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already feeling this desert vibes when thinking about my next destination🌵do you have any guesses where we‘re going?🐪

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fruitshops are always my all time favorite thing to do🍌🍉

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Don‘t let your dreams be dreams✨

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all day long beaches, palmtrees and some fresh pineapples🌴 who else is team pineapple?🍍

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when you have this tropical island addiction🐠🌴 who else want to dip in this crystal clear water?💦 picture by @julian_roxburry

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walking around the castle of nizwa and feeling like a princess👸🏽 Oman is really one of the most magical places I‘ve ever been.✨

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living the jungle life🐒🌴 are you the nature or city type?

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dreaming of being a mermaid one day🧜🏼‍♀️ can someone make dreams come true?⭐️

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the world is full of magical places, so go out and discover as much as you can✨this place was on my bucketlist for so long. Whats on your list?🏯

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fluffy teddy jacket and the perfect glasses is all i need at this cold winter days❄️🧸 | Anzeige @kaptenandson #bekapten #kaptenandson 📸 by @julian_roxburry

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not as sweet as you baby🍭 could eat delicious ice cream every day🍦Team sweet or salty?✨| Anzeige @purelei_ #pureleigirls

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Paradise doesn‘t has to be tropical🌴 sometimes all you need is the perfect lightning with a beautiful scenery✨❄️ planet earth can be so amazing. Where are you around right now?🌎

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Not a lot of things I love more than a sunny winter walk☀️❄️

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sled ride in winter wonderland🛷❄️ | Anzeige @purelei_ #pureleigirls

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new year with full of new adventures🌏 can‘t wait for what is coming✨ happy new year everyone❄️ do you already have plans for 2019?

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surrounded in this dreamy winter wonderland with my new cozy @balzacparis sweater ❄️🦌 | Anzeige

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even if I‘m the total summer person, I‘m always looking forward to some snowy days❄️☃️ what about you?✨ | Anzeige @purelei_ #pureleigirls

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Dubai was too good that I never want to leave back to the cold. 🌆

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