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Epic views from an epic town

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Friends or foes? As I watched this encounter unfold, I felt uneasy, wondering what would happen next. But neither of them felt too nervous about the other. They had found a way to live in some type of wild harmony. These strange situations occur often, both in nature and in cities. Do you have an interesting story of an unlikely bond? My suggested theme for this week’s #WHPUpToMe is #WHPUnlikelyPair

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We went to Vietnam in the winter totally under-dressed. It was 45 degrees on the water and we were wearing shorts. A family on our boat invited us to share their hot soup with them and gave us blankets. Despite the language barrier, we felt nothing but love from these complete strangers. Sometimes different perspectives open your eyes to the love around you. #whp❤️ Note: this photo has been edited in a way that exaggerates the heart shape toward the bottom of the frame.

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Double trouble in Idaho 🏔

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I’m ready to go back here.

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A few times each trip, I’ll encounter a “Stop the car right now!” moment. These vibrant houses reflecting along the Moselle river was one of those moments.

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We turned the corner and slammed the breaks as this massive bison walked toward us. You never quite know what’s lurking around in Yellowstone. #whpmovement

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Everything was still except our canoes gliding across the glassy lake. #whpmovement

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Adventures with the woof

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mblockk. Had an awesome time exploring Oahu last week. We hiked, relaxed, flew

Had an awesome time exploring Oahu last week. We hiked, relaxed, flew around in a helicopter, ate bomb food, and every day came back to our awesome hotel room for a relaxing night listening to the waves. Thanks so much for having us, @alohilaniresort . We’ll definitely be back! #alohilaniresort

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Here, long walks on the beach are never quite long enough. 🌴 #whpwanderlust

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We hiked through mud and up vertical rock walls to catch these golden rays over Oahu.

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