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We are finishing our exclusive @iamj3po sessions with this vibey jazz piece called "Stockholm Blues". Full link in bio. The J3PO Signature Sound Bank for Nord Stage 3 is available for free at nordkeyboards.com! 🥁@morganagren🎸@gullstaf #j3posignaturesoundbank #j3posessions #iseenord

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The amazing Melissa Jacobson-Velandia plays Chopin Etude in E minor Op.25 No 5 on the Nord Piano 4 in this fourth episode of the Melissa Jacobson Sessions. #melissajacobsonsessions #nordpiano4 #iseenord

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Introducing the Mike Patrick Sessions - a brilliant new live session series based on @politemike's signature sound bank for Stage 3 and Electro 6! This opening episode “The Vibe Is Nice” is based around his synth brass patch "BrassBoy" and feature the superb @dhercs (drums) and @arranpowell (bass). Full link in bio. Special thanks to @soundtechuk for this collaboration! #mikepatricksessions #iseenord

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We are proud to introduce the first episode of our Nord Gospel Sessions - first out is the legendary keyboardist/producer @mike_bereal76 feat. the young gifted @danibmusic_ ! Full link in bio! 🥁@morganagren 🎸@gullstaf #nordgospelsessions #michaelbereal #daniellabernard #iseenord

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We are pleased to release the White Grand - a unique new grand piano in the Nord Piano Library! Check out @raithis playing it for the very first time! (Full link in bio). #whitegrand #raithistlethwayte #nordgrand #iseenord

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We are happy to present the Mike Patrick Signature Sound Bank for Nord Stage 3 and Nord Electro 6 - an exclusive patch collection from the excellent keyboardist/producer @politemike (Jake Bugg, JP Cooper, The Streets, James Arthur). Download for free at nordkeyboards.com! (link in bio) #mikepatrick #signaturesoundbank #nordstage3 #nordelectro6 #iseenord

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Nord Artist of the Month is the talented British keyboardist @danibmusic_ Check her out! Link in bio. #daniellabernard #iseenord

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Wonderful live session with @raithis and the Nord Grand today. Stay tuned for some amazing performances! #raythistlethwayte #nordgrand #iseenord

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The gifted keyboard player @politemike (JP Cooper, Jake Bugg, The Streets) stopped by the Nord factory yesterday for a tour. Stay tuned for some great stuff coming up! #iseenord #nordfactory

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The first batch of our brand new Nord Grand! #nordgrand #handmadeinsweden #nordfactory #iseenord

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Watch @iamj3po and his awesome lo-fi hip hop patches in this new episode of our J3PO Sessions. Full link in bio! 🥁@morganagren 🎸@gullstaf PS. Check out his brand new album “Small Plates” for more Stage 3 patches in action! #j3posignaturesoundbank #nordstage3 #iseenord

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