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Life is too short to be in a war with yourself. You are you and that’s beautiful. You don’t have flaws, only perfect imperfections. Your skin is not oily, it’s glowing. Your don’t have stretch marks, you have fierce tiger stripes. Your legs are not fat, they are strong. You don’t have ugly moles, you have beauty marks. It’s about embracing what we have and what makes us unique.

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Drowning in good coffee. (Werbung - Original pic by @orionvanessa , edit by @namastehannahcreative )

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Do you believe in love at first sight?

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Ad/anzeige| „Active living - means giving your mind, body and soul the respect and care it deserves.“ I love to be active on my new bike by @otto_de - I think it’s so beautiful to explore a place by bike! In Berlin i always discover something new around the corner. Do you like bike riding as well? #ottolifestyle 🚴🏼‍♂️

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Eigenwerbung - ♥️ more on @namastehannahcreative

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Not my dog - but so adorable. Does someone know the breed of this little one? 🐶(Source: tumblr - werbung?!)

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Ad/anzeige| May i present to you Miss Amanda, who enjoys her daily coffee-bath ritual. I join her quite often. A nice cup of cappuccino is so calming to me, gives me a break and even inspires me to get creative. I usually have a @nespresso.de coffee first thing in the morning. Tag your coffee Buddy in the comments ✌🏻☕️ #littlegrandthings #myowncoffeeritual

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Werbung - I am FINALLY selling prints of my art! You can check my story to find out more. I am honestly really excited about this and can’t wait to get my art out there! I am currently selling 10 different designs and if you wish to purchase any other print, you can browse through @namastehannahcreative and let me know your faves. Maybe we can make that happen in the future. ✌🏻🥰 (the shirt i am wearing is also my design from @conscioustee_ )

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Yoga isn’t a competition. It is not about who does the best handstand, who is the most flexible or who can meditate for the longest time...it is about feeling at peace with your mind, body and soul 🙏🏻 it is about caring for yourself and for others. It is about shining the light from your heart out into the world 🌎

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Where there is a will, there is a way. Can’t wait to be down under soon 🌿🏝

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The only moment that truly exists is now. ♥️ This thought calms me down so much. The future is not real yet and the past isn’t anymore. It’s just about the now and who you are right now in this present moment. (This post is a collage of my pic and a tumblr pic I found)

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What is your favourite color to wear? 🌈

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