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🚨NEW EPISODE ALERT! 🚨In this episode, the hosts discuss 5 things to avoid in order to stay and remain mentally strong and healthy.

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🚨NEW EPISODE ALERT! * * 👉🏾In this episode, hosts discuss 3 ways to be successful in leadership as an entrepreneur and business owner.

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🚨NEW EPISODE ALERT!🚨 👉🏾Okay, so I thought we were back in August, but our 3rd quarter was hella busy🤦🏾‍♀️. Sorry to our loyal listeners who thought we abandoned you. We are still here! I promise🤞🏾 👉🏾Now that it’s the 4th quarter, we’re back back 😁. We have definitely missed you all and thanks for the messages of y’all missing us too 🤗😘! 👉🏾In this episode, we talk about how to take the crap in your life and turn it into something useful that will change your life in 4 simple steps. 👉🏾Listen and tell us what you think. Drop a comment below👇🏾

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• As many of you know, outside of being a busy therapist and Podcast host, I assist my husband with wedding photography and videography. Well, this month has been really busy with July brides, travel, with a vacation mix😉, but OH SO MUCH FUN! * * * • The Podcast will return on August 7th AND we will also announce the winners of the podcast review giveaway! Don’t worry, I didn’t forget. So, you have time to catch up on episodes and leave a review before the second half starts. Talk soon! 🎙

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🚨NEW EPISODE * * 👰🏾🤵🏾It’s Our Anniversary, well it’s officially tomorrow but the bonus episode dropped today!! * * In this special episode, we expound on marriage life and how we made it to 9 years of marriage. * * We share the ups and downs of marriage life AND provide tips on how spouses can continue to celebrate anniversaries. * * Celebrate with us! 🤗😁

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🚨NEW EPISODE 🚨 ♟In this episode, the hosts focus on the MEN in MENtal health since Father’s Day is right around the corner. • • ♟We have a candid discussion and hear from the main man on the show and his reasons why men struggle with asking for help with mental health issues. • • ♟He also shares his mental health journey and tips on what women can do to understand and be better assets to the men in their lives. • • ♟Please Subscribe! Please Rate! Please please Leave a Review 😄(only iTunes platforms)! Share the Podcast with 2 more people!

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🚨NEW EPISODE!🚨 • • In this episode, the hosts discuss the struggle with addictions, problems that lead to addictions, and ways to challenge addictive behaviors. Don't let addictions continue to kill you softly. Fight back! • • Remember, we have a gift card drawing coming up at the end of this month for two Podcast listeners who leave a RATE and REVIEW on the iTunes platform! 💵

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Doing a podcast with my husband is such a blast, like frfr😀. I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy it and he didn’t either. It’s great to have his perspective on things based on his experience as an entrepreneur and my knowledge as a therapist. • • 👉🏾 That’s why our Podcast is catered to entrepreneurs who struggle with balancing success and self care. You don’t have to pick one or the other. You can have both. As a matter of fact self care is your first success! If you’re not taking care of your physical, emotional, or mental health, you may gain success but you won’t keep it. So, if you’re looking for some ways to get back in the groove, have success, improve self care, and have some good laughs, this Podcast is for you!! • • 🎙My Therapy In A Box Podcast 🎧 You can listen on iTunes and Google Play! Oh yeah, don’t forget to rate and leave a review. We love giving shoutouts and showing our listeners some love.

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💚So, we are ending Mental Health Awareness month on a “spiritual” high (pun intended).🙌🏾😄 💚The host and co-host have an open dialogue about their spiritual journey from childhood to adulthood and the role that spirituality plays in mental health. 💚Please Subscribe! Please Rate! Please please Leave a Review 😄(only iTunes platforms)! Share the Podcast with 2 more people!

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I am so excited to partner with ESPN Academy for one of their summer series intensives. If you are in the Memphis area on June 22, we would love for you to join us in the discussion on “How to Deal...”. I will be highlighting underlying causes of toxic stress in our children, negative effects it leads to, and ways that parents and teachers can implement effective solutions. It is FREE and Lunch is provided! Please register at http://bit.ly/ESPNSummerSeries! We will see you there! @eveslaughter

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Reading used to be one of my favorite hobbies growing up and then life happened and I got occupied with other things and haven’t read a good book 📖 in a while. I must say that I really enjoyed my FFL (forever first lady’s) book. It is a long read, which is why I listened through Audible on my daily commute and doing chores around the house. But it’s still a good book and she is a good storyteller in sharing what helped her become who she is today. I would recommend it as a summer read! Anyway, have a good Sunday!

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🚨NEW EPISODE ALERT!🚨 💚We are dedicating this episode to our loyal listeners. We appreciate all of the support and feedback that you have given us since the start of the podcast. We do this because of you. 💚As a token of our appreciation, we have a gift included for you in this episode. This is the episode that you really want to listen to! Who knows? You may just hear us mention your name. 💚Please Subscribe! Please Rate! Please please Leave a Review 😄(iTunes only)! Share the Podcast with 2 more people!

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🚨NEW EPISODE ALERT!🚨 💚It’s still Mental Health Awareness Month! * 💚We are discussing the real secret in being a productive powerhouse in your work, business, and family. You may be surprised at the answer. * 💚Subscribe! Rate! Leave a review (iTunes)! Tell 2 more people to check it out!

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The benefits of a smile: 💚Stress reducer 💚Mood enhancer 💚Immune system booster 💚Life prolonger 💚Everything looks better after a good laugh * 👉🏾When was the last time you had a good laugh?

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Let’s start this Monday morning off right with a positive self affirmation! 💚 Positive affirmations are simple messages that release you from anxiety, negativity, guilt, fear and pain. 💚Affirmations help you to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts 💚When you repeat and believe them, you create positive changes in everything from finances and career to relationships and weight loss to improved self-confidence. 💚 You can write them around the house on mirrors, sticky notes, phone reminders, etc. 💚Drop your affirmation in the comments below 👇🏾

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💚It’s Mental Health Awareness Month! 💚What better topic to bring in mental health awareness month than to discuss COPING SKILLS in the new episode! 💚We are discussing the coping skills to have in your “box” when you feel overloaded, overworked, and overwhelmed. 💚These are things that you can do to get you through those tough moments. It’s important to ‘know’ things but it’s even better to ‘do’ those things. 💚Take better care of YOU. 💚Check it out and share what coping skills you love to use and tag #mytherapyinabox 💚Like! Comment! Subscribe! Tell 2 more people to check it out!

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🚨NEW EPISODE ALERT!🚨 Today we are discussing conflict resolution and the skills you need to resolve conflict with others and even yourself. Check it out and tell me what you think in our Facebook group. Like! Comment! Subscribe! Tell 2 more people to check it out!

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🚨NEW EPISODE ALERT!🚨 Are people taking advantage of you because of poor boundaries? Do you ever feel guilty for taking time away to regroup and recharge? Are you ready to change that? Then, this episode is just for you. We discuss tips for healthy boundaries to set in all relationships. Check it out and tell me what you think in our Facebook group. Like! Comment! Subscribe! Tell 2 more people to check it out!

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