit 😤 I’ve been getting a lot of pain in my head while squatting heavy for reps, possibly some type of exertional headaches, anyways my head feels extreme pressures and it feels like im going to pass out, it occurred from the second rep onward, the weight was still moving easily but it fucking killed & made it hard to brace, if I braced hard and correctly I would nearly faint, I hit the rack on my last rep and couldn’t get it. Regardless of the head shit, I dive bomb my squats, and I need to focus on grabbing the floor with my feet and controlling my decent, the set would have been messy regardless as my technique showed. Swipe for last warmup at 210-463 with perfect execution as no head pain. @hamstringpapi only up from here.

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About a 1.5 year transformation! Am I getting thicc? Used to look like @powerliftingbarrett 🤮

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Very Easy 220/484lbs triple followed by 8’s with 197.5/435lbs, triple felt the best it has in a while! exited to be pulling easy trips in the 500’s for once! During backdowns @powerliftingbarrett was teaching me about arching the foot when deadlifting which I never had incorporated before. I know it’s going to play a huge role in my positioning when I can get it down. As you can see in that set, some reps were great while others I was more out of position, it’ll come with time. I knew Blake was good for something. Also if you are wondering why we are in two different gyms, it’s because we trusted Blake to check the times, he was confused by 6 & 8 Pm looking so similar 😅👀, so we all rushed our top sets and went to iron for backdowns and accessories. @mason74kg

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197.5/434lbs x 4 PR!! @ 7.5 ish last rep was a mess, hips shot up way to fast and I miss-grooved, other then that the set was good & 100/220 x 9 @ 8 ish with extremely bad back cramp 😩😭 (ties my best ever from last week, last week this was rpe 11) LOOK AT LAST PICTURE

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The object to your right was going up your ass how screwed are you? Last warmup from Friday at 207.5/455 (poorly executed. Proceeds to up the weight anyway) & 3x8 @ 7ish (2nd set shown with 97.5/215lbs) binchpress

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215/473 X 3 @ 6.5-7 not the prettiest, legs & booty are fatigued af from heavy squat volume yesterday but it still went up 🙏 Pulls feeling a bit better overall as I’m starting to figure out how to use my quads efficiently again. & last set with 102.5/225 x 6 @ 7/7.5 ish after 100/220 for 2 sets of 6 @ 6 for the last bench day of the week 👀 happy with this aswell

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210/463 X 7 @ 8 🥳 Happy about this 🤪

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Good sangles with 260 & 255 Max Comp bench 8 weeks ago was 258 so this is good 👀 Once I start having more singles things will move even better ❤️ @hamstringpapi

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luke_bermingham. 210/463 x 4 @ 7 followed by 220/484 x 4 @ 8 (no vid 😡)
And 100/220 x

210/463 x 4 @ 7 followed by 220/484 x 4 @ 8 (no vid 😡) And 100/220 x 9 @ death After 95/97.5 @ 7 so I thought 100 would be @ 8 ☠️😕 Deads not feeling smooth at all yet, but that’s fine, it’ll come, first day back on the eliko and comp plates

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Only resolution is to set no more limitations for myself. Stop believing you’re lesser than you are, you can do whatever you set your mind to. Understand YOU are the reason you are not where you want to be. Believe in yourself 🙏 195/429 X 4 tempo @ 7 ish, then lightened the weight a tad and cleaned it all up for the following sets

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463 x 3 hurted the day after my sets of heavy squat 7’s and heavy 12’s on the belt squat ☠️ This was the first week I’ve been able to truly push myself again and my body hurts, was hard to get into position at all loll☠️😂, there’s my excuses, could have gone up but I stayed here & didn’t load up something dumb, regardless this is still a decenf set for me, need to take recovery more serious, Excited for next week 🙏

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202.5/445.5 lbs X 7 @ 6 probably less PR Before my 207.5/455lbs x 7 & 100/220lbs for 8 x 7.5 PR Last clip is the last rep of the set of 7.

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207/455lbs x 7 @ 8 after 202.5/445lbs x 7 @6.5 ish S/O @hazelmaelift for the shirt 😈🔥 Tried to take my time between reps

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112.5(247.5)/115(253)/112.5 for some pretty ez longish pause sangles! Comp best is onl 117.5 so this is good! & Bruhh wtf was Instagram doing this morning with that werid as update?? 🤷🏼‍♀️

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