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Hands down, best sunrise I’ve ever seen! How would you rate this burn?

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Golden hour at Burg Eltz

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A tribute to a great city! I’m so proud to live here. Cheers Toronto! . . Aerial photos shot with my friend @skyhighto 🛩🤙🏻

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Last one from yesterday! How many people can you count?

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Hey guys, I’m currently offering a limited run of prints of “The Red Sea” on my website. All paper and canvas prints will be available until July 1st but only three Acrylic Metal prints of each size will be made available for purchase. Link in bio

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Here’s a few impressions from today’s championship parade! Enjoy the moment Toronto 👊🏻

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Happy Sunday guys! Here’s a series from Venice. Let me know which one you like best!

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Sunrise in the medieval town of Quedlinburg, Germany . . @germanytourism @reiseland_sachsen_anhalt

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Champions at last! #wethenorth ✊🏻

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Game 6! #letsgo #wethenorth ✊🏻

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Here’s a few of my favourite shots. Let me know which one you like best! . 1- Jasper, Canada 2- Mt. Pilatus, Switzerland 3- Valley of Fire, USA 4- Toronto, Canada 5- Raja Ampat, Indonesia 6- Goosenecks State Park, USA

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Here’s another one from an evening spent playing in the waves at Marshall’s Beach. I got absolutely soaked for this so I hope you guys like it 😂

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