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magsyoga. \"Don't wait for your dreams to come true.
Become true for your dreams.

"Don't wait for your dreams to come true. Become true for your dreams." Feeling blessed to be creating this space again with @nuriapeguera ! Day 3 of our Sacred Feminine Retreat - exploring our manipura chakra and our inner power! . . . #sisterhood #equinox #fullmoon #power #manipura #sacred #sacredfeminine #feminine #retreat #goddess #rising #shakti #dance #movement #healing #goa #india #women #freedom #wildwomen #tantra #shamanism #truth #flow #womb #womencircle #goddessrising #newearth

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magsyoga. First day of our Sacred Feminine Retreat with @nuriapeguera - working

First day of our Sacred Feminine Retreat with @nuriapeguera - working with the roots and the earth element and bringing the wisdom, love and protection of our ancestors. . So much love and gratitude to every woman who was ready to share this journey with us. More magic tomorrow ❤ . . #sacredcircle #sacredfeminine #women #feminine #power #shakti #rising #awakening #retreat #retreats #yogaretreat #yogaretreats #love #dance #movement #healing #sacreddance #sisterhood #womencircle #roots #shamanic #tantra #flow #india #goa #shaktirising #kundalini #wisdom

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magsyoga. These two ladies really make me look forward to being in my 50s... so

These two ladies really make me look forward to being in my 50s... so so so much love for them! Thank you for singing with me today! . . #soulsisters #favouritehumans #somuchlove

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magsyoga. A Yoga retreat is a safe space for deep nourishment and reconnection.

A Yoga retreat is a safe space for deep nourishment and reconnection. 💥 We come together to support each other in our journeys and make it whatever we need it to be for ourselves – a space to laugh, to cry, to open up, to be vulnerable, to meet people, to charge up your batteries, to create healthy habits, to sing, to dance, to move, to heal, to connect with nature, to cleanse, to rest, to energise, to explore who you are… 💥 We are all so different and all so beautifully unique. We come from different cultures, countries, backgrounds. Different races, genders, religions. We are so different – yet at the same time we are exactly the same. We have the same wounds, same needs, we experience the same emotions. And we come together to allow each other to be our most authentic selves, to be seen and held and supported in whatever we are going through and whatever we need. 💥 The Revive and Replenish yoga retreat will be held in Portugal from August 17 to 24, at an eco sustainable resort with 70ha of green forests around, amazing facilities including bio pool, water canal, outdoor bathtub and much more! Join us for the exploration of yoga, breathwork, meditation, mantras and much more! 💥 Spaces are filling up and early-bird discount is valid until April 1st, so if you are interested, comment below or send me a pm to receive the full info pack! 💥 📸by @sonjaearlphotographer #yoga #yogaretreat #yogaretreats #bestyogaretreats #bestyogaretreat #yogaholiday #yogainportugal #portugal #yogaeverydamnday #yogalove #vinyasayoga #meditation #mindfulness #spirituality #healing #yogavacation #holiday #traveling #naturelover #reconnection #vegan #healthyliving #health #power #consciousliving #permaculture #innerpeace #innerjourney

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magsyoga. @nuriapeguera and I might be a little mad... but that's part of our ch

@nuriapeguera and I might be a little mad... but that's part of our charm! What we really love is to see women coming together exactly as they are and embracing themselves and each other in all their authenticity and truth. Our Sacred Feminine Retreat is starting this coming Sunday, March 17th - and we can't wait to create some fire, softness and pure magic! If you are in the area and would like to join us for the whole week or specific days - please comment or drop me a message and we will send you more details! . . . #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogalove #vinyasa #vinyasaflow #flow #tantra #Shakti #shiva #wisdom #wildness #wild #goddess #feminine #sacredfeminine #femininity #wildwomen #meditation #awakening #rising #strength #dance #healing #movement #Goa #India #power #spirituality #mindfulness #yogaingoa

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magsyoga. How often do we look at glossy photos on social media and hope that on

How often do we look at glossy photos on social media and hope that one day our lives will look like that? That one day everything will fall into place, we will have everything we need, we will be happy and healthy and beautiful. The truth is, our lives will never be perfect. There's no destination. We don't actaully need to get anywhere. That doesn't mean we shouldn't be doing anything and creating and living our lives to the fullest. It just means that our human experience includes both good and bad, both darkness and light, and it's only through embracing the darkneas that we can really see the light fully. Some of you might think I have a perfect life - I live on a beautiful beach, I travel the world and I have found my mission and made a living out of it. Have I created the life I wanted? Yes. Is it perfect? Absolutely not. Just to give you a clearer picture - I have had no running water for over a week now. And I've also had a really bad stomach for a week. I get water in buckets at the moment but there was a day I run out of water completely. And that was the day my stomach was the worst. I could give you more details, but I'm not sure you'd enjoy that :) And you know what? Once I stopped resisting the situation and wishing it was different, I saw that my body was going through a deep cleanse, releasing a lot of old, deep stuck emotions. I let it do its thing - supporting it as much as I could, with fresh juices and lots of coconut water. It's been a week now and I am feeling so much better and stronger. Once I let go of the story that I was sick and just listened to what my body wanted to tell me and what it needed, I could go through it all without changing my daily routine. I still did my practice, taught all classes, and I even did 108 sun salutations for our charity event yesterday. I didn't think I would be able to do it, but as I went on, it turned out I had much more energy than I thought! And there were so many beautiful moments this week, too - walks in nature, connections with friends, deep meditations. Our lives will never be perfect. We all go thorough our processes. (Cont. In comments) . #yoga #yogaeveryday #truth #honest #darkness

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magsyoga. Happy women's day!
Super grateful to have so many powerful sisters in

Happy women's day! Super grateful to have so many powerful sisters in my life - you continue to hold and inspire me with so much grace and love. Thank you. Keep shining and rising higher. . . . Photo credit unknown #yoga #sisters #sisterhood #goddess #goddessrising #love #truth #india #tantra #yogaeverydamnday #nature #medicine #mindfulness #meditation #motivation #inspiration #feminism #power #women #female #shakti #shine

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magsyoga. Super excited to be on my beautiful friend's @itissomethingbeautiful r

Super excited to be on my beautiful friend's @itissomethingbeautiful radio show on March 26th! It's called Light as a Feather and we will be talking about self worth - and much more! I value raw, honest conversations more than anything - there is so much power in sharing our journeys and learning to listen to each other without judgment. And in learning to speak your truth without doubt, hesitation or questioning yourself. I will post more details and a link soon! . . . #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #selfworth #healing #love #rising #medicinewomen #light #shamanic #truth #journey #Shakti #power #strength #goddess #goddessrising #spirituality #mindfulness #meditation #transformation

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magsyoga. Here is my new blogpost - Coming Home.
\"When I was in Peru and did m

Here is my new blogpost - Coming Home. . "When I was in Peru and did my first San Pedro ceremony, something very important happened (well, A LOT of important things happened there, but this one I took very deeply to heart.) I wasn’t ready to talk about it back then as it really shook my ego and challenged who I thought I was. But I’m back. Stronger. With more clarity and a deeper understanding. And ready to share – I believe we are all mirrors for each other and my story can inspire you to ask yourself some difficult questions." . If you would like to read the full post, head to the link in my bio and click on Blog. . This is as honest and raw as it gets. It took me a while to write it, but I believe many of us go through the same things and there is so much power in listening to each other. . If it resonates with you, please comment, send me a message, ask questions, share your experience... or maybe just read it and let it sink in. . . Photo by @sonjaearlphotographer #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogalove #vinyasa #vinyasaflow #flow #tantra #Shakti #shiva #wisdom #wildness #wild #goddess #feminine #sacredfeminine #femininity #wildwomen #meditation #awakening #rising #strength #healing #movement #Goa #India #power #spirituality #mindfulness #plantmedicine #shamanic

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magsyoga. I've been learning to find balance between giving and receiving.


I've been learning to find balance between giving and receiving. It's been a long and painful process. In the past, my boundaries were very poor. I had a deep sense of unworthiness which made me want to please everyone around, giving out all that was inside me (often to people who did not respect it) and losing myself in the process. At the same time, I wasn't giving enough to people who needed and deserved it the most - my friends and family. They were there, they loved me anyway, so I often took them for granted. My giving was coming from a place of need for validation and approval, not as an expression of love and gratitude. At the same time, I really struggled to receive. To ask for help, to admit that I couldn't do something on my own, to not think that I had to achieve everything off my own back. To truly receive a compliment or an offer of help without thinking that there was a hidden reason behind it. It is really hard work to shift deep rooted patterns that have been running us for many years. It's been a slow process - one that required a lot of presence, acceptance and humility as well as complete disattachment from my mind and stories I was telling myself so that I could see clearly what was going on. I have been consciously moving into the energy of receiving - so that I can give from the right space, to the right people, without losing myself in the process. And this week I have been receiving so much! To top it up, this just came today - my beautiful friend @kasia_raw sent me this gift through her father who is now in Goa - what a beautiful and touching surprise! It's a book she wrote about the use of essential oils and aromatherapy - I'm telling you this girl is a total badass and inspires me so much every time I see her and we share ideas! I often think her day must be at least 40 hours with everything she somehow manages to do! Thank you Kasia and thanks so much to every person who gave love to me this week (you know who you are!) - from a treatment to hugs and smiles and kind words of gratitude at the end of my classes. It really means a lot to me and helps me give and share more, without depleting myself and (ctd. In comments)

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magsyoga. I saw this photo recently (unfortunately can't find who took it and gi

I saw this photo recently (unfortunately can't find who took it and give credit) and couldn't take my eyes off it! And then last night I read this part of @tara_love_perry "I love you, me" and it just reminded me of it! . "Interdependance is when each tree stands alone because all the needs were met and conditions right for it to grow strong and tall. Yet as it grew the roots interconnected with other roots of other trees and together they formed a matrix of mutual support. Interdependance is not created from a place of lack and therefore a need to lean upon another, but rather from strength, stability and an ability to make a greater contribution than one could make alone. Interdependence is where our highest dreams are realised, where we may become something greater, unified with the whole rather than remaining separate and isolated. It's where our branches reach out and touch one another, feeling the companionship of strength; delighting in the mutual growth and expansion from our core, root source, and enjoying the liberation we feel flying high together in our power and in track with our destiny. We come into service; we fulfil our potential as human beings. We give up the right to be dependant and helpless, and we give up the right to be lone wolves believing that we must achieve everything in our life, off our own backs. That's simply not true, but we must be able to stand on our own two feet, in our own right, in our own power first." And then I had a big download in my evening meditation - an idea for an online programme that has been brewing in my mind for a while took shape and showed itself to me with so much clarity and detail. It will combine exactly that - standing on your own two feet and cultivating the most important type of love - the love for ourselves, while reaching out with our branches and creating a supportive community which will encourage and hold us on our paths. Really excited to share more with you next week and see what you think! . . #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #nature #inspiration #motivation #independance #community #meditation #mindfulness #flow #vinyasa #india #goa #naturelover #love #strength #power #connection #truth

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magsyoga. There really aren’t many places in the world like this. Places where y

There really aren’t many places in the world like this. Places where you experience deep healing power of nature. Majestic mountains that hold thousands of years of wisdom. People who live their lives with so much ease and simplicity. Markets saturated with colours and smells. Places where it's easy to stop and just be present. If you would lile to explore it for yourself, join our Truth Warriors Retreat with @caramiaprovenzano! This year we will hold it at @samadhisacredvalley - a family run centre set in a quiet location right in the heart of the Sacred Valley with panoramic views of the mountains, designed and built with so much love and attention to detail! Yoga, meditation, breathwork, mantras, sound healing, art classes, nature walks, shamanic ceremonies, trips to local sights… this retreat gives you a taste of it all and you will have a chance to choose what you would like to explore deeper and tailor the experience to your own needs. I am not promising you that one week will completely change your life. If you are ready and that’s what you are looking for, it might. What it will do though, is give you a chance to explore different ways of connecting with yourself and different healing modalities so that you start finding a deeper understanding of the turth of who you are. Places are filling up, so don’t wait and book yours now! Comment or PM me if you would like to receive the Info Pack! . . . #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogatherapy #healing #soundhealing #meditation #peru #yogaretreat #yogaretreats #retreatperu #peruretreats #yogaholiday #yogainperu #shamanic #medicine #plantmedicine #transformation #truth #warriors #goddess #awakening #spirituality #mindfulness #yogalove #sacredvalley #bestretreat #bestyogaretreats #traveling #heartopening #rising

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magsyoga. Spring has always been my favourite part of the year. Everything begin

Spring has always been my favourite part of the year. Everything begins to awaken from winter slumber and there is fresh new energy in the air. We begin to come back to life with new inspiration and excitement. I’m sure many of you can’t wait to take heavy clothes off and to feel gentle touch of first spring sun rays on your face! . If you would like to experience and enjoy spring in full glow, shed any leftover winter lethargy and fill your body with new energy, join @lucyvictoriajacksonyoga and I for our Spring Shine Retreat at @the_quaives from May 3 to 6! Swipe to see more photos from our Autumn Glow retreat in the same location last year! . A combination of dynamic alignment-based Vinyasa, breathwork, meditation, yin yoga and sound baths, as well as countryside walks, hot tub baths and seasonal fresh foods will help you bring your body back into balance, nourish it and give it some well-deserved love, care and attention! This time we have added an extra day as we will be holding the retreat during the May bank holiday weekend! . Please check the link in my bio for more info or comment below to receive the full Info Pack! . #yoga #spring #maybankholiday #retreat #retreats #yogaretreat #weekendretreat #bankholidayretreat #yogaholiday #yogabreak #ukyoga #londonyoga #seasonalyoga #vinyasa #meditation #soundbath #ukretreat #retreatuk #springretreat #bankholiday #bestyogaretreats #inspiration #motivation #health #wellness #fitness #nutrition #movement

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magsyoga. A cricle of women is a safe space of compassionate non-judgment. 
A sp

A cricle of women is a safe space of compassionate non-judgment. A space where you can show up exactly as you are and bare your soul. A space that will hold you when you are feeling weak and dance with you when you are feeling strong. A space where you are encouraged to discover who you truly are, why you are here and what sets your heart on fire. A space that will light you up, teach you to love every fiber of your being and allow your divine light to shine through. Are you ready to join one? @nuriapeguera and I will be starting our Sacred Feminine Retreat on March 17 in Goa, India. It will be a powerful journey of connecting to our true essence through yoga, breathwork, meditation, dance, healing movement, rituals, voicework and more! Join us! We will shake off whatever no longer has place in our bodies, minds and in our lives and fill it up with new energy! Check the link in my bio for more info or comment below/send me a PM to receive full Info Pack! . . . photo @albert_adout_photography . #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogalove #vinyasa #vinyasaflow #flow #tantra #Shakti #shiva #wisdom #wild #goddess #feminine #sacredfeminine #femininity #wildwomen #meditation #awakening #rising #strength #dance #healing #movement #Goa #India #power #spirituality #mindfulness #yogaingoa

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magsyoga. Happy Valentines Day!

I haven't celebrated this day for many years, a

Happy Valentines Day! I haven't celebrated this day for many years, and always considered it a cliche. But what I realised today is that it's completely up to us how we see it and what we make of it. It can be a superficial and meaningless show, or another beautiful opportunity to celebrate love. My heart has been expanding with such force that my head is struggling a little to keep up with it. And today I am choosing to celebrate love again. Human, messy, raw, imperfect love that I have been running away from for far too long. Love that goes beyond any conditions or judgments, that only requires presence and awareness. Love that embraces everything - good, bad, beautiful, ugly, dark, light and all shades in between. Love for ourselves, love for others, love as a permanent state of being. If we are to rise higher, we need to fully experience and embrace human love first. . There are so many of you who have taught me so much about what love really means and I am grateful to have you in my life! Thank you. . How are you celebrating love today? . . #love #valentinesday #yoga #goa #india #southgoa #yogalove #yogaeverydamnday #truth #awakening #meditation #mindfulness #freedom #choice

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What would it feel like to be able to embrace yourself fully, to hold yourself softly in a loving way, as if cradling a newborn baby? To feel loved, supported, and at peace with everything that you are and everything that you are not? We talk about self love so much. Yet still, deep inside, there's a gap between what we understand on the mind level and how we really feel. Contractions. Discomfort. Feelings of shame, guilt and unworthiness we have buried so deep that we may not even be aware of them. We know something is not right, but we can't really pin point it. Finding love for yourself will not come from reading books, and it won't come from reading this post either. It's a long process of feeling into your contractions and working with your body to release them. Moving, shaking, softening, breathing and allowing ourselves to feel all the emotions that come with it, especially the uncomfortable ones. It's a process of completely refurbishing our body from the inside. This is the last chance to join me and @nuriapeguera for our Sacred Feminine Retreat in Goa starting on March 17th. We are calling in sisters who are ready for a deep, transformative experience. We will build a bridge between the mind and the heart. We will let go of trying to understand and figure out, but learn to feel and embody who we are. Powerful and limitless. Join us. Please comment below if this resonates with you and you would like more info! . . #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogalove #vinyasa #vinyasaflow #flow #tantra #Shakti #shiva #wisdom #wildness #wild #goddess #feminine #sacredfeminine #femininity #wildwomen #meditation #awakening #rising #strength #dance #healing #movement #Goa #India #power #spirituality #mindfulness #selflove

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As we are cureently running our 200 teacher training, my time is very limited. Yet at the same time, I feel so much new energy and inspiration! . I get up at 6am, teach the morning class, then come back home to do my own practice before I go back to teach again. My practice is gentle and nourishing these days, helping me to get the energy I need to go through the day and includes pranayama as well as at least half an hour of meditation. And it's moments like this that make me fall in love with it again. When it becomes a refuge rather than an escape. When it gives me exactly what I need at the time I need it the most. When it reminds me why I started doing it in the first place. When I feel how amazing discipline, routine and commitment can feel. . Week two starts tomorrow - so grateful for all the inspiration I am getting from this - always a student, and my students are the most amazing teachers! . . . #yttc #yoga #palolem #goa #india #200hr #yogaretreat #yogaretreats #meditation #flow #vinyasa #hatha #yogalove #yogaeverydamnday #yogainindia #yogaingoa #southgoa #teachertraining #student #parinama #parinamayoga

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So grateful to be learning from this amazing man again. Upendra Ji joined us for the Module 1 of our 200hr course, sharing his wisdom and reminding us why we do what we do. So much heart expansion in just one short week! Thank you thank you! This is just the beginning - we are looking forward to creating more magic together! . And thank you to the other beautiful teacher who I'm holding in this picture for reminding me how to laugh, enjoy the most simple moments and teaching me pure love. . . . #love #purelove #yttc #teachertraining #yoga #yogateacher #vinyasa #flow #meditation #everythingisom #truth #innerjourney #awakening #rising #hatha #expansion #yogalove #dharma

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