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NYC you were perfect.

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Doing creepy voice acting for @its_adamneely - pretty fitting when I’m wearing a ‘CREEPS’ top from the @bemorechillmusical 🤣

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It was my first time ever watching a Broadway show last night and @bemorechillmusical couldn’t have been a better choice. Just ridiculously good in all avenues. Congratulations to everyone involved!

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A very fun night of good pizza and great music. Thanks @its_adamneely.

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maryspender. blindfolded jamming on the @johnmayer Silver Sky by @prsguitars

blindfolded jamming on the @johnmayer Silver Sky by @prsguitars

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maryspender. 😻 @trussartguitars

😻 @trussartguitars

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Legendary wall... made famous by @angelapetrillimusic ❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️

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Cheesey grin! Thanks for having me Ryan! X

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Oh hey NYC.

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maryspender. Today’s Tuesday Talks episode is on this beautiful @martinguitar - my

Today’s Tuesday Talks episode is on this beautiful @martinguitar - my OM-28e. Link in description. 📸 by @rhettshull

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😍 @martinguitar

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When @joeylandreth calls you a nerd, you know you’re doing something right 🤓. Honestly if you haven’t heard Joey’s music you need to go and buy it immediately. Some of the most beautifully produced and well written songs out there at the moment, let alone the killer guitar tones that serve each song to perfection.

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📷 by @cartervintageguitars. This week has been full of the unexpected and I’m so glad I came here. It’s been five years since my first trip to Nashville and so much has changed (in a good way). Next stop Atlanta! And yes, I know that this $30,000, 1960 Stratocaster looks good on me.

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