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Today I found myself making so many silly mistakes and spacing out that I had wasted a precious amount of time in the place that I love. I sat there in traffic along with the frustrations of my day, and then I looked up to see the sun setting over the magnificent mountains that encompass Cape Town. In just one second I began laughing to a point I couldn’t stop. Just like that my problems slipped out of my mind and were replaced with gratitude, to be able to share even the frustrating moments in this incredible place. Every sunset I get to witness in this city is more beautiful than the last. 🇿🇦💙 📸: @markwolhuter

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Today was an awesome achievement for me :))) I managed my first ever half marathon run!! For someone who hated running up until two years ago - and was even told by doctors that it wasn’t good for my body... I have no pain and I absolutely love it. Especially when I get to run in the most beautiful place in the world 🥰💙 try things you never thought you could do! It makes the reward so much bigger!

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Beautiful sunsets in secret spots 😍 this moment was so perfect, until it got dark and @ruanviv made me climb down the mountain through spiders webs and I cried most of the way 😂 good times

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I have better balance on my hands then I do on my feet #truestory

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Last night I went training on a beautiful grassy spot overlooking Cape Town. I noticed three little kids peaking through the trees watching me, giggling. After 10 minutes of them spying I decided to go over and chat to them. The eldest girl was no older than 11, she had bare feet and wore a tattered dress. She asked me where I was from and I replied ‘London, but it’s not my favourite place - Cape Town is’. She processed this for a moment and then said ‘Yes but one day I would like to go to London. Maybe it will be my favourite place in the world’. I was speechless, how simple and powerful! This little girl reminded me that what may seem as normal and boring as ‘home’ may be the best place on earth to someone else. Suddenly when you look at it from a different perspective, it becomes far more special. The little kids watched for a bit then left, or at least I thought they did. 10 minutes later they returned with what felt like the entire village to watch me train and laugh hysterically every time I went upside down. What a wonderful experience 🙂

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If you love what you do, it isn’t your job - it’s your love affair.

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After 42 hours of flying, I finally made it back to my soul’s home. I’ve traveled the world twice over and yet there is still no place that makes me feel this way. The views, the people, the lifestyle... Home is not where you are born, it’s not where you grew up, it’s a feeling, a place that resonates with your soul. Oh it’s good to be back ❤️🇿🇦❤️ #mothercity #CapeTownLove

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There are so many moments in my life where I wanted to quit. At age 6 I wanted to quit gymnastics, at age 17 I wanted to quit my circus dream and at age 21 I wanted to quit my foot archery training. Now as I sit on a plane leaving Australia, I think of how I spent the last three months travelling the country doing what I love - featuring in magazines, newspapers and on a 30 metre billboard. Of course at ages 6, 17 and 21 I had no idea that my endeavours would lead me here - but if I had quit along the way, I would never have known. So as I always say - whatever it is your trying to achieve, please don’t give up. I believe that my biggest achievements have come from pushing through my weakest moments. Thank you Australia, for reminding me this 🙏 📸: @t.r.i.s.m

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The countdown begins!!!! SO excited to be reunited with my two circus besties in my favourite place in the world: CAPE TOWN! Only 3 days to go. Keep an eye on my story for some epic adventures (and giggles!) ❤️ 📸: @nardusengelbrecht for @cape_of_dance

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orissakelly. I’m sorry I’ve been so terrible with my replies... from Facebook messa

I’m sorry I’ve been so terrible with my replies... from Facebook messages, Instagram and emails, the notifications are now 4 digits long. I do check my phone, but I’m trying to keep it to work and emergencies at the moment. The truth is I’m surrounded by such beauty that I really don’t want to look down at a phone screen. I don’t want to waste a single moment that may stop me from living in the present. Not only am I in one of the most magical places, but I’m surrounded by beautiful people that are inspiring me constantly. I want to give each person I’m with my full attention and heart! So please don’t take it personally or think I’m ignoring any messages. I am just trying to give what I have and live while I can. Thank you all! Sending arrow love 💙

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orissakelly. Can’t believe it’s only a few more days until I’m leaving Australia an

Can’t believe it’s only a few more days until I’m leaving Australia and handstanding on another continent!! Can anyone guess where my next adventure might be?? 📸: @yoyoderunes

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I spent my day with people I love, doing things that made me smile, in a place that took my breath away. These kind of days should never become rare.

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