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Twilight in the San Francisco surf. Shot alongside my buddy @fitzsimonsphotography 🤙🏻

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Here’s a few from my home country. Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

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One of my personal favourites. A 15 shot, vertical panorama of the Bramante Staircase in the Vatican Museum.

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Twilight along the canals of Hamburg. Swipe for a wide angle! @hamburgahoi @germanytourism

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A rainy evening at Emerald Lake. Swipe for a closer look.

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Rainy days in NYC

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Last light on the Grand Canal

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Wintry nights in the streets of Toronto

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Fall colours just outside of Toronto! Can’t wait to visit here again this season. 🍁

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Here’s a time blend from a sunrise last week. A few shots from blue hour blended with a 30 second exposure using the @haidafilter M10 6 stop during the moment the colour was at its best.

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The beauty of Prague. Let me know which one you like best!

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The festive streets of Old Quebec City

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