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We think we love to travel because it helps us learn about new places, but I think the real reason is because it helps us learn about ourselves. ✨ . About a week ago I left for a trip to Europe (my first time here!). Copenhagen greeted me with beautiful castles, expansive parks, and the idea of “Hygge” — a way of being in the present where you appreciate the fun and simple beauty of life. Then, Berlin met me with its moving, complicated history, and with its devotion to creativity and acceptance. . But between walking tours and snapping photos, what struck me the most is what these cities *really* taught me — about myself. . Copenhagen was a lesson in Presence. In seeing what life can be like when I stop giving power to the past and stop fearing the future. When I live entirely in the Now. It’s a breathtaking reminder that presence and playfulness are available to me in every moment, and that the more I can cultivate a culture of presence within myself, the more it will inspire the people around me to live in the Now, too. . Berlin, on the other hand, was a lesson in love and acceptance. It reminded me that we are all on our own paths, learning what we need to learn in this life. And that trying to control someone else’s path, or assuming I know what’s best for it, is really just a form of avoidance. 🤭 It’s a way to ignore the lessons I need to be learning on my own journey. And that the best thing I can do for others and myself is to show up with total love and support and understanding.❤️ . The beauty is that I can look back on virtually any travel experience and pick out something I learned about myself in the process. Akita, Japan taught me that life imitates seasons; that sometimes you’re winter and sometimes you’re summer. It’s all perfect. Ghana showed me that there is a fire and boldness inside me that refuses to stay small. Every place I’ve traveled to has been a classroom; the curriculum is myself. . What has travel taught you about yourself? ✨ I’d genuinely love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment below and let me know, sweet human. 😘✈️

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At the airport about to board my first flight ever to EUROPE! I’m a travel nut, but somehow have never made it to Europe. First stop, Copenhagen! I’M SO EXCITED. 💃🏻🕺🏻 Any suggestions of things to do, eat, or see in any of these places? I’m down for some typical touristy stuff, but what I really love is having a more local experience. Let me know your best recs! ❤️ . Also, any jet lag tips?? The flight leaves LA at 11pm and arrives there at 7pm local time (but it’ll be 10am at home, so I feel like my jet lag is going to be all kinds of effed up 😅). I’m thinking about staying up as late as possible on the flight so I’m really tired when I get there. Bad idea?! I’d love your tips or anything that’s worked for you for weirdly timed overnight flights! . I’m also missing my travel partner in crime this time, @samshaw01!! But we’re doing a 3-week eurotrip in a couple months...Because when you’ve never been to Europe, it only makes sense to cram in 5 weeks within the span of 3 months. 😂😅 #overachiever . Oh!! I’m also considering doing meetups in Berlin and Amsterdam...thoughts?! We can grab coffee together and hang out! . Oh man, this post is all over the place hahah. Okay THAT IS ALL. Love you people. Byeeeee! 👋🏼👋🏼

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Do you know the easiest way to true happiness, fulfillment, and peace? Take ownership for EVERYTHING that happens in your life. When you don’t take responsibility for what happens in your life, then it’s easy to become a victim to your circumstances rather than a co-creator of your reality. . For example, the next time you’re in an argument with your partner, be the first person to say, “I take responsibility for how I contributed to the distance we’re feeling right. Here’s how I’m going to do better.” . Or if you have a falling out with a friend and your first inclination is to tell people how much they wronged you, instead ask yourself, “How did I create a space where their negative behavior was acceptable? How can I take ownership for the part I played in the demise of that friendship?” . Or what about with your business? Instead of saying, “I create great online courses, but my market’s too saturated so it’s been really hard to make sales,” try asking yourself what part you’ve played in your lack of sales. Is there an area you could have put more effort into? Have your subconscious fears about growing your business played a role in its lack of growth? . Taking radical responsibility over your life isn’t always the easy route. It’s tough to acknowledge how we played a role in the challenges we’ve experienced. It’s far easier to be a victim — to feel that life is happening TO you rather than you being the co-creator of your circumstances. But while it may not be the easy path, it’s absolutely the one of the most freedom (and likely, the most success). Is there an area of your life right now that you need to take more responsibility for? Leave a comment and let me know! 🙌🏼✨💛

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"Making a million dollars could threaten your identity just as much as losing all your money; becoming a famous rock star could threaten your identity just as much as losing your job. This is why people are often so afraid of success -- for the exact same reason they're afraid of failure: it threatens who they believe themselves to be." -Mark Manson . Ohhh snap! Can we unpack this for a second? It's a biggie. Have you ever heard someone say that they just never seem to have success? That they've struggled for years to keep their business afloat? That they have a big dream, but they haven't pursued it yet for XYZ reason? Perhaps you have felt this way, too. . But what if we avoid achieving our dreamiest goals because we're actually just scared of altering who we believe ourselves to be? Because achieving your desires could mean all kinds of consequences...being seen differently by your friends and family. Losing a quality you've always been seen as having (humility, generosity, etc). Growing beyond a relationship. . Lovebug, are you limiting your potential somewhere because deep down, the thought of success freaks you out? Are you grasping onto your old identity, too afraid to step into your greatness because of how it might change your life? It’s time to step beyond your fears of who you could be and into the power of who you truly are. ✨🙌🏼 Type YES in the comments below if you’re willing to shed your old skin to become who you’re meant to be. ❤️❤️ Let’s do this!

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Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. - Anatole France . This quote is 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼. After getting my dog, Monja, I felt like a new part of my heart came into focus. It was actually incredible to me that I had gone over two decades without ever even knowing that there was another layer to my love that I hadn't yet experienced. So grateful to this fluffy, sassy, playful, cuddly kiddo for being such a special part of my 20s. . Leave a comment below with the emoji that MOST looks like your pet. I'm excited for this. Monja's would probably be this one: 😸😸😸(I think it's supposed to be a cat, so let's not tell Monja because he'd probably be pissed).

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I was 15 when I first thought about killing myself. I felt like a burden to those around me -- that I didn't bring anything special to the world. I blamed myself for being bullied during most of my childhood. For never fitting in. For the challenges in my family. . There were happy moments too, but as soon as they were over I fell quickly back into a familiar emptiness. I started seeing a therapist who was no help -- I regularly skipped appointments because she would forget my name or mix me up with her other clients. "I don't even matter to the person who's being paid to help me." I was deeply depressed, yet could never bring myself to the point of suicide. I remember berating myself for this: "You can't even kill yourself right." . Shortly after that period of my life, I found a razor blade in my brother's bathroom. It didn't really register in my mind as anything important -- I figured he used it for shaving. It wasn't until I got a call saying, "Your brother told his friend that he was going to kill himself tonight" that it took on a new meaning. I hated myself for living next door to someone so important to me and not seeing the cuts on his arms. For interpreting his sadness and isolation as simply "teen angst." . Thankfully, my brother overcame that time in his life. Now, he's hilarious and kind and happy. A leader. Getting a Ph.D. in Neuroscience. As for me, I experience unbelievable joy on a daily basis. The same sensitivity that once exacerbated my depression is now what helps me experience deep beauty and love in the world everyday. Same me. Different mindset. . If you can relate, then I want you to know that it gets better. That there are numerous resources that are here to help you. One of those is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255. I want you to know that people deeply love you, even if it doesn’t feel that way. That I love you. And that if you let them, your greatest struggles could become the source of your deepest gratitude. Promise. ♥️

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My assistant reached out and said, "Nataly Kogan sent us an email. She wants to be on your podcast...do you think she'd be a good fit?" And because I am a professional, I basically responded back with OMGYES SHE IS A DREAM GUEST MEOW. And y'all, her *in-freaking-credible* episode was released this week! . See, Nataly is the person I want to be when I grow up. She's the founder of Happier, an online platform and app that reaches over a *million* people, all with the intention of helping them live better lives. . Like me, Nataly thought that accolades and success would bring her joy, and that she could run away from her negative feelings instead of facing them head on. Well, we both learned The Hard Way that this is never the case. 🤫 . And in our interview, Nataly opens up about what it was like coming to America as a refugee from the Soviet Union, how she fell into the trap of thinking that her achievements would make her happy (and more importantly, how she got out of it), and tons of surprising research about how you can feel happier, like right.this.second. Visit melyssagriffin.com/nataly-kogan or the link in my profile to listen. 😊🙌🏼 . This is one of my favorite episodes of the podcast so far. Not only is it REAL and genuine, but it’s actionable and really, really helpful. I just adore everything that Nataly and her company stand for and we had such a fun, useful conversation. Have a listen, lovebug. ❤️🐞 . Want to spread the joy? Tag 2 friends below who you know would appreciate some extra happiness in their lives. Let’s share the love, yeah? 🤗😘

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Just a leeeeettle bit excited because I'm speaking at Pinterest's first conference today, surrounded by tons of other pinning fanatics. Yeeeeee!! . A few months ago, Pinterest invited me to be part of their Creator Collective -- a group of about 50 hand-selected ambassadors. We get to do things like speak at their conference, get the insider scoop on algorithm updates and best practices before anyone else, and connect with Pinterest's amazing team! . I've taught a lot of people about Pinterest over the past three years, but I seriously almost fainted when they asked me to be part of this little cohort. Feelings of, "wait...are you SURE you have the right person?!" definitely started to creep in. I'm still not convinced that they didn't make a mistake, but just don't tell anyone and they might forget about it. 😉 . With this conference approaching, I started reflecting on HOW MUCH Pinterest has changed my life. It helped me find creative projects to do with my students when I was a teacher. It’s been the catalyst that has helped me grow multiple businesses. It’s a tool that’s given freedom to thousands of my students. My boyfriend even quit his corporate job to do Pinterest marketing full time! . I owe SO much to this platform and I’m honored to be speaking here today. Aaaannnnddd I can't WAIT to soak up all the knowledge I can so that I can relay it all back to my Pinfinite Growth students. :) Let's do this! #MyPinterest

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A thought for your Sunday...🍃 ✨ Do you trust that your intuition and gut feelings are a valid way of making decisions? Or do you think that you need the research, the well-planned spreadsheets, and 100% confidence in a decision before taking the leap? ✨ I've always been a gut-truster, but I never really had words to put to it. Most of my life has been spent doing things that FELT like the right decision, even without days of research or #coldhardfacts. And living in Western Society, I've grown up to believe that my inner guidance wasn't a valid enough way to make decisions. That if I really wanted to make the RIGHT decision, I needed the research to back it up. 📝📝 ✨ Do you ever feel this way, sweet friend? What if, instead, you gave yourself permission to trust your inner knowing just a little more often? What if you gave yourself the freedom to make decisions in a way that FEELS good, even if you can't exactly explain why with research. ✨ I'm at a coaching retreat this weekend, and I'll be honest -- I didn't research this program a whole lot before enrolling. I looked at the enrollment page, saw a few key things that resonated deeply with me, and the program itself was recommended by a friend. That was all I needed to say YES to being here, and after three days at this retreat, I know I couldn't have picked a more aligned place to be. ✨ I want you to know that so many of the answers you're seeking already exist inside of you. You are wise beyond belief — you just don’t always trust that that is true. The random thoughts and gut feelings that pop into your body are not placed there by chance. They are your intuition -- your inner guidance system -- trying to tell you the route that's in alignment with your deepest self. Trust that, beauty. It's valid. It's you. Love love ❤️always. -Melly Mel ✨

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There's this overwhelming culture in the entrepreneurial world that if you want to succeed, you need to hustle your booty off, do ALL the things, and work 60 hours a week. Well, I call bullshit. 😵 Don't get me wrong, I think hard work is massively important if you want to start or grow a business, but not when it's at the detriment of the rest of your life, and especially not when "the hustle" lasts for years and years. That ain't healthy. . That's why this week's Pursuit With Purpose guest is James Schramko, who literally WROTE A BOOK about how to work less, but make more. He runs a multi-million dollar company...and yet, still finds time to surf everyday and spend time with his family. . In this interview, we dig into HOW James is able to work just a few hours per week, why he left his corporate job (where he was earning multi-six figures) to pursue his own company, and James's best tips for living the lifestyle you crave. Visit the link in my profile to listen to the episode! . I'm also hosting a little giveawaayyyy! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 If you leave a review for the podcast (Pursuit With Purpose) on iTunes by June 4th at midnight, you'll be entered into a giveaway for a $100 Amazon gift card (just think about all the biz-building tools you can buy with that!). . To leave a review, just go to the iTunes Store, and under the “podcasts” section, search for Pursuit With Purpose 🤗🤗 Leave a comment below after you've left you're review...if you tag a friend, you'll get an extra entry. 😘 Well notify the winner on June 5! Woohoo!

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For my work-at-home friends, is there a show or band you like to have on in the background while you're busting a groove on your computer? 👩🏼‍💻👩🏾‍💻Mine, ironically, is The Office. 😂 #makesense. I think having something on in the background keeps me sane when the only person I've seen all day is my dog. 😅 . I was talking to my partner (who just started working on his business full-time) on the phone last night around 9pm and he said, “wow...I think this is the first time I’ve SPOKEN today.” 😂😆 File that under: the things they don’t tell you when you start a business. Also known as: you may forget to go outside for days at a time. You may not speak for an entire day and will wonder if your voice still sounds the same. You will say something out loud, alone, just to make sure. Pineapple. You will get a pet so that you have someone to talk to. Ironically, you will feel much more sane telling a 6-pound dog about your day than when you didn’t have anyone to speak to. You will hire a photographer to take photos of you in cute outfits outside so that no one knows you’ve been wearing the same shirt three days in a row. 😂 #ivesaidtoomuch. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ We do what we gotta do to make it work, right? 😉 Keep doing yo thang! Which show or band do you always have playing while you're working? Leave a comment and let me know! ⤵️✨💕

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Oh, you want a bigger business? A closer relationship with your partner? More self confidence? Better health? Well, the life you're seeking can't come true if you're not willing to let go of your old one, sweet pea. ✨ You want a successful business? Then you may need to give up the fear that your work isn't valuable to other people. You may need to leave your procrastination at the door. You might have to do things that make you uncomfortable, like going to conferences by yourself and putting your business out there even though it might fail. ✨ You want a stronger relationship with your partner? Then you might have to release some of the expectations that aren’t serving you. You might need to suck it up and see a couples counselor so you can learn how to communicate together. ✨ You wish you had more self confidence? Then it might be time to ditch the friends that don’t see your worthiness. It might be time to do your own inner work if you really want to grow. ✨ You want better health? Then you may have to replace Netflix binges with the gym. You might need to meal prep your veggies instead of microwaving freezer food. You might have to prioritize personal growth over parties. ✨ The new life you're seeking will cost you your old one, lovebug. ❤️ But the choice to become what you desire is available to you in every.single.moment. The only thing you have control over in life is *yourself.* Will you choose to contribute to your old life or your new one? ✨ Tag a friend in the comments below if you're both working towards that #NewLife bliss right now! 🔥🙌🏼💃🏻

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melyssa_griffin. Enjoy the ride, lovebug. It’s so easy to spend our time wishing for so

Enjoy the ride, lovebug. It’s so easy to spend our time wishing for something else — more money, a bigger business, greater impact — but while you’re en route to your goals, don’t forget to enjoy the moment you’re living in right now. . Over the past 5 years, my business has grown and changed a lot. And I spent so much of those first couple years of my business wishing for what I have now. I had fun during those years, but I didn’t *cherish* them. I always wanted something more. . Of course, I still love the experience of running my business, but it’s just a different feeling. I look back and realize that those first couple “startup” years were some of the most fun. I was at my peak of creativity — experimenting and trying new things everyday. Although I had a lot to do, everything felt exciting and fresh. Mistakes were less important; failure was freeing. It was all beautifully uncharted territory. . So if you’re in a season of your life where you are constantly striving and wishing for more, don’t forget to appreciate the place where you exist right now. Because when you get to the level you’re currently dreaming of, you may look back and realize that those years of not *really* knowing what you were doing were some of the best. . So, do it for the fun of it. Do it for the love of it. Do it because you don’t know any other way to live. Do it with appreciation for the moment you’re living in right this second, sweet human. It’s all just a beautiful mess no matter what “stage” you’re in anyways, isn’t it? ❤️ . Type YES in the comments below if you’re with me, friend. 🙌🏼😘 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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melyssa_griffin. Forever in love with this critter. I remember when I first got him and

Forever in love with this critter. I remember when I first got him and brought him home, he was so nervous that I had to lure him out of his crate with pieces of cheese. That’s when I knew we’d be friends for life. 😂 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I also remember taking him for a walk for the first time, but because his corgi legs are already only like 4 inches tall and he was a puppy at the time, he needed me to carry him up the stairs. Oh Monja, how I love thee and your sweet, tiny body. 😘 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ What was your first day with your pet like? Leave a comment and let me know 😊 I want some pet stories to read this weekend!

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melyssa_griffin. Some thoughts for your Thursday...
Despite all the plans you make,

Some thoughts for your Thursday... 😘 Despite all the plans you make, books you read, and timelines you set...life will always be a mystery. The more you can embrace the beautiful unfolding of your life without trying to control it, the happier you will be.🌸 . The easiest way to start a positive, new habit and maintain your routines? DECIDE to. It's that simple. At its core, every positive thing you do in your life will start with a decision that what you want is more important than the reason you’re avoiding it. . Your parents did their best with what they knew how to do when they raised you. They may have been A+ parents in your eyes, or they may have contributed to your pain. But they probably loved you in the best ways they knew how. Forgive them. . This goes for most people who hurt you or bring you pain, actually. Everyone is trying to do their best with the tools they have. Some people spent their whole lives learning suffering, and they may try to project that suffering onto you in the form of blame or unkindness. Knowing this, it's impossible not to have love for everyone you meet. But it also means that someone’s harshness doesn't have to hurt you. . Running a business will be your becoming, lovebug. You may think you're an entrepreneur to make money, be creative, have freedom, or help people. And yes, those things are meaningful...but eventually, you'll see that your business will be the catalyst that will reveal who you truly are. It is the best thing you can do for your own personal growth. . You are worthy of the dreams you dream, even if a friend, family member, co-worker, or other nay-sayer disagrees. That dream you're itching to pursue wouldn't have been planted in your mind if you weren't capable of doing it, darlin'. That’s the truth. . Wishing you a gorgeous day. 😊Spend a moment right now to remember — to really *feel* — that you are oh so very loved. ❤️ . p.s. Did you know my signature program, Blog to Biz Hive, is closing for enrollment tonight at midnight pacific? Link in profile to learn more about it.😘

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melyssa_griffin. STOP! 🚫Don’t create an online course or try to grow your audience bef

STOP! 🚫Don’t create an online course or try to grow your audience before reading this post... . I'm hosting a free online workshop today called, "4 Steps to Grow Your Audience and Launch an Unforgettable Online Course." And if you want to grow your impact, audience, and income, then I highly encourage you to be there! You can register at blogtobiztraining.com/webinar :) (And there are two times for you to join me -- visit the link to pick your fav!) . Here's what I'll be teaching!... . 1. How to come up with an idea for a profitable online course (that your community will be dying to buy). 2. The super-easy-to-create opt-in incentive (aka “freebie”) that will help you line up potential buyers for your first or next online course. 3. The secret to creating your course content that most new course creators get wrong (and how to do it the right way). 4. How to repurpose and maximize a single piece of content to get you more traffic and subscribers with less effort. . Baaaasically, you'll learn some of my best methods for growing an online community and creating courses and products that impact your people (and make you money at the same time!). Can't WAIT to share it all with you during today's free classes. :) There's still time to register! --> blogtobiztraining.com/webinar Raise your hand if you'll be there!! 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️

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melyssa_griffin. Can we talk about ANGER for a moment, love? 😡🤬 For a long time (i.e.

Can we talk about ANGER for a moment, love? 😡🤬 For a long time (i.e. until basically this year), I saw anger as a negative emotion. Anger was very present in my life as a child and I began to create associations that ALL anger was scary, aggressive, and hurtful. And as such, I sucked every speck of “anger” out of my adult life. I put on my Nice Girl face and became more passive — censoring myself and playing small without even realizing it. . As you’re reading this, ask yourself — “What are my own associations to anger? If I had to finish the sentence, “anger is...” what would I say?” . When my coach, @prestonsmiles, originally asked me that, I listed off words like, “unnecessary, scary, cruel, etc.” I was so CLUELESS how anger could ever be a positive force in my life, since I’d witnessed so much of its destruction. . What I’ve learned since is that anger is HEALTHY (so long as it’s not abusive, of course). Anger is often the source of our passion, the emotion that fuels our demands for justice, and the feeling that gets us to speak up with honesty. When we remove anger completely, then we end up playing smaller in our lives because: . 1️⃣ We’re not accessing our full selves because we’re not able to tap into all of our emotions. Lacking a certain emotion in your life is a sign that you are not living your entire truth. 2️⃣ We don’t speak up when we need to. We’ll prioritize “keeping the peace” over our own needs. We play small when it comes to causes and injustices we care about because we’re scared to rock the boat. . Anger doesn’t have to look like a screaming match. It can mean taking a controversial stance on an issue you care about. It can mean refusing to take BS from toxic friends or family. And sweet soul, it can be as simple as standing up for yourself when you’d normally shove your emotions away and “go with the flow.” . How do you feel about anger, lovebug? Do you honor it? Try to get rid of it at every turn? Are you a Nice Person who’s afraid of anger? And where did your associations about anger come from? Leave a comment and let me know! ❤️🙌🏼

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Today’s happy dance brought to you by the sweet sweeeeet bonuses I just added to Blog to Biz Hive. 😍 . What are they, you say? Here’s the low down: 1️⃣ Sales Funnel Accelerator course. This program includes three sales funnel prototypes that I’ve used in my business to generate income on autopilot every.single.day. Yo...can we just stop and think about what it would FEEL like to have automated income a’flowin’ in your life?! It’s one of the most freeing things I’ve ever created! Imagine all the other things you can focus on when you’re not so worried about making more money all the time! 😉 2️⃣ Course Creator Templates. You know the thing that took me foreverrrr to do when I created my first online course? The SLIDES for the course. And then the webinar presentation. And the Facebook ad graphics. And the...well, you get it. 😅 But I don’t want there to be ANY barriers for you in getting your course out there ASAP. So, I hired a pro designer to create heaps of templates you can use for all of the above. IT’S THE BEST THING EVER (especially if you’re the type of person who would use something like “design my course slides” as a reason to spend 4 solid days cleaning your house in the name of Procrastination). 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ My designer keeps telling me that these templates are worth $1,000 (and I’m sure she hates that I’m giving them to you for free!) 😅🤣 . The beautiful thing is that you get BOTH of these beauties just by enrolling in Blog to Biz Hive. 🤗🤗 . ...BUT only if you enroll by midnight pacific tonight (May 21st). After that, they’re disappearing for good. The horror! . 🦔🦔 Visit BlogtoBizHive.com to enroll and getcho bonuses for free, loverbutts! :) . Oh, and what’s Blog to Biz Hive? It’s my in-depth online program that teaches you how to find your message, create a blog around it, grow an engaged community (i.e. traffic and email list), and launch a profitable online course that impacts your peeps and makes you dolla dolla bills. Basically, it helps you generate more creativity, impact, and freedom in your life. 🤗 You down? 😍

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