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This is a beauty of a postcard. Thank you, Moni (@craftymoni). #postcardist

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Winter is coming to New England this weekend. And this wonder real photo postcard from Ken (@dallachy1) makes me hope it could be even a tenth as pretty as this. Sláinte, Ken. #postcardist #snow

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Everyone’s doing the 10-Year Challenge. But how about the 84-Year Challenge? That’s what Gitti (@gittis.collection) did with this 1935 postcard from Ingolstadt. Then Gitti took a current photograph of the same scene. And that is how you do it OG style. #postcardist #ingolstadt #og

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Dorothea Lange. Couple Arguing in Trailer Camp. 1942. This card came with a story from Brandon (@saltyb_lovespaper) that added an extra layer to this thing. Fab. #postcardist

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Life goals: be as happy as this girl and her piglet. This card from Sissy (@lonestarletterwriters) comes with a smile. #postcardist

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On B/W Day, I’m laughing at this set of very funny cards from my buddy, Russ (@russromano). #postcardist

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I’m captivated by print shops. Check out this very cool woodcut of a real print shop from Mack (@mattgrillo_). I want to be transported there. #postcardist

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John. Thanks, Shannon (@shmaaac) #postcardist

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The Beatles. It’s been 60 years since this album was released. I still play songs from it today. Thanks, Bill (@bill.haines1959). #postcardist

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I’m going with my best version of once. And thanks to my friend Gitti (@gittis.collection), I now have permission to eat this jar of Nutlella. That’s what you meant, right, OG? #letterpress #choco #nutella #postcardist

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These cards are doing double duty today. First, they’re terrific cards from Canada from my friend Magda (@stamp_and_away). Second, they’re a signal for you to go listen to @takeahikepodcast featuring Dana Meise (@the_hiking_fool) who hiked the longest trail in the world across Canada called The Great Trail. The double episode is so good, it should be in every storyteller’s Top 10 list. Dana is a Lumberjack Poet and Philosopher. And Shannon is at the top of her journalism game. Plus, Dana punched a bear in the nose. #postcardist #thegreattrail

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Couldn’t hold a candle to you. La fe que todo lo puede. Thank you, Shanny (@shmaaac) #postcardist #candle #inthewind

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Three more for the #postcardist67 story.

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Some Pig. Those were my favorite words in one of my all-time favorite books, Charlotte’s Web. So I said “some pig” when I got this Year of the Pig handmade postcard from one of my favorite guys, Russ (@russromano). Thanks so much, brother. Some Pig is now looking over me from my fridge and bringing me good luck for 2019. #postcardist #somepig #charlottesweb

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Protect your podcasts! Shannon (@shmaaac) and I released podcasts this week where we each chatted on the other’s show: me on Take a Hike (@takeahikepodcast) and her on The Postcardist (@postcardist). Did you listen?

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Collection Week concludes with a stunning collection of 10 cards Magda (@stamp_and_away) sent from her travels in Poland. I’ll run out of characters, so you’ll have to look on my IG story for more detail on a few of these, including three lenticular cards. I wish I knew how to say wow in Polish. But I do know how to say thank you to Magda in Polish: Dziękuję. #postcardist #poland #pozdrowienia #poland

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Collection Week continues with this matched set collection my friend Ashli (@mailboxmemories) sent because she knows I collect Romance postcards. This set is called the Hammock Series. Could you imagine getting one of these in the mail back in 1908? Swoon. #postcardist #franksthumb #romance #postcards

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The astute among you will notice this has been Collections Week. And this fabulous vintage collection comes from my friend and itinerant traveler, Jess (@jessdoesdiy). Trains and ships and Canada. And truly fabulous. Thank you, Jess. #postcardist

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