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Happy Monday Works Of Art! I am so excited because this week my family is coming to NYC, giving me the best holiday gift I could ask for!! . Thing is, with holidays and family time, Breaking your routine is very easy. Since I have been in such good rhythm lately - this is not an option! So here are some tips to survive the the holidays and still keep a healthy routine: 1.No one can help you if you won't ask for it. Talk to your family and ask them to hold you accountable, do you know how many times I heared- why do you have to run now? You are on vacation/take a break/you can stay with us. It's so easy to give in to this. Let them know you need support and ask them to push you to workout. . 2. If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail! Plan your workouts times/classes and recovery days according to your family plans and to your personal needs (when I eat more- I run more. Simple trade) . 3. Meal prep still on! Just becaouse you are planned to eat out at dinner, doesn't mean you can't prepare food and snacks in advance for the rest of your day. . 4. If you are eating out- check the menu before and plan ahead. Having a drink? Then skip desert. Remember all that hard work you did for weeks, and the extra hard work is ahead of you (Especially if you hang over lol). . 5. Enjoy. And don't beat yourslef up if you did miss a workout! Time with family or any time off is just as importent for your health. Remeber that one bad day is ok, just be good the following one and don't let it break your intire plan. . . This is all I got. Do you think you can add more to the list? . Comment below how do you keep your routine during the holidays? . 📷@fem_forward 👚@lululemon . . . . . . . #fitspiration #fitnessgoals #fitfam #fitlife #fitnessmotivation #training #getfit #fitnessforlife #workoutmotivation #nopainnogain #workouttime #fitspo #gymmotivation #iworkout #maketime #positivemood #workoutday #fitfluential #motivation #dreambig #activeliving #findyourstrong #fitnessaddict #fitnesslifestyle #fitnessgirl #ipreview @preview.app

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This is week two of #WorksofartSundays and this week, shutot goes to one of our newest yet so committed member:Jack Chang! . ⭐Stage name:@jackchang0129 . ⭐Showtime: Changes. Every day in different @Equinox location. . ⭐The reviews are in: If I don't see him once a day, something is wrong with the world. He tries every single class and never quit! From True Athlete to Sculpt Society, this guy is the real #Committosomething , And I am so honored to have him on my team! . DOUBLE TAP this photo to give Jack some love! Who will it be next week? . . . . . . . #fitspiration #fitnessgoals #fitfam #fitlife #fitnessmotivation #training #getfit #fitnessforlife #nopainnogain #workoutmotivation #fitspo #gymmotivation #positivemood #fitfluential #iworkout #motivation #iwill #beastmode #betterforit #fitnesslifestyle #thesweatlife #workouttime

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Happy Monday, my Works Of Art! I want to talk to you about a breakdown I had in the past weekend. . Living in NYC is the dream! All the opportunities are here for you to reach out and take. Success is all around you, and you can't wait for it to come to you. . But with that, comes the NYC stress. You work ALL THE TIME. Meeting friends for a drink is a luxury if you are in the fitness world. You have to be on the top of your game starting 6am, working while everyone else has free time and your spending most of your time commuting from one place to another. It's a satisfying wonderful world- but can be very stressful. . Now let's talk about how stress affecting your body- Your sleep is off. It can get you into depression or even affect your heart. High cortisol levels can also cause you to gain weight, and throw you far, far away from your goals. Plus- who wants to live like this? It sucks. . So far, I haven’t said anything you don't know. But now, let's do something about it! . This week let's all try to relax and find some balance in this crazy world. Comment below and write one thing you are planning to do for YOU this week that will help you stay calm and balanced It's time for a #stressfreeweek and I am inviting you to join! . 📷 @fem_forward

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It's the most wonderful time of the year🎄🥂 . . #happyholidays #equinoxholidayparty

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Today, and every Sunday, Im going to highlight the thing that matters most to me - YOU! The people who shows up every day and work hard. This is my #WorkOfArtSundays 🤩 every week different rockstar!! Here we go! . . ⭐Stage name: @marthak1m . ⭐Showtime: Bond st Metcon 3, True Barre and Anthem Sunday , Tabata Thursday on 85th st . ⭐The reviews are in: She is the only one who has the guts to triple on Sunday, and she doesn't cut herself any slack. . DOUBLE TAP this photo to give Martha some love! Who will it be next week?!?

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The week is yours. Own it. Happy Monday Instaworld! . . 📸 @fem_forward #WorkOfArt

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Anyone else thinks it's time for a sparkling bikini photo? . . #tbt #casabrazilia

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What we see depends mainly of what we look for 🤪 . . Happy Tuesday Instaworld!💖

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Happy Thanksgiving, Instaworld!! I wish I could tag and post you all (but you get the idea😉), so grateful for my fitfam and my Works of Art for all you do and all that you are! Have an amazing day, and eat all the things!! (This is a repost, Instagram deleted my last post 😠)

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I may not be there yet, but I am closer then I was yesterday🤘🏼😁 . . #progressnotperfection #WorkOfArt #happytuesday

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Born to sparkle💖 . . #WorkOfArt #casabrazilia

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orartzi. When you are walking in the snow with my wet shoes, slip down and fall

When you are walking in the snow with my wet shoes, slip down and fall on your face and wishing I was back in sunny #telaviv 😩 . . #tbt #ugh #winterishere

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The only time you should ever look back, is to see how far you have come⭐ #weekendvibes #WorkOfArt 📸 @fem_forward

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I feel like a proud mom today! This team in the photo is made of hard core super committed Noxies who take my Cycling classes. One week, they all approached to me to ask how can we become instructors? . After weeks they worked so hard, they all finally auditioned for the @equinox Cycling Mentorship program, all three of them are IN!!!!👏🏼👏🏼 . Now they are in the big leagues, learning from the best instructors how to become the best version of themselves. I can’t wait to cheer them on in their first EQX class! . Congrats @denay_rogers @jpvergara @scarr_ny Thanks for giving me the honor to guide you through the first piece of your journey, You guys are superstars!!!⭐⭐

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True friends don't judge each other, they judge other people together😉😆 . . . No seriously, I don't know what I would do without this girl. @klstalter is one of the people I admire the most and I am so lucky to have her in my life!

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I was, am and always a student! This month I have decided that one of my career goals is to invest more in education. Today I had such a great time at the Metabolic Resistance Training workshop, got some new ideas for my classes, but the best part was to be able to take this workshop with the one who trained me ❤ my mentor, manager and friend @nycfit . . Here is a Saturday reminder you are never too good to learn something new! . Comment below what is the thing you planning to learn in 2019🤘🏼

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Who wore it better? 🤪 . . #happyfriday #WorkOfArt

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Super cool party people! . . Who don't drink, eat healthy, goes to bed by 9 and parties between 3-5pm... only in midtown . . Love my Barre fam❤This meetup was the best part of my day!

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