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Feeling so happy today ... Filmed some acoustic videos today with @michalszczesny and @bandvault TV at the beautiful @saintaymes 😬😬😬 Can’t wait for you all to hear this! 🌸🌼🌸

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🎙Join me this SAT I’ll be performing live from 8pm - 10pm at the amazing @jazzgirlondon restaurant, Mediterranean food alongside with live music. Jazzgir is perfectly located next to a beautiful waterfront in Canary Wharf, offering fine dining at its best. Book here: https://www.jazzgir.co.uk/ Would love to see you there. 💖 #Jazzgirl #Jazzgir

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#BehindTheScenes for my latest single #DRAMA ft. @dizzyvocalchameleon prod. by @iamisraelmusic ... so thankful for such an amazing team that made this possible 🙏🏼🧡 LINK IN BIO. . . 🎥 @ren_bandvault @bandvault 💄 @faceofdeemy 💃🏻💃🏻 @bei.elisa @emergencydancer Models: @3am.flow @rossanajangmi @iam_melodi

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Tag a friend who needs a reminder 🧡 #Tag #selflove

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Bad energy stay far away✋🏼 #positivevibes 🧡

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When no one is there for you, make sure you will be there for yourself. 🖤

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It’s Fridayyy and I thought I’ll remind you to listen to my latest single #DRAMA ☺️ Link in my Bio 🤗

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“Now my friends they’ve all been asking, why I ain’t mentioned this new guy” ... #DRAMA ~ Link in my BIO 🤪🖤

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What an artistic coffee shop everything in 2D 🖤 #Seoul #Korean #SouthKorea #CoffeeShop #Cakes #wonderful_places

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Just a casual #korean clothing shop, that has a floor for photos with props and a slide! 😩😍🤩 #MyTypeOfShop #Chuu We spent over an hour at this place taking about 200 photos 🤭 #Seoul #SouthKorea

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So much culture, so many places to explore & so many kind respectful people, I am definitely falling in love with #Seoul ❤️ #SouthKorea

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Just casually reading a “Coco Chanel” book at the #StarfieldLibrary 📚 #SouthKorea #Seoul #Gangnam #wonderful_places

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missshaofficial. We just met like two weeks ago .... I don’t want no, No Dramaaaaaa...

We just met like two weeks ago .... I don’t want no, No Dramaaaaaa... #Vibe

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Camera, Lights, Action 🎥 A shot from my #DRAMA video, link in my BIO 🖤

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Maybe next time you can take it slow... #DRAMA - Out Now! Link in my BIO 🖤

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OMG! we hit 30k views in 2 days on my YouTube channel. To be gone for so long and just being in the music studio working, you never know how it will go when you release a track, if people would listen/watch or not, especially when you’re an independent artist. If you’re part of the people that has watched and listed to “Drama” my new single Thank you so much!! 🖤❤🧡💛💜💙💚🖤😘 #DramaOutNow >>>>>>>>>>> LINK IN THE BIO

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