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nneeraj_sharrma. *Makar Sankranti 2019*

Nneeraj Sharrma Astrology and Path reading cen

*Makar Sankranti 2019* Nneeraj Sharrma Astrology and Path reading center wishes you a very happy and prosperous Makar Sakranti 2019 . Date is 14th January 2019. *Makar Sankranti. The surya aradhana, mantra chants and daan shall also be carried for 15th January morning. The sun shall transit to capricorn in the evening 7:44 pm.. Makar Sankranti Pujan Samagri that you require is ☆अगरबत्ती Incense stick ☆पान Betel Leave ☆नारियल Coconut ☆सिक्के Coins ☆धूप Dhoop Batti ☆फूल , चावल , रोली Flowers , rice , Roli ☆गंगा जल ( पवित्र जल ) Ganga water ( pure water ) ☆माला Garland ☆कपूर Kapoor ☆इत्र Perfume ☆सूर्य भगवान की फोटो Photo or image of God Surya ☆मिठाई Sweet ☆बाती, तेल / घी और माचिस Wick , oil / ghee and Matchbox. *How to do the Makar Sankranti Puja | Pooja Vidhi* • To start makar sakranti Puja first break a coconut at worship place. • Sprinkle some Ganga jal on the place and on pujan samgri . • Lit a diya with two wicks or two lamps. • First worship Lord Ganesha • Next worship to Lord Surya • Put roly tilak on Lord surya photo followed by akshat, flowers, garland, perfume and dakshina(coins). • Place sweets (Til and Gud or its ladoo) infornt of Lord Surya. Chant Surya Mantra , Om ghrini suraya namah for 108 times, listen Aditya Hridaya Stotra 3 times and chant Surya Chalisa for one time. Also chant Nav garaha mantra. Now do Surya Aarti • Distribute the prasad. Make khichdi of black dal and rice. Distribute it among all. Eat with family and frnds as main meal. In a plate take two fist(muthi) full of rice and black dal each. Give it for daan to any temple or begger. Pour til oil drops in water and take bath. Drink water with pinch of black til in it. Apply til oil on ur body too. And if you cant efford to do so. Watch nature. Offer water to sun god and just chant in your heart. You may also feed some birds or strays or any begger. Love and light Stay karmic and bright.😊 Nneeraj sharrma 🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉

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Learning from my style guru. Love you @vishalkapoor_vkpanacherunway. You are bringing a positive change in me.

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The Curator & The Creative of VKs PANACHErunway following one vision to serve the humanity. Indeed appreactions and awards are necessary to keep motivated and never let the inner rush to stop serving the society. Coz we are the PANACHE. Love and light Keep bright 😊😊 @vishalkapoor_vkpanacherunway @@panachevk

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The grin and pout layered over rudraaksha reds. Experimenting expressions Love and light Stay bright.😊

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Postive vibes with positive lives. Love and light Stay bright.😊

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The Red. Love and light Stay bright

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nneeraj_sharrma. Receiving Wow Personality award for excellent work in script writing,

Receiving Wow Personality award for excellent work in script writing, content writing and vedic astrologer. Thanks Shobha Arya. I dedicate this award to my powerbank younger sisters Roopali and Sisters as they have been instrumental in crafting my career and boasting me to go in life with never giveup attitude. Thnx mumma and papa for the support. #wow #personality #award #mumbai #jammu #jammukashmir #achievements #astrology #creative #bollywoodevent #fashion #lifestyle #businessawards @nashefa7 @roopaali_tiya @chtajsharief @sanyam_pandoh @veena.rajak @poonam9361 @manujnagpalphotography @ashrafsaifi.official @pareekruchita @saxon69photography @navas_xoxo @rohitjakhar1

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Receiving Wow Personality award for excellent work in script writing, content writing and vedic astrologer. #wow #personality #award #mumbai #jammu #jammukashmir #achievements #astrology #creative #bollywoodevent #fashion #lifestyle #businessawards

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Award from Geeta Kapoor on the occasion of world human rights day organised by one of the most active social welfare Non profitable organisation called "Humanity first foundation". The award is given in the field of Writing and creative content development work. I am thankful to Zafar ji and Naved ji for the honor. #humanity #humanityfirst #ngo #mumbai #charity #disabled #education #geetakapoor #ngoindia #selfless #awards #felicitation #writersofinstagram #authorsofinstagram #bookauthor #creative

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Bansi ki dhunn par sabke dukh woh harata hai🌹 Aaj bhi apna kanaha kai chamatkaar karta hai.🌹 Gouvardhan pooja ki hardik Shubhkamnayein.🌹🌹🌹🎉🎊🎋🎍 #festivals #indianfestivals #panchang #pooja #lordkrishna #celebrations🎉

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nneeraj_sharrma. Today is a special day. Happy birthday Mumu sir. My first employer, me

Today is a special day. Happy birthday Mumu sir. My first employer, mentor, a great writer, director. Well known for his comedy and content writing. Had given us one of the best shows of television.Be it Chottey miyan season 1, 2 or 3 with endemol, Comedy ka mahamuqabala witH Big synergy, Laughter challenge with violet pictures & pankaj ji. Screen awards, Star guild awards, Star entertainment awards, Zee cine awards. Three years ago, mumu bhai left all of us with a great void which is never going to be filled by any Master blaster of tv content writing. U were an inspiration to many. You were a kid with your kids contestants. A young lad with all of your young battalion of groomers and writers. I remember how you used to conceal incomplete writing of amature writers and immediate compile dozens of scripts before getting narrated in front of the creatives of the channel. I remember how you would direct all the gags and comedy acts during the technicals without a single sigh. Mumukshu mudgal to me is the synonym of wit, instant comedy creation, quick ironic gags and a lot of laughter. May your soul bless us all so that we shd never stop working and growing at our karmic path. May you always empower us with the divine light from the universal energies through wisdom and happiness. You always will remain alive among us thru your work sir. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU SIR

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Throwback #Vasco #goa #2016

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