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How to get healthier and feel better in 4 words. Hit me with a 🙌🏼 if you agree. . I read an article today in @theconversation by an endocrinologist commenting on the recent findings of Hall et al. where they found evidence that (as I’ve said in Genius Foods and many times on here) that ultra-processed junk foods drive hunger and promote obesity. . Getting to the heat of the problem, this entire paragraph spoke to me in such a powerful way, so I’m just going to paste it here: . “Most foods need some level of processing, such as freezing or pasteurisation in order to prolong shelf life, food safety and commercial viability, but ‘ultra-processed’ products have little or no intact ‘food’ remaining. Rather, they are made principally from already processed commodities, such as potent sugars, modified oils and salts and they undergo an array of further processes such as emulsification, thickening and carbonating. No longer really foods, they are better thought of as formulations.” . I couldn’t have said it better myself! But of course, I then thought, what’s the takeaway? How can we act on this? And then it came to me. Eat food, not formulations. Maybe it’s just that simple. . Of course this shouldn’t apply to medicines that we need or even certain supplements. But speaking strictly of the foods we eat I think it’s 👌🏼 . Love you guys! Excited to be in NYC this week to take a live podcast with @cognizinciticoline on Tuesday. Check their profile for details. ❤️ Max . #iifym #nutrition #jerf #geniusfoods #healthylifestyle #motivationmonday #sugarfree

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maxlugavere. Hey friends! 👋🏼 Here are 9 reasons you might experience stalled weig

Hey friends! 👋🏼 Here are 9 reasons you might experience stalled weight loss. Which are your biggest problems? 🤔 . 🔥 Some of the most common questions I get involve weight loss! There is so much confusion when it comes to losing weight. But really, if that’s your goal, on the surface, the process should be quite simple. Unfortunately today we are saddled with stress, sleep debt, and a food supply that often seems intent on working against us. . 💪🏼 I made this simple graphic to highlight some of the less obvious ways you may be holding on to extra lbs. . 🍃 Perhaps the most effective way to lose weight is to *not* go on a diet but to shift your lifestyle toward healthier habits. Yes, cutting out starchy carbs and processed foods which drive your hunger is a great primary strategy. But lifestyle also plays a major role in how our hormones regulate our weight. . 🥐🍞🥖 While any calorie deficit will lead to weight loss, lowering carbs keeps your hunger more stable by allowing your blood sugar to stay consistent. And, it allows you to enjoy higher levels of growth hormone which helps to preserve your muscle. . 🥚🍗🍖 Increasing your protein not only induces greater satiety than fat and carbs but it stimulates muscle protein synthesis and also provides a greater thermic effect which causes your metabolism to ramp up (this may provide low carb, higher protein diets with a slight “metabolic advantage” over lower protein moderate carb diets, but this is controversial). . 🥑🥥 And finally adding healthy fats to your diet is great for satiety and filling out your calories, but the calories in fat can still add up leading to a hypercaloric (more calories than you are burning though) state! . Double tap to let me know if this is helpful. 🤔 and if you have any questions, post them below! 👇🏼 • • • • #weightloss #weightlossjourney #girlswholift #cleaneating #fitspiration #fitnessmotivation #exercise #instafit #fitnessjourney #nutrition #getfit #gymlife #iifym #cardio #fitmom #fitnessaddict #abs #fitlife #fitgirl #gains #muscle #transformation #aesthetics #shredded #fitnessmodel #slimmingworld #weightwatchers #physique #weightlossmotivation #healthyeating

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maxlugavere. I bet the comments on this one are gonna be lit. 🔥
Counting calorie

I bet the comments on this one are gonna be lit. 🔥 . Counting calories can be useful for some, such as to assess the energy content of calorie dense modern processed foods and to see how they fit within your energy balance. It can also help one get past a weight gain or loss plateau. But in general I think (and the research supports) that its less necessary when sticking to minimally processed foods that fill you up without providing excessive energy from combined sugar and fat. . Calorie counting is a new phenomena enabled by technology. But the calorie counts for foods are subject to a wide margin of error. Not to mention the “calories out” side of the energy balance equation is hard to measure and subject to flux based on hormones, musculature, activity levels, and more. . If calorie counting works for you by all means continue to do it! There’s no doubt that it can work. Just note that many of us get by (and achieve healthy bodies and the weight we desire) without it. . Here are some tips to make achieving an energy balance or even deficit (to help you lose weight) more effortless: ✅ Get more and better sleep ✅ Lift weights ✅ Stick to unprocessed veggies, whole fruits, and meat/fish/eggs ✅ Use nuts and seeds as toppings as opposed to snacks ❌ Avoid ADDED sugar and fats ❌ Avoid packaged, processed foods ❌ Avoid drinks with calories . Hope this helps. Love you guys ❤️ Max. Tag a friend to spread the truth 👇🏼 . #iifym #nutrition #gains #flexibledieting #cleaneats #paleo #lchf #geniusfoods

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maxlugavere. Sweet potatoes vs. butternut squash: The showdown. 🍠🤭
Both of thes

Sweet potatoes vs. butternut squash: The showdown. 🍠🤭 . Both of these options are healthy. They’re both great sources of beta carotene (which can be converted to vitamin A in the body), vitamin C & fiber—especially the sweet potato. Yet, butternut squash has almost half the calories (1 cup portions shown above) and a slight edge when it comes to magnesium and vitamin E. Given than they have a similar color, flavor and texture, you can swap some squash in for potatoes in your next recipes. . The squash is lower in calories, which is helpful if you’re trying to lean out. It’s also lower in carbs, making it more suitable for my keto fam. But sweet potatoes are great to help you power through your workouts; I often eat them after mine! . Which do you prefer? 🤔👇🏼 . Inspiration for this post and photo credit: @ilanamuhlsteinrd . . #butternutsquash #sweetpotato #ffc #fiber #2Bmindset #2bmindsetresults #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #recipes #easyrecipes #loseweight #weightloss # #foodie #cravings #calories #carbs #nutrition #bodypositive #bodypositivity #mindful #mindfuleating #geniusfoods

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maxlugavere. Sex! 🍆🍑 That’s the focus of my latest podcast with Emily Morse (@sex

Sex! 🍆🍑 That’s the focus of my latest podcast with Emily Morse (@sexwithemily). . We go DEEP, covering the ins and outs of modern love, why masturbation is essential for men but perhaps especially women, how to try new things in the bedroom (including how to bring them up to your SO), the wondrous anatomy of the vagina and more. This episode is pulsating with crucial info! 🍆 . If you haven’t yet, make sure you push that subscribe button HARD, because more epic episodes are in the pipeline, just waiting to be released everywhere! 💦 . 😏 Love you guys. ❤️ Max . #sex #sexeducation #thegeniuslife #podcastlife

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maxlugavere. All about hydration 👇🏼💦
Staying hydrated is key to looking good,

All about hydration 👇🏼💦 . Staying hydrated is key to looking good, feeling good, and being healthy. But today many people underconsume water. This may shock you, but 7% of adults don’t drink any pure water on a daily basis! . The usual recommendation is 8 cups a day. This is a generalization. Some people will need less, and some people need more. We lose water through sweat and pee. Here are some scenarios under which you may need more water: . 💧 Profuse sweating (sauna, exercise, etc.) 💧 You live in a dry climate 💧 You consume diuretics (coffee, alcohol) 💧 You take diuretic drugs 💧 You’re pregnant or breastfeeding (the Institute of Medicine recommends a 50% higher water intake during pregnancy) . The feeling of thirst is one way to know you need to drink more water, but by the time you feel thirsty, you are already likely dehydrated and potentially suffering consequences. . And of course, water isn’t the only way to get your water! Some veggies and fruits are very high in water content, and soups including bone broth and also decaf teas can be great ways to meeting your hydration requirements. . While we are on the topic, too much water is also not good. Drinking too much too fast can cause electrolyte depletion which, though rare, can become serious and lead to death! 💀 . What about water QUALITY? Many people drink water that is contaminated by endocrine disrupting chemicals and heavy metals. A reverse osmosis water purifier is a great option. The one I use is the AquaTru (http://maxl.ug/aquatru - use that link for $150 off for a limited time). . Hope this helps. Tag a friend to share this information! 🙏🏼 Max . Refs: H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry p. 158 Behaviors and Attitudes Associated With Low Drinking Water Intake Among US Adults, Food Attitudes and Behaviors Survey, 2007 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3625443/ . . . . #water #cleaneating #ocean #waves #healthychoices #healthyeating #healthyfood #mealprepmonday #weightloss #cleaneats #fitfood #instahealth #nutrition #glutenfree #getfit #paleo #healthyliving #hydration #healthylifestyle #mealprep #geniusfoods #hydrate

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maxlugavere. Need an epic smoothie idea to pack in some brain-supporting Genius Foo

Need an epic smoothie idea to pack in some brain-supporting Genius Foods and muscle nourishing protein? 😍 I got you covered! 🍓 This epic recipe was made by Tyler aka @functional.foods. More info and ingredient amounts below: 🍓 Nutrient-dense smoothies can be a great alternative to a meal if you’re on the go. This one includes a frozen banana which adds delicious flavor and texture but I’d probably skip that under most circumstances as I feel this smoothie still has plenty of fruit without it. 🍓 Smoothies (as opposed to juices) are rich in fiber, plus antioxidants, and phytonutrients, all of which are abundant in fruits & vegetables. Its blended composition makes it easy to digest after a long night fast, as a nourishing snack, or as a post-workout recovery meal. 🍓 To make what you see here, you will need: • 1 1/2 cup unsweetened organic almond milk • 1 1/4 cups frozen organic blueberries • 4-5 frozen organic strawberries • 1 leaf lacinato kale (about 1 cup worth) • 1/2 cup frozen cauliflower • 1/2 an avocado • 1/2 a frozen banana (optional) • 2 scoops your favorite powder (I would probably use some stevia sweetened vanilla whey protein isolate) • 2 tbsp pumpkin seeds • 1 tsp matcha • 1 thumb ginger (optional to add heat) • 1 tsp cracked-cell chlorella • A large pinch of broccoli sprouts (optional) 🍓 Blend all ingredients. Add water to thin as needed. Makes a 32 Oz smoothie. Enjoy! . . . . #smoothie #mealprep #smoothiebowl #foodprep #mealplan #cleaneats #mealprepsunday #smoothies #mealprepping #macros #protein #mealprepmonday #greensmoothie #nutrition #cleaneating #flexibledieting #iifym #banana #fitfood #gains #meals #fruit #superfood #paleo #healthyeating #realfood #weightloss #rawfood #smoothietime

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Big news! Tomorrow (Monday, July 15), I'm going to be featured on the Today Show in the 8am hour! Yes, it's true! I will be interviewed by Maria Shriver, a champion for Alzheimer's research, about my efforts to make brain health, cognitive optimization, and dementia prevention a topic discussed amongst younger people. . I'm so humbled that the movement I helped create is getting some mainstream media love—please set your DVR and tune in! Hopefully it turns a lot of people onto Genius Foods so that they can feel better and discover the latest science of dementia prevention (a new and evolving field). . Also featured is @krissy_tel, a PharmD student who follows the Genius Foods lifestyle, as well as @nihalsatyadev who has created an organization to support young caregivers for Alzheimer’s disease patients. . Can’t wait! 🙏🏼 Max

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maxlugavere. Proper nutrition should be simple. Double tap if you agree. 🔥

Proper nutrition should be simple. Double tap if you agree. 🔥 — There is so much confusion about food. That’s probably because billions of dollars are spent to confuse you into believing you need foods made in factories when the best foods are made by the land. — Media can often complicate matters, as can scientists themselves—careers are at stake, after all! — With this chart I hope to share some foods that are unlikely to steer you wrong. And while there is NO SUCH THING as a one-size-fits-all diet, the odds of encountering problems from whole foods such as these are pretty slim. — When you eat these foods, calorie counting is usually going to be useless. That’s because these foods are likely to satiate you, filling up your tank and keeping your blood sugar stable (no reactive hypoglycemia here!). — Some may be confused about my inclusion of healthy sweet potatoes under the “did you work out?” question. Keeping these dense starches tethered to the peri-workout window is only a suggestion meant to help your blood sugar regulation and facilitate your activity levels. If you’ve found a way of incorporating these foods in a way that works for your optimal body composition and health, keep doing what you’re doing! — Did I miss any staples? Hope you’re having a good week. ❤️ Max • • • • • #paleo #lchf #keto #lowcarb #glutenfree #cleaneating #nutrition #primal #paleodiet #lowcarbhighfat #ketogenic #whole30 #paleolifestyle #healthyeating #healthyfood #protein #fitfood #organic #plantbased #grainfree #cleaneats #weightloss #sugarfree #jerf #ketosis #iifym #gains #dairyfree #wellness #comidadeverdade

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maxlugavere. Is meat the most healing food in the supermarket?! 🤔🥩
New episode

Is meat the most healing food in the supermarket?! 🤔🥩 . New episode of The Genius Life is now up featuring my friend @paulsaladinomd. He’s a brilliant MD who shines some light on the all-meat diet trend, going into detail on his theories and science as to why an all meat diet may not just be a powerful therapeutic intervention for some but also potentially beneficial for all people. I am very skeptical of any diet that eschews all plants, but he makes a compelling argument, and though I’m not about to jump on the carnivore bandwagon myself, it’s definitely plenty of food for thought and probably worth a shot if all else fails! I hope you get to tune in as it’s one of my favorite chats to date. Available wherever you listen to podcasts (just search The Genius Life). . P.S. Thinking of putting all of my previous podcast episode clips on here like this. Yay or nay? . Love you guys! 🙏🏼 Max • • • • • #paleo #carnivore #paleodiet #favoritemeal #beefitswhatsfordinner #glutenfree #whole30 #castironcooking #primal #culinaryarts #chefstagram #castiron #bge #lowcarb #lchf #jerf #paleolifestyle #dairyfree #keto #culinaryart #grainfree #meatporn #realfood #paleofood #cleaneating #sugarfree #paleolife #comidadeverdade #cleaneats #wholefoods

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maxlugavere. My life’s work is to help you understand the dietary and lifestyle cho

My life’s work is to help you understand the dietary and lifestyle choices you can make for better health. As you know, a major focus for me is brain health. Contrary to popular belief, dementia is not an “old persons” disease. In fact, shockingly, it often begins in the brain decades before the first symptom. . Tag a friend that you wish would understand this to help spread the word. 🗣 . Listen to my appearance on my friend @paulsaladinomd’s podcast and look out for Dr. Paul’s appearance on MY podcast tomorrow where we go deep (and I mean REALLY deep) into all things CARNIVORE DIET. 🥩 . #brainhealth #alzheimers #parkinsons #nutrition #preventativehealth #preventativemedicine

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maxlugavere. Let’s all make a pact to eat more foods without ingredient lists. Are

Let’s all make a pact to eat more foods without ingredient lists. Are you with me? 😋 . Epic new podcast coming this week. 🔥 I hope you’re subscribed to The Genius Life (available wherever you get your podcasts). • • • • • #weightloss #cleaneating #nutrition #muscle #quotestoliveby #instafit #gains #gymlife #protein #shredded #exercise #quoteoftheday #iifym #healthyfood #healthyeating #wellness #plantbased #fitfood #dedication #healthylifestyle #glutenfree #healthychoices #success #healthyliving #flexibledieting #mondaymotivation #macros #mealprep #organic #paleo

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