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misty.moss. Hey who knew - sometimes I actually do smile on stage. 🤷‍♀️ cooking u

Hey who knew - sometimes I actually do smile on stage. 🤷‍♀️ cooking up a new routine over the next month and can’t wait to bring something fresh to the stage! ✨// photo by @mkmphotographyca

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Today’s mood brought to you by burn out and exhaustion - hanging onto the thought of actual time off in May... a whole week... not a work-cation (which is actually still just work)... but pure blissful time off lounging in bed drinking coffee and reading books in the buff. 🍑😍

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Aerialist problems: shoulders nicer than ya dates. 😂🤷‍♀️ // YES. THE RUMOURS ARE TRUE. #yyj Datty is coming back for you @wetcoastburlesque NERDLESQUE May the Fourth. I’ll probably be retiring him at this show so make sure to get your tickets and bring a change of panties. 💦💦💦

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Sometimes I do non lowflow things 🤸‍♂️🤷‍♀️

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Spent my evening teaching the @missrosiebitts intermediate burlesque students FLOARWERK! can’t wait to do it again tomorrow for the next batch of level 2 babes. Gosh I love sharing floor fucking tricks and tips with y’all! 😈🔥

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Find what sets your soul on fire and chase it. 🔥❤️ sharing sunset moments + bliss with @van_lefan at @aquawellnessresort + @momentomcollective

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Why so serious? 😈 rolling into this week coffee in hand, fuelled by the vibes of a supportive and loving community. I am feeling the burn out this week but taking moments to be grateful for this wonderful creative life and remembering to b r e a t h e. // photo by @mkmphotographyca

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Sunday bumday 🔥 spent today surrounded by beautiful feminine energy - diving deep and empowering one another. My cup is overflowing but my vessel deeply desires some rest before giving it hell tomorrow in Lyra class. 🎪🤩 #aintnorestforthewicked #bruisemeup // photo by @mkmphotographyca

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It took two weeks but the travel hangover is hitting me h a r d. Missing training on the beach, communal cuddle puddles, sunset jams, sacred clowns running wild... can’t wait for the next chance to run away with @momentomcollective 🎪❤️

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That one time @hollyvonsinn and I shared a moment and 800 other people just happened to be there. YALL ARE WELCOME. 🔥💦

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*produces a show about bugs* *dresses like a circus cat* . . . Real talk: due to multiple unforeseen circumstances (re: major prop failure + mental health) I had to sadly take my number out of buglesque about ten minutes before doors. It was a sad decision but one that needed to happen. I had been humming and hawing about it all week and the prop catastrophe was the universe giving me a sign to sit this one on the bench. I apologize to those who were excited to see Mithty Moth! It will come out again soon I hope ❤️❤️❤️ . . . Thanks to all that showed up to watch the show, all the amazing performers, and of course @_cherry.cheeks_ who ARRIVED EARLIER THAN ME to the venue and just fucking made my heart explode with her amazing willingness to help out and general badassery. . . Until next time!!

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Rolling into show day like 🔥🍑 let’s get fucking weird, y’all. See you tonight @wetcoastburlesque // photo by @fubarfoto

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Take the ‘Naked Now’ but make it gay. 🔥🔥🔥 excuse me as I am now deceased after seeing @fubarfoto shots of this number and the sauciest guest appearance by the clown witch @hollyvonsinn ✨✨✨

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Life’s short. Be your own daddy. 💦 see you all tomorrow at @wetcoastburlesque and then again this Saturday at @secretpartyproductions - it’s a naked and glitter filled week and I will be rolling around the floor making your daddy dreams come true. ✨🔥 // photo by @mkmphotographyca

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Because y’all seem to love the fail videos.... free flowed into a pose from a new position and... squiiiiish. This was my first time trying double tab Lyra and H E L L O colour me obsessed.

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Like a moth to a flame - my heart sings for the stage. This Thursday catch me at @wetcoastburlesque for BUGLESQUE - performing this piece that is near and dear to my heart. ✨🔥 // photo by @amusbeasto

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That’s a wrap @vibfa ✨ what an absolute honour to share space and a stage with such powerhouses in the burlesque community. Including the reigning queens @whoisinga + @loulouladuchesse, and so many inspiring and jaw-dropping artists. Thank you to everyone who was a part of this beautiful festival and everyone who came to show support. 🥰 (a special shout out to @champagne_sparkles + @hollyvonsinn + @vogue.mahone - it takes a small army to make a drag android and I am so grateful to the support and help of these amazing humans). Until next time! 🔥💦 // photo by @mkmphotographyca

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Be your own d a d d y 💦✨ // @vibfa

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