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I’m ready for another day full of flights 🛫✔️ Bags are packed and ready to meet all kind of passengers again. Traveling is something I love to do and everytime it wonderfully meets my passion, which is aviation. Ever since I was a little kid I’ve been deeply interested in aircraft. It was such a fascinating sighting for me to see enormous aircraft take off into the sky. I just knew what I wanted to do at the time I was growing up: work in the aviation. 🛩 • I can’t leave for work without a great timepiece, so I’m wearing @infinumwatches. It’s not only a stunning and brilliantly designed watch, but it reminds me to be ambitious and to be fully committed to my passion in order to achieve my goals. A little extra self confidence is what I feel by wearing this watch. Wear your strength, guys! ⌚️ • #wearyourstrength #infiniteambition #infinumwatches

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You’re so pretty, Cape Town. Everytime I visit Blouberg I’m still amazed by the beauty of the city and the famous sightings from Blouberg Beach. Every sound of the breaking waves joined by this spectacular view is something magical! 🇿🇦 #BestOfCapeTown #BloubergBeach

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Spending my time at five star @thesilohotel_ for a coffee and lunch break with absolutely stunning views of the city from the rooftop. Friendly and heartwarming staff that made my visit even more welcoming. Would have loved to take a swim in that pool now! 🇿🇦 #BestOfCapeTown #TheSiloHotel

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You’re probably wondering why I’m standing in front of a lighthouse. I will tell you, because it’s like one of the signatures of my partial childhood in Cape Town. As a kid, it would tell me that I was getting close to home when I got back from a trip, a visit to the beach or Sea Point’s swimming pool - it was just always visible from the road as from granny’s balcony. Many nostalgic feelings and memories, that I did not want to miss shooting here! 🇿🇦 #BestOfCapeTown #MouillePoint

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Couldn’t resist to share another photo from the London series with you. Fell in love with Notting Hill whilst spending my time in London. What do you think of this suit by @ca? 🇬🇧 #London #NottingHill

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Sunday brunch was a real delight with delicious stack pancakes topped with seasonal fruits and fresh juices at @mookpancakes. Enjoyed every moment here! 🥞 #MookPancakes #SundayBrunch

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Can’t believe how pretty you are, Amsterdam. Give me days like this forever! 🍂 #GoldenHour #DeNegenStraatjes@amsterdamworld @amsterdam @igersamsterdam @wonderlust.amsterdam @amsterdamview @visit.amsterdam

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It’s time to layer up in style and to wear darker colours again. Loving these detailed, comfy boots. Wearing @hm / @hm_man for the perfect look! #HM #HMMan #AutumnCollection

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What could possibly be more magical than walking around in this beautiful central area when the sun sets through all of these homes and canals, which reflect the golden hour colours perfectly. Can’t wait for all those gorgeous autumn colours again! 🍂🌅 • @amsterdamworld @amsterdam @igersamsterdam @wonderlust.amsterdam @amsterdamview @visit.amsterdam

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Destination: Brussels, Belgium. Traveling onboard @thalys, which makes sure you travel all comfortably and safely from and back to your base. Looking forward to travel with you again! 🚄 #Thalys #BruxellesMidi #GoldenHour

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Sometimes I like to go a little bit denim. Styled with @hm_man I’m starting off this week! #DenimLook 👖

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Such a great feeling to be back in London! Exploring Westminster with the golden hour peeking through. Seriously in love with these red telephone booths, you basically can’t leave London without taking a picture in one of these. So, I did that as well. @visitlondon #Westminster 🇬🇧

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When you stumble upon this beautiful, colourful street in Notting Hill and just can’t resist to take a picture. The area is known for these particular coloured houses besides the Victorian styled ones, which I think are all absolutely gorgeous! #NottingHill @visitlondon 🇬🇧

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Walking around in beautiful Notting Hill, which felt very nostalgic to me since I’ve been watching the movie forever since I was a little kid. It’s such a beautiful area to explore, which is located in the western part of the city. Suited up with @ca and totally ready to spend a few days in London! 🇬🇧

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[AD] Absolutely loving this ice cream of @koupe_protein_ice in strawberry flavour whilst wandering through the city centre of Amsterdam. It’s incredibly tasty and even available in a few flavours. Besides that - it contains 70% less sugar, 40% less calories and triple as much protein as regular ice cream!🍦💪🏼

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#ad - I’m glad to be one of the faces for the spring/summer collection of @wefashionstories. Wearing the WE x Van Gils suit from their newest collection. Whether you want to completely suit up or wear a casual look, with @wefashionstories you’re ready for the perfect summer look! 💥 #WEFashion #WEbettertogether

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The days seem to get colder and colder, but it’s always a pleasure to walk around in my favorite and most beautiful city! Even the sun manages to come through on these colder days. Liking these darker colours and this very warm and comfortable sweater I’m wearing of @mango_man. Have a great Monday, everyone! 🍂✌🏼

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It’s always a good time for having a delicious matcha latte at @matchabaramsterdam 🍃 Fresh and tasty matcha at one of Amsterdam’s new hotspots in the Albert Cuyp. Check it out whenever you have the chance to stop by!

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