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some tangled up honey’s . ☀️

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— evan + skye 🌜

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melissamarshallx. all the weekend vibes ✨🌸👏🏼 this week has been a doozy . long hours

all the weekend vibes ✨🌸👏🏼 this week has been a doozy . long hours in front of the computer means summer break hasn’t fully begun — but that’s okay! the weather hasn’t permitted playful summer lovin anyway . doing my best to not feel like I have to be working, but as it turns out - I thoroughly enjoy my job 💛 even so, the weekends here with sunshine in the forecast - sooo see ya !

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melissamarshallx. planning + styling next week’s #mmxstyledco ! there’s a few spots open

planning + styling next week’s #mmxstyledco ! there’s a few spots open for this month if you’re near Oklahoma and want to join us for some rad portfolio / skill / experience / community building ! find out more + sign up via the ‘learn’ portion on my site — link in bio ! ✨

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melissamarshallx. — because it’s June 🌸

— because it’s June 🌸

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i think their future children will love this series of them 💛

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flying home today after an amazing wedding in Carmel, CA 🌸 I’m officially on summer break and feeling like a kid again with all this freedom ! I worked so hard the last year to create this white space for us - saying “no” to a lot of incredible inquiries so that we can enjoy these summer months like I’ve always wanted to : endless lake trips, sun bathing at the drop of a hat, hanging with family, long nights on the patio, attempting a garden, and working when I feel like it 🙌🏼 August begins another busy season, but for now — its time for some sunshine, birthdays, + summer lovin’ .☀️

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〰️ in the middle of a small island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean , these two vowed their souls to one another . it’s a story i’ll never forget . 💛 so in awe of the Azores + these two for bringing me along . #forthewildlyinlove

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missing paris ✨ already dreaming of our next creative trip and where to have it! (honestly paris is still high on the list) . one recommendation if you’re dreaming of taking a creative-purpose trip : give yourself enough days to both work + explore ! exploring + playing in a new city is part of the inspiration that will motivate your ‘work time’ . & if you only plan to work, then part of you will have fomo for what you’re missing out on in that new + exciting place . we needed a couple more days, didn’t we @triciamiller ? so let’s go back soon ❤️

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wild summer dreams 💛✨

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decided I should probably start blogging the content we shoot at #mmxstyledco each month! so up first are these two — they inspire me with their playful lovin . see more on my blog, link in bio ☆

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〰️ a small preview of one of the sweetest elopements I’ve ever had the privilege to shoot . the day was lax + carefree, personal + intimate . Hannah and Bradley, thank you for your genuine kindness + candor — and for welcoming us into your beautiful vow day .

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