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It’s Pelvis Day at Postcardist World HQ. This one from my buddy Bill (@bill.haines1959) features skinny Elvis. (But, damn, peanut butter and banana sandwiches are good.) Side note: Anybody besides Guillume and me call a group of Elvises an *Elvii*? 🕺🏻 #pelvis #elvis #peanutbutter #postcardist #thepostcardist #banana

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True story. We had a Velvet Elvis when I was a kid. One year my dad decided he was gonna be a “painter,” so he got a velvet paint-by-numbers kit. Yep, Elvis. And that thing hung on our kitchen wall for years. So when this card from Shae (@shaegraphics) arrived, I was transported back. And said what she wrote on the card: Thank you. Thank you very much. (Tell me you didn’t read that in an Elvis voice.) 🕺🏻 #postcardist #thepostcardist #elvis #thepelvis #thankyou #thankyouverymuch

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Kintsugi. That’s the first word that came to mind when this wonderful wooden postcard from Sara (@sara.i.wilson) arrived. A heart. Ohio. And a crack that adds texture to the story of how this card made its way from the Buckeye State to the Nutmeg State. Just a coupla nuts, I guess. #postcardist #thepostcardist #ohio #connecticut #crackmeup

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On this awful day in New Zealand, I thought this card from Diane (@diantian7) and designed by @constellationco most elegantly captured what decent people of the world think. Count on me.

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Part 3 of 3 🚘 Did I mention we were in the middle of nowhere? I bet you thought I was gonna say our French Foreign Legion defector took us to his flat. But it wasn’t like that. He told OG (@gittis.collection) and me that he lived in the back of the gas station, which doubled as the finest wine cellar in all of Argentina. Then he showed us a calendar with the architecture of La Paz in it. This is one of the buildings he lived in while he was learning to be an alpaca farmer. Since he was on the run, it was too populated, and so he made his way south. Way south. To the land of fire, where OG and I sipped the finest wine on the planet. And thought...isn’t this a fine adventure. And where should we go from here?

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Part 2 of 3 🚘 We walked and we scrambled over scree. OG (@gittis.collection) was wearing hiking boots and a North Face jacket. I was wearing lederhosen. And clogs. And just when we thought we would run out of windmill cookies (honestly, I secretly ate all of them), over the horizon we saw this outpost petrol station run by a Frenchman living in Argentina. He had fled the French Foreign Legion in Morocco. I told him in broken French that I was a featured tuba player in a German oompah band and that OG was a world-reknowned collector of maple postcards. Sacre bleu! he said. Not only was he the lone gas station owner within a thousand kilometers, he also played the kazoo. And the comb. He brought out a bottle of 1945 Romanée Conti he said he had saved for such a momentous occasion. We drank it right from the bottle. And shared our lone Twinkie.

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Part 1 of 3 🚘 OG (@gittis.collection) and I once drove 6000 kilometers from the equator to the tip of South America. And just 45 kilometers outside of Tierra del Fuego, on as desolate a spit of land you’ll ever see on earth...our car gave up. It said no more. We were stranded with half a thermos of coffee, a package of windmill cookies, and a Twinkie. We both were wearing sunglasses.

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This card makes me so happy. I got it from Sara (@snailmailsuperstar) and it means a lot. I staged it in my favorite typewriter, a 1953 Olympia SM-3. Look closely at that card. And check out Sara’s prodigious creative output. Plus, listen to her on E33 of The Postcardist Podcast. Yes, go listen to that show. And I dare you not to smile. #postcardist #typewriter #thepostcardist

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This postcard from Camilla (@camilladerrico) could not “bee” any prettier. Hear Camilla talk about the fuzzbutts on E52 of The Postcardist. #camilladerrico #bees #fuzzbutts #postcardist #thepostcardist #e52

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This special postcard by Ryder has a special place for me. I’m chatting with his mom, Jess (@jessdoesdiy), about her recently opened postcard shop @snailmailstore. And at one point (I’m still editing) we talk about custom cards. And we give Ryder a shoutout. Thank you, buddy. Great work. #postcardist #thepostcardist

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How pretty is this Jasmine Becket-Griffith card I got from Bia (@bialoveee_)? It’s titled Princess Aurora. I especially love how all the woodland creatures are around her.

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I saved this wonderful piece of art by Camilla d’Errico (@camilladerrico) for today — International Women’s Day. Time to soar. 🦇 #iwd2019 #postcardist #thepostcardist

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On this International Women’s Day, here’s a wonderful card featuring Radha (and Krishna) from the wonderful international woman, Bhumika (@bhumika_snailmail), who is always going places and accomplishing great things. #iwd2019 #internationalwomensday #radha #krishna #postcardist #thepostcardist

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Today is the International Women’s Day. And what better to start the day than with this Marjory Stoneman Douglas card from Zan (@postcardzania). #internationalwomensday #marjorystonemandouglas #postcardist #thepostcardist

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postcardist. Life lesson of the day: Dogs will pose for #bananaforscale; cats won’t

Life lesson of the day: Dogs will pose for #bananaforscale; cats won’t. Benjamin J. Roche XXIII demanded a snack to sit near a banana.

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Hawkeye the Postcardist Pup taking one for the team to extend the #bananaforscale demonstration. #postcardist #thepostcardist #whataboutthecat

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One more for Wide Wednesday is this card showing the scariest foot bridge in the world. Thank you, Magda (@traveltrinketscanada). #bananaforscale #postcardist #thepostcardist #capilanosuspensionbridge

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Look at this beauty of a Wide Wednesday car from Akasha (@saltysequin). So pretty. #bananaforscale #postcardist #thepostcardist #portangeles

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