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How incredibly lucky I am to know Ashli (@mailboxmemories). This Mister Rogers card sums it up: postcards connect people. #connections #misterrogers #postcardist

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It takes a special person to commit to military service. All Round Renaissance Man Dr. Russ Romano (@russromano) did that with the U.S. Navy. (And that’s just one of the remarkable things he’s done in his life.) Check out the card and special stamp + cancellation he created. I feel lucky to get this one. #postcardist #ussmissouri #battleship

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Dragons and leather. This postcard from Kerry (@kerry_jeffrey) is the thickest postcard I’ve ever gotten. It’s a full piece of leather that’s been branded with the image. Simply a terrific card. Thank you! #postcardist #heretherebedragons

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Here’s what pure joy looks like. A Sausage Dog pop out postcard from OG (@gittis.collection) herself. Original Gitti all the way. #postcardist

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I love this card from Becky. When you look at the stamps you’ll know why. LP80196 #postcardist #starrynight #postcard

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Here’s something about me: My favorite song of all time was written by Bob Dylan and played by Jimi Hendrix at the Monterey International Pop Festival in June 1967. The way Hendrix played Dylan’s masterpiece — Like a Rolling Stone — is something I listen to at least once a week. And now you know. Thanks to my friend Diane (@diantian7) for prompting this story. #dylan #postcardist #hendrix

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Justin (@pamplin9704) bought this postcard at his regular gas station. How cool is that? #postcardist #fern

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Frances (@francesmc) has a new postal route. She sent this RPPC showing her origin post office. It’s a place where time stood still. #postcardist

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This card from Akasha (@mistymail ) makes me say ahhhhhhh. #postcardist

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Juxtaposition. And another great card from 🍒 🥧 (@your.sweet.cherry.pie). #postcardist

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All You Need is Love. Love is All You Need. Thanks for this lovely LP card, Serece (@your.sweet.cherry.pie). #postcardist

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Here’s a photorealistic depiction of me sunbathing in Christchurch. Even Queen Elizabeth looks like she’s having a laugh on this wonderful @snailmailstore card sent to me from Lees (@leesiloo22) all the way from Australia. Postcards connect people...sometimes all the way across the world. #postcardist #relaxthissummer

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When I lived in South Carolina I planted some prickly pear cactus in the garden. Little did I know that it would turn out to be from a little-known strain of cactus called Opuntia giganticus. That mofo was massive. And prickly. Like the size of the house...with thorns. And I was proud of that plant. Almost as proud as getting this card from my friend Tara (@tbt924), who is quite the opposite of prickly. #postcardist

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I remember every single card I’ve ever gotten. And I keep every single one. This one’s from my friend Ali (@ali_krafft). I’ll remember. #memorable #postcardist postcardist

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Frances (@francesmc) is visiting Big Sky country. And she’s so nice she sent me this postcard on her vacation. #postcardist

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One of my favorite movies is Jeremiah Johnson. There’s a scene where a Grizzly bear chases an old mountain man into a house where Jeremiah Johnson is standing. The mountain main dives out the window and Johnson asks, “What am I supposed to do? The mountain man laughs and says, “Skin ‘em, pilgrim.” Yeah, good luck with that with a mama Grizzly. 🐻 Thank you for this terrific lenticular postcard, Magda (@traveltrinketscanada). #postcardist

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Be yourself. Unless you can be a Grizzly. Then be an effing Grizzly. Thank you, Magda #spiritanimal

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I got a bar set from two hemispheres. The first one one is from my SIL Tami (@tamimottet) from a bar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and the second from Jess (@jessdoesdiy) is from Lumsden, New Zealand. Proving Cheddarheads and Kiwis have a lot in common. #postcardist

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