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I’m still in the process of adjusting back to reality after 18 days and nights on the Colorado River through all 280 miles of the Grand Canyon. An opportunity of a lifetime thanks to my sweetheart @srirachna ‘s bad ass family and grandma (“Gramsdolf the Great”) who had the foresight to apply for this permit a decade ago. As much an adventure as it was family reunion, it felt like we just scratched the surface of all the magic the canyon has to offer: slot canyons, waterfalls, massive caves, a new mind-bendingly beautiful camp every night. Despite the beauty it exhausted us all. We piled together like sunburnt seals and after the last rapid we tied our boats together and floated silently through the final night to lake Mead where we crawled out of the river and promptly drove to the Ace Hotel Palm Springs to recover with cocktails and aloe vera 💁‍♀️

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When the surf blows out its time to bust out this little beast - a 16’ Prindle beach catamaran. I’m pretty sure it’s older than I am. Best craigslist score to date. Thanks for the pictures Dad! @arthouse41

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Cooling off these summer evenings with the old pals @morganmaassen @prana

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In 1932, waterman badass pioneer Tom Blake patented the first hollow surfboard construction, a radical design departure from the heavy solid plank wood design that was used since the beginning of time in Hawaii. The hollow boards were relatively lightweight (50lbs!?) and perfect for the soft summer surf in Waikiki and Southern California. It had no fin, which Tom would invent a few years later, along with the first camera water housing so he could document his ocean radness. ... I’ve recently been obsessed with these Tom Blake inspired kookboxes. It’s a fun challenge to build one, the design is not overly complicated, and the way it glides on the water is perfect for California summer ankle slappers. ... @prana asked me a few questions about the process, which you can find over on their Instagram stories today 👉 Photo: @jeffjohnson_beyondandback #lifeispractice

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Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there making it happen! Photo: @willadlerphotographs

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When @benweiland invited me on a Baja road trip, the first thing I realized was that since we were driving I’d be able to take my favorite board, this 10’ Kookbox. I was psyched! It and turned out to be the perfect craft for little Baja peelers. Check the link in bio for the short film from our dusty adventure south of the boarder by @benweiland & @prana Frame grab shot by @nuttynulty

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Afloat in a sea of flowers. Cherry blossoms in full force on day 12 in Japan with @prana

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Unusual waves in unlikely places: howling wind swell in the gulf of California. Photo by @jeffjohnson_beyondandback @prana

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I used to think New Years resolutions were a silly tradition, but this year I’m giving it a shot: 1. Deodorant. 2. New day means new socks. 3. Only spend time on really important stuff. What are your New Years resolutions?

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When you’re so isolated it makes you feel free.. 35mm photos by @annaehrgott from our recent dusty road trip south of the boarder.

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nolecossart. Not ready for summer to be over. Photo by @morganmaassen for @prana

Not ready for summer to be over. Photo by @morganmaassen for @prana

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nolecossart. Fresh feels on a century old design #kookbox photos by @morganmaassen

Fresh feels on a century old design #kookbox photos by @morganmaassen

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I’m gonna get this girl a farm one day...

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nolecossart. Besides the snow, it felt like an all day beach-hang surf-fest at home

Besides the snow, it felt like an all day beach-hang surf-fest at home. Alaska in spring, 2018. Photo @chrisburkard @prana

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nolecossart. Incredibly honored to get to work with a brand like @prana Especially

Incredibly honored to get to work with a brand like @prana Especially proud of their progress in organic cotton, recycled materials, and a fair trade global supply chain.. and we go get to go to some cool places together 🤷‍♂️ video from our Alaska adventure last spring with @benweiland

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About 10 yrs ago i borrowed a kookbox from @thetorpedopeople and caught a few small waves before it was too waterlogged to surf. I’ve been curious about it ever since. Inspired by the tiny surf this summer, I finally found the time to build one myself. I was not disappointed. #kookbox photo by: @morganmaassen

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nolecossart. *Goes to Italy once* @snackfarmer

*Goes to Italy once* @snackfarmer

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@chris_sharma spent about 15min upside down on the roof of this cave before this moment. His level of skill and ease is so mesmerizing, you begin to think the laws of physics have made an exception for him.

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