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[Advertisement] Time to give back! 🎁 ✨ I teamed up with @dolcegusto_germany for an amazing xmas giveaway! Head over to my blog for some festive vibes, read more about my favorite coffee machine and have the chance to even win one! 🖤 www.keysofandy.com — Link in bio! ✨ #coffeelove #dolcegusto #giveaway #keysofandy

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What a day! Finished the last things on tomorrow’s blog post and giveaway! I really love the pictures and the festive vibes ✨, even though I’m a total Grinch this year. I can’t wait to share them with you! I hope y’all enjoy your Saturday evening and I’ll see you tomorrow on keysofandy.com! 🖤 #keysofandy

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Details ✨ Happy Friday! #keysofandy

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[Advertisement] Don‘t look back — you‘re not going that way! ✨🖤 #quote #keysofandy

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[Advertisement] Have you read my latest blog post? Come with me and @dolcegusto_germany to Latin America and dive into the fantastic world of coffee with their new certified organic #AbsoluteOrigin Collection. ✨ Colombia, Peru or Honduras — not only interesting countries, but also new coffee variations with unique flavors. More about them now — on keysofandy.com! 🖤 #dolcegusto #absoluteorigincollection #coffeelove

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I‘ll never be perfect, but at least now I‘m brave. [Advertisement]

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[Advertisement] Strong, energetic & powerful — emphasize those attributes with my favorite fall/winter scent by @anna_i_j 🖤 GREY is the perfect fragrance for all those men out there who kick ass, yet are in touch with their sensual side. 🙌🏼 #annaij #GREY

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[Advertisement] As much as I love shopping, I really try to shop less right now and buy more high quality things. Mostly online though. Do you shop more online or more offline? 🖤 #shoptilyoudrop #keysofandy

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[Advertisement] Day 3 done! 🙌🏼 It was so much fun doing the juice cleanse by @kaleandme! 🖤 My favorite juice: Amy Almond! If you followed my stories, you saw me struggling sometimes, but I made it — and so can you! 🙏🏼 With my code "mrandykeys4you" you‘ll get two extra juices and a bag! 😍 P.S: If you don‘t want to do the whole cleanse, check out the new double shots — perfect for flu season and super yummy as well (my fave: Ginny Ginger) ✨ #kaleandme

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[Advertisement] Autumn vibes 🍂 My favorite season... 🖤 Tap on pic for outfit details ✨

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Back to work... #keysofandy

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[Advertisement | Giveaway] WIN & FLY to NYC! 🗽 Y‘all know how much I love New York City and how much I love to give back! 🖤 5 of you have the chance to win a XXL chocolate package from @lindthello_ and with that the chance to fly to NYC! 😱 Dope, right?! Until the end of this month @lindthello_ has the best giveaway ever — all you have to do is: buy some @lindthello_ chocolates and type in the code inside of the package right here: https://www.lindt-hello.de/gewinne-eine-reise-nach-new-york/ To increase your chances and to win one of the 5 XXL chocolate packages, all you have to do is: 1. Follow me @mr.andykeys and @lindthello_ 2. Comment below your favorite emojis 🖤 and/or tag a friend 3. done! ☺️ The giveaway will end next Sunday (October 14th, 11:59pm German time) Maybe I‘ll see you in NYC? ☺️ Good luck 🍀 #LindtHello #LindtHelloGermany #NiceToSweetYou #HelloNYC

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