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Here’s one from Polson Pier in Toronto. Although this is just a simple cityscape, a lot went into this image. I slowed down the shutter using the @haidafilter M10 system to smoothen out the water and it is focus stacked, perspective blended, exposure blended and time blended. If you’re interested in learning how to capture scenes like this in camera and stitching them all together in post, contact me for a workshop!

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Some of you guys are going to hate me for this post but I’m really starting to miss these Canadian winters ❄️ . All of these images were edited with my personal Lightroom presets. My entire preset shop is currently 35% off. Just use the promo code 35% at checkout. Link in bio.

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Today is World Photography Day so I’ve decided to post my favourite picture, “Streets of Chicago”. I’d like to see your best work, so make sure to post it today and tag me. I’ll be sharing some of my favourites from you in my stories this evening! Cheers! #WorldPhotographyDay

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Sunrise from Schynige Platte amongst the wildflowers. . To learn how I compose, shoot, and process images like this, come join my workshop in Iceland next April! Visit my website or contact me directly for details.

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Some simple scenes from Switzerland. . 1-Lauterbrunnen 2-Lake Thun 3-Wengen 4-Lavaux

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Here’s a series of cities during twilight. The brief period of time before sunrise and after sunset is my favourite time to shoot. There’s a perfect balance of natural and artificial light that really makes images pop. Let me know which one you like best! . 1- Prague, Czech Republic 2-Dubai, UAE 3-Budapest, Hungary 4-Abu Dhabi, UAE 5-New York, USA 6-Manarola,Italy 7,8,9-Venice, Italy

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A stormy morning in the green valleys of Switzerland

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Perfect morning light at Grindelwald-First, Switzerland . . @myswitzerland @madeinbern #inlovewithswitzerland

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The last two weeks in Switzerland have been insane! Twenty hours a day of scouting, hiking, traveling, and shooting with little to no sleep. Not to mention crazy swings in weather with resulted in us being caught in multiple thunderstorms. I’ll posting my photos from the trip as well as bts stories throughout the next coming weeks but in the meantime, here’s one from high over Lucerne on Mt. Pilatus 🤙🏻 @myswitzerland @pilatus #InLoveWithSwitzerland

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Here’s a series of starry nights from the American Southwest. I really enjoy shooting under the stars because it pushes my abilities as a photographer. Composing, focusing, and dialing in correct exposures in the dark can be challenging but the final results make staying up all night worth it!

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Some personal favourites from Europe. Let me know which one you like best! . 1- Venice, Italy 2- Berlin, Germany 3- Wengen, Switzerland 4- Rome, Italy 5- Rome, Italy (again)

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Here’s one from last night! I don’t know what was more fun, shooting this photo or driving to the spot.

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