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HAPPY EASTER🐣 as a little easter present i can finally launching my favorite rattan bags you can get now on my website🏝find the link in my bio⚡the bags are handmade in lovely borneo by the indigenous tribes in the jungle. For every order I donate 10€ (11$) to the borneo orang utan survival foundation🐵Thanks for your support on this project ❤

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feeling wild and free✌🏼who‘s been to mallorca or is adding it now to their bucketlist?😍

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nat_al_ie. another day another palace✨loving all the details especially with @hey

another day another palace✨loving all the details especially with @heymarlyofficial shoes🌈 | Anzeige #heymarly

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catch as many sunsets as you can do✨

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feels like home to be on this island surrounded by this cute little houses🏠🌵

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It‘s a beach and sunkissed kind of life with my new @kaptenandson essentials🏝 | Anzeige #bekapten #kaptenandson

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Take time to make your soul happy🌟 what means happiness for you? | Anzeige #theartofbelmond

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HAPPY WEEKEND everyone ⚡️ get sandy and salty🌊

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feeling like a princess with @castillohotel where you are living in a real castle full of mysteries 🏰✨ | Anzeige

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living my best life @belmondlaresidencia ✨ enjoying this view to the fullest💦 | Anzeige #theartofbelmond

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happy to be back at the ocean and realised again that i belong here💦🌴

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Best birthday on the island🌴 thanks to @belmondlaresidencia for this amazing stay✨ | Anzeige #theartofbelmond

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ready for my next adventure. it will be a special weekend✨can you guess where we are going next?🌎

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found the perfect riad for some relaxing days by the pool💦 @riad_kasbah | Anzeige

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want to move in here. this place gives me some much inspiration for my own boho dream home🌵✨

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all you need is your girl in front of a scenery like this👭🌵let me know who is your favorite travel buddy✨

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a swimsuit and the perfect watch 🍋 @purelei_ #pureleigirls | Anzeige

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This is a real interior dream✨wearing my new leo glasses from @kaptenandson 🐆| Anzeige #bekapten #kaptenandson

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