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oxfordhub. This awesome group of people have been doing lots of finance work to b

This awesome group of people have been doing lots of finance work to become effective and impactful trustees at local boards in #Oxfordshire as part of the Young Trustee Programme at Oxford Hub . We want to say a huge thank you to our charity partners hosting young trustees and all our young professionals who are volunteering their time as trustees on local boards 🌟🌟 . #trustees #youngtrustees #trusteesweek #governance #goodgovernance #volunteering #oxford

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"I think that one of the best ways to integrate into a community is to get stuck into volunteering. Volunteering is important because it fosters civic responsibility and helps us understand the power of community" - Dan-Tam Nguyen, Community Conservation volunteer 🌳 #iwillweek @studenthubs @iwill_campaign

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oxfordhub. \"I love volunteering with Forest Schools because I get the chance to b

"I love volunteering with Forest Schools because I get the chance to be outside and get out of the Oxford bubble a bit. One of my favourite sessions that we did involved showing the children how to light a fire and then we all sat round and had hot chocolate and marshmallows" - Ben Farmer, Forest Schools volunteer 🍁 You can read Ben's story, and others, on the Oxford Hub Medium series! #iwillweek @iwill_campaign @studenthubs

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"Loneliness is a serious issue for older people in the community, and I wanted to tackle that. I run IT classes for LinkAges, and one of the best things about the classes is seeing people becoming more confident and improving their skills" - Albert Gifford, LinkAges volunteer. 🎉 @studenthubs @iwill_campaign #iwillweek

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"One of my favourite things about volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters is getting to see my Little Sibling grow up and mature. The first time he asked me how my week had been was a great moment for me, because I felt like we'd created a genuine friendship." - Emma Anderson, Big Brothers Big Sisters volunteer. 🎈 You can read Emma’s story, and others, on the Oxford Hub Medium series. @studenthubs @iwill_campaign #iwillweek

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"It's really easy to feel helpless in out current environmental situation but I think it's so important to remember that you can go out and take action everyday to help the planet!" - Lizzie Shelmerdine, Community Conservation volunteer 🍁 You can read Lizzie's story and other on the Oxford Hub Medium blog! @studenthubs @iwill_campaign #iwillweek

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We're celebrating #iwillweek at @studenthubs by sharing the experiences of our wonderful Oxford Hub volunteers all week! 🎉 "There's nothing quite like really connecting with someone you're helping. Until you actually go and volunteer, you don't see the huge impact you could be having on someone else's life" - Dhea Bengardi, an @schoolsplusoxford volunteer! You can read Dhea's story, and others under the series on the Oxford Hub Medium blog! @iwill_campaign

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oxfordhub. Want to come and hang out in our insta-worthy office? 
Our Open Hub ev

Want to come and hang out in our insta-worthy office? Our Open Hub event for #iwillweek is tomorrow night where you can find out all about social action and volunteering opportunities in Oxford! 🎉 13th November, 5-6.30pm, with free drinks and snacks! 🥂

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We've been making origami this morning with Lizzie from @origamipulse! 🎁 Our anti-boredom volunteers visit patients at @ouhospitals to run activities, so thanks for the creative inspiration! 🎉 If you'd like to learn more about volunteering at the hospital, come to our Open Hub on 13th at 5pm! #origami #oxford #volunteering

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It’s a rainy day here in Oxford so why not pop into the Oxford Hub office to chat about volunteering or the @turlstreetkitchen for a coffee! 🍁🌧☕️

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Have you met the Hub Pup yet? She visits different projects regularly, so if you volunteer with us, you can request her appearance! You can spot her at #rosehill Junior Youth Club in these pictures🎈 . You can also meet her at Open Hub next Tuesday 5pm to 6:30pm with drinks and nibbles upstairs our sister #socent @turlstreetkitchen . #dogsofinstagram #dogsofoxford #volunteering #socialaction #oxford #oxfordcity #turlstreet

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Happy Hallowe'en! 🍁 If you're carving pumpkins tonight, why not try out some of the pumpkin recipes on our blog? 🎃 It's terrifying that 18,000 tonnes of pumpkin goes to waste each year, so why not reuse them tomorrow in a delicious recipe? 🕸 Find the link to our blog in the bio! 🦇 #pumpkinrescue #happyhalloween #squashfoodwaste

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There may come a day when we stop posting aesthetic office photos. Today is not that day. #oxford #turlstreet #volunteering #socialaction #iwill (And a reminder that Oxford Hub is open and staffed during the week - visit us with a question or to admire the view).

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We’ve been feeling autumnal this week at Oxford Hub!🍁 On our Branch Up Active activity day we got the kids out and about to collect materials for their artwork! 🍃🍂Take a look at the fab work they created!

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Lovely day to be out and about in Oxford! ☀️☀️☀️ This morning the team has been up at the JR hospital meeting new volunteers who'll be providing company and activities to patients on wards. We've also been joining the dots and discussing priorities with Oxfordshire Stronger Communities Alliance. Looking forward to chatting to some of our student leaders about edible gardens this afternoon - watch this space... #socialaction #volunteering #changemaker #iwill #oxford

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Can you tell we’re feeling autumnal? Pumpkins are in the window and soups are on the menu @turlstreetkitchen !

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oxfordhub. Project SOUP has partnered with Crisis Skylight Oxford to bring you an

Project SOUP has partnered with Crisis Skylight Oxford to bring you another great evening in aid of an issue right on our doorsteps: homelessness. ---------------------------------------------------------------- How it works: Turn up at 7pm at the Crisis Skylight Oxford inside The Old Fire Station (by Gloucester Green) with a small donation of £5 and an empty belly to fill. Enjoy a warm and festive menu of soup and bread, lovingly made by our team of student volunteers from donations of surplus ingredients. Learn about the work of three amazing homeless charities through short presentations and cast your vote for the one that you think is most deserving!🎉 The winning charity will receive £100 from this evening’s proceeds and then all three charities will be equally sharing the remaining sum. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Project SOUP is a win-win-win: We protect the environment by reducing food waste. We support upcoming projects that matter to the community. We enable YOU to learn more about YOUR community whilst enjoying wholesome food and great company. What's not to love? :) ---------------------------------------------------------------- Charities presenting: Homeless Oxfordshire Greater Change Oxford Gatehouse ---------------------------------------------------------------- How you can help: Interested in volunteering at this event? Apply to become a volunteer (https://www.oxfordhub.org/activities/projectsoup) and join our volunteers FB group (Project SOUP Volunteering Team) Are you musically talented? Drop us an email at projectsoupsoxford@gmail.com - we are looking for performers. Spread the word & share the love: click ‘interested/going’ and invite your friends and family

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On this beautiful, sunny afternoon take 5 minutes to make a decision that could lead to one of the best experiences you have at uni! Schools Plus is a volunteering programme that gives students at @oxford_uni and @oxfordbrookesuniversity the opportunity to volunteer in a local school. Share your education, inspire a young person who is at a disadvantage, and be part of a bigger picture tackling inequality in education. We have over 200 amazing Schools Plus volunteers every year- you can become one of the team by heading to our website before applications close on Friday! oxfordhub.org/schools-plus. Come along to the Hub office (first floor above @turlstreetkitchen) at 6pm tonight to learn more at an info session! #oxford #oxfordhub #volunteering #getinvolved #changemaker #socialaction #iwill #apply #opportunities #recruiting # tutoring #students #schools

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