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Which pic do you like better? The First or the Second? I like the 1st. . . . Also, check out my Haul on my story 💕 #novababe #torontopgotography #studiophotography

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Ready for whatever 😘 . . . Check out my recent Fashion Nova Try On Haul. The LINK IS IN MY BIO. ❤️ love you all! Thanks for all the love on my last post! #novababe Top: Talk that talk off shoulder top Bottoms: Celena mesh leggings Shoes: Show ‘em around lace up heel

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Switchin hips like Beyoncé . . . Rocking my @fashionnova outfit. Posting a new Black Friday Edition Haul tomorrow 💕👀 So Stay tuned! #novababe Shirt: Talk that Talk Off Shoulder top Pants: Celena Mesh Leggings Shoes: Show ‘en around lace up heel (All in Black)

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milcania_. Wassup?


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Im just gonna thank @russcottphotography in advance for killing this shoot w. me 📸 . . . #novababe #torontophotography #torontophotographer

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As promised here is the trailer to the #48hrfilmproject. The short film is up on my YouTube page now. You can find the LINK IN MY BIO. 🥰😘 The film is about a young girl who is fleeing an abusive relationship. With nowhere to go, she crosses paths with a group of girls who invite her to join them. Life is looking up, until she finally realizes what she has gotten herself Into. Now she is forced to make a choice. This film may contain course language. Viewer discretion is advised lol. #torontoactors

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Oh, hi.

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So excited for all that is to come in 2019. In the end it’s God’s plan that prevails, But I will dream and chase and pray and wait. ⏱💡

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Big moves yet to come .. 👑

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Can’t tell me nothin’ 🌪

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What it is ? Wassup? #novababe

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milcania_. We all from the same place ❤️🌎 @weallfrom #weallfrom

We all from the same place ❤️🌎 @weallfrom #weallfrom

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milcania_. (Wait for the end 😂) Im sure we all know that one friend who tends to

(Wait for the end 😂) Im sure we all know that one friend who tends to be a little bit over the top at times... that always needs to know what you’re doing.. always has to do everything with you.. catches feelings about any and EVERYthing you do. 😬👀 (TAG YOUR BESTIE) you can check the entire “Clingy Friends” video in my bio/ story. 💋💕

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